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Top 4 Remote Controlled Butt Plugs, Perfect For Long Distance Couples: Bottom Line, They Work!

In a hurry? Click here to go straight to our top four remote controlled butt plugs.The rear entrance. What was once a topic rarely spoken about sexually is starting to lose it’s taboo status. Which is great! People are becoming more comfortable within their own bodies and understanding what they like and are willing to try.Now, there […]

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Long Distance Sex Toys: 13 Orgasmic Options You Never Thought Were Possible!

Intimacy is important to the majority of couples. For long distance relationships it can be one of the most difficult parts.Raise your hand if you have ever:Cried because you just wanted to kiss your partner but couldn’t.Exploded because you couldn’t feel their body against yours.Punched your pillow because you woke up from a ‘dream’ about […]

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Long Distance Bracelets: We Uncovered 17 Awesome Options That Will Melt Their Heart!

Long Distance Bracelets make fantastic gifts for many different reasons.For LDR couples they are a constant reminder of the person who bought it, giving you that feeling of closeness, which no doubt helps to strengthen the bond between you. Stop for a moment and imagine your partner:Looking down and seeing their bracelet while they are working, […]

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LDR Care Packages: The Ultimate Guide [2019 Edition]

In this guide we’re not only going to show you the best long distance relationship care package ideas. But also:Everything else you need to know to make sure it arrives on time and in tact!You’re here because you want your care package to:Be unexpectedBlow them awayFill them with joyBut most of all you want it show […]

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LDR Communication & The 6 PIVOTAL Keys To Success

Communication is not that important in a relationship… SAID NO ONE EVER!It’s imperative for any relationship to succeed and to be blunt, for long distance relationships, it’s an understatement.”But why exactly…?” Well, our friend Will from Long Distance Fun is here to help!Like us, Will and his girlfriend survived an international and multi-lingual LDR. When it comes to […]

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