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19 Coordinates Gift Ideas to Celebrate Important Locations

Lolo & Nate | Updated: June 23, 2022

You can never go wrong with a coordinates gift.


Because locations hold special significance in our relationships as we relive many happy memories based on where they occurred.

A coordinates gift is even more important to long distance couples as the miles between them are on their mind each and every day.

To celebrate your important locations, we’ve compiled the best options to help you preserve and share those specific to your relationships.

No matter who you’re buying for, these gifts are sure to melt the miles between you. 

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How to find the latitude & longitude of a location

Before we get started, you need to know the latitude and longitude coordinates of the place you want to celebrate!

The easiest options is to use LatLong.net

Simple add the name of a place, city, state, or address, or click the location on the map to find lat long coordinates.


We’ve Found the Best Coordinates Gift for You in 2022

Coordinates Bracelets

Personalized Coordinates Bangle by Charm Bear

personalized coordinates gift bangle by charm bear in silver, gold and rose gold

This stylish coordinates bangle shows off an important location in you and your partner’s romantic history. Whether it is the place you met, your first kiss, where you proposed, or your first home, this bracelet is a romantic way to remember that moment. 

Made of stainless steel, coordinates of your choice are etched into the bracelet. The finishes come in silver, gold, and rose gold allowing you to match the bangle to your partner’s jewelry style.

We think this is the perfect coordinates gift for a partner who is chic and prefers understated accessories.

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Cord Coordinates Bracelet for Him by Handmade Talent

personalized cord coordinates bracelet for men

This cord coordinates bracelet is the perfect option for those that prefers a more rugged and masculine look. The bracelet itself is tough and durable and just like your love it will survive the elements!  

Made with camping cord and an engraved metal cylinder, this bracelet is completely customizable. There are 5 color options to choose from as well as the ability to add up to 5 lines of text. Giving you the unique opportunity to include a short and sweet message along with the coordinates.

Couples Coordinates Bracelets by Energy Gem Jewelry

black and white couples beaded coordinates bracelets

For people that like to match, these couples coordinate bracelets are a great option! 

The bracelet is made of stone beads and there are many options for you to choose from. You can pair any two of the following stones:

If you and your partner don’t want to completely match, you can also invert the stone patterns so they compliment each other.

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Custom Adjustable Coordinates Bracelet by QQ47 Jewelry

custom adjustable gold coordinates bracelet

For a minimalist style, this adjustable coordinates bracelet is a beautiful way to commemorate an important location.

Available in three finishes: silver, gold and rose gold. The coordinates are etched on a rectangular piece of brass while a threaded chain lets you adjust the bracelet to your wrist.

We think the subtle details of this bracelet make it a unique gift and the ability to adjust the size makes it easy to give to your partner.

Coordinates Necklaces

Custom Latitude Longitude Bar Necklace with Compass Charm

coordinates bar necklace with compass pendant

Made of sterling silver, this necklace commemorates not just love for eachother, but a love of travel.

Included are two beautiful pendants:

Combining these symbols makes this something long distance relationships can relate all too well with!

Coordinates Disc Necklace by GIGIMEY

Coordinates Disc Necklace by GIGIMEY

The matching rose gold pendants in this necklace set lets you engrave two sets of coordinates, one on each necklace. So the two of you can wear each others’ homes around their necks.

They are available in three finishes: silver, gold, and rose gold.

GIGIMEY also gives you the choice of multiple chain lengths and the pendant can be engraved with custom coordinates on one or both sides. 

Coordinates Bar Necklace by QQ47 Jewelry

Coordinates Bar Necklace by QQ47 Jewelry

If you are looking for an option with more than just coordinates, this bar necklace may be for you.

With the ability to engrave words on one of the bar’s four sides, this necklace could display not only the coordinates of a special place, but also the name of the place or your partner. 

The necklace is available in silver, gold, and rose gold and also comes in a variety of lengths.

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Coordinates Rings

Cutout Coordinates Ring by Caitlyn Minimalist

Cutout Coordinates Ring by Caitlyn Minimalist

These banded GPS coordinates rings are a simple, yet beautiful way to display the location of your love. The ring looks like a traditional band, but cut out of the metal are the coordinates of your choosing.

Available in silver, gold, or rose gold the metal finish is also customizable to match your partner’s style. Making it perfect for any partner no matter their gender.

Adjustable Coordinates Ring by Silvermore

Adjustable Coordinates Ring by Silvermore

This dainty “hug” ring is not only customizable with coordinates, messaging, and symbols. It’s also adjustable, meaning it will perfectly fit your partner’s finger. 

The ring comes in a standard ring size, but wraps around the finger to hug it and can be adjusted by pinching the sides

We love that the typography color and finish are all customizable. Finishes include silver, gold, or rose gold, while The typography can either be “plain” meaning no color, or black

Handmade Latitude Longitude Ring by Ilan Amir

Handmade Latitude Longitude Ring by Ilan Amir

Originally designed as a wedding band. This stunning ring by Ilan Amir can have latitude and longitude coordinates engraved on either a gold, silver, or rose gold band.

