How to CRUSH the Fear of Uncertainty & Create a Fulfilling Long Distance Relationship

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We love this quote:

“The success you achieve in life will be proportional to the quality and quantity of the effort you put in.​”

While it might resonate more with a hobby or passion, what you do in your relationship is no different.

If you want to strengthen your LDR you need to work on it and yourself.

We created the LDR Challenge to help you do just that.

2023 Update Now Includes Video!

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Here’s The Breakdown

DAY ONE: The ‘Morning Mail’
DAY TWO: Something New
DAY THREE: The ‘Inner Circle’
DAY FOUR: Your Own ‘Lingo’
DAY FIVE: Culture
DAY SIX: Staying Social
DAY SEVEN: The Finale

But Who Are We?

Hey there! We’re Lolo & Nate.

After meeting on student exchange, we went through all the ups & downs an LDR (18 months) had to offer.

Since closing the distance, we wanted to put together a free resource for other couples needing help with their LDR.

Lolo & Nate the founders of Lasting The Distance

Don’t leave the success of your relationship to chance.