Perfect as a promise ring or for the newly-married long distance couple. The coordinates can represent the time you spent apart as well as celebrate your future together!

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Coordinates Keychains

Coordinates Bar Keychains by Oakdene Designs

Coordinates Bar Keychains by Oakdene Designs

Take the romantic memories of a location wherever you go with this bar keychain by Oakdene Designs. Completely customizable, you can add coordinates and a name or phrase on the different sides of the bar.

The keychain comes in silver, gold, or rose gold and is made of high quality stainless steel to ensure it lasts through all of your adventures. 

Just imagine, everytime your partner pulls out this coordinates gift they will automatically think of you!

Leather & Steel Coordinates Keychain by Maven Metals

Leather & Steel Coordinates Keychain by Maven Metals

For a more rugged style, consider this leather and steel coordinates keychain. The leather can have a customizable initial and the steel can be engraved with the coordinates of your choosing. 

We like that there are a lot of color options! The leather is available in brown, olive, navy, black, or violet. While the steel can be finished with antique brass, silver, or gunmetal.

Leather Coordinates Keychain by Mint Designs

Leather Coordinates Keychain by Mint Designs

Similar to the bar coordinates keychain, this leather option is a simple yet daily reminder of a memorable location.

Coordinates of your choice are engraved on one of three different colors of leather: 

You also have the option to add a message, names, or symbols to the other side of the keychain. Making it a great coordinates gift idea for someone who loves understated, but simple sentimental items!

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Coordinates Prints

Minimalist Coordinates Prints by Mapness

coordinates print with message by mapness

To truly fit your decor, Mapness offers an array of customizable prints. With the ability to add maps, phrases, or words to your chosen coordinates, this is an extremely personal option for you and your partner. 

Mapness also allows you to customize the formatting of each print. This means you get to choose where the coordinates sit on the print as well as the typography of anything written.

We think the minimalist print is perfect for a stylized, but sentimental home.

Acrylic Map & Coordinates Print by Artswave

Acrylic Map & Coordinates Print by Artswave

When you have guests asking questions like:

So where did you meet?

You’ll love pointing them towards this unique print by Artswave, showing the exact location of your first date, wedding venue, or proposal with this acrylic map and wood stand display.

Simply customize with a location, coordinates, and memory, and you will receive a print of the map, coordinates, and memory on a clear piece of acrylic.

It’s worth noting that this print is customizable by size as well as map style, round or rectangle.  

Night Sky Coordinates Print by Modern Map Art

Night Sky Coordinates Pring by Modern Map Art

For a unique piece of art, recreate the night sky from a special moment in your relationship.

This art piece uses astronomy technology to find the exact position of the solar system the night your stars aligned. 

Customizable in size as well as style, it can be printed as a poster, framed, or on canvas

Other Coordinates Gift Ideas

Custom Coordinates Candle by Poppy + Tiger Co

Custom Coordinates Candle by Poppy & Tiger Co

Why not customize a location-inscribed candle from Poppy + Tiger Co?!

Simply pick a scent you know they’ll love and indicate the location and coordinates for the candle’s label. 

We love this coordinates gift as you can choose a scent you most associate with a location!

For example: If your first date was at a coffee shop, the roasted espresso scent may be just what you are looking for!

With sixteen scents to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match.

Wooden Coordinates Sign by Southern Chic By Le

Wooden Coordinates Sign by Southern Chic By Le

Let your guests know “Where It All Began”, with this wooden coordinates sign, which beautifully displays your couple-specific coordinates.

It’s worth noting that although the phrases are not customizable, the wood is. There are eight different finishes to match the aesthetic of your home.

What’s cool is that this coordinates gift doesn’t require you to know the exact latitude and longitude. Send in the address of the location, and Southern Chic By Le will do all the work for you!

Hand Stamped Coordinates Wallet Card by Janet Can Stamp

Hand Stamped Coordinates Wallet Card by Janet Can Stamp

This wallet insert lets your partner take the coordinates of a special location and a sweet message from you wherever they go.

Engraved on an aluminum insert, this placard fits in all standard wallets.

You can either just specify the coordinates or add a message to be engraved beneath. The message can be the location or just a reminder that you love them no matter where in the world they wander.

Which Coordinates Gift Caught Your Eye?

Now it’s your turn to pick out the perfect coordinates gift for that special someone.

Before you pull the trigger, make sure you consider the recipient by asking yourself questions like:

The most important question to consider, however, is what location do you want to use!?

Whether it is where you met, your first kiss, or where you’ll close the distance, you’ll want to make sure the location reflects all the happy feelings that your relationship holds.

Our FREE 7 day LDR challenge is BACK!

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Hi, we are Lolo (Canada) & Nate (Australia) a couple that had to go through all that a long distance relationship has to offer, just like you. With our experience and lessons learned we want to help you keep your long distance relationship as strong as ever and ultimately last the distance!