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15 Fun & Easy Care Packages for Your Long Distance Best Friend

Lolo & Nate | Updated: January 3, 2024

We know how hard it can be to find the right gift for a long distance friend.

Sometimes, one item just isn’t enough or doesn’t fit the occasion.

Why not put together a care package!

They can be heartfelt and unique to your relationship plus your friend will love it as it shows just how much they mean to you.

The only hard part is trying to work out what to put in them!

Thankfully we’re here to help get your creative juices flowing.

long distance best friend care package ideas

We’ve put together a list of our favorite long distance best friend care packages, including item examples, that will make your bestie smile from ear to ear.

Looking for a specific gift? Check out our recent article on heartwarming long distance friendship gifts that you will both love.

Care Package Ideas For Long Distance Friends

1. Feels Like Home Care Packages

gifts from home for a care package

A wonderful thing to do for any friend is to make a care package that reminds them of home. You can include a collection of things like local foods, a picture of home or any type of souvenir from your home town.

They’ll love these little reminders as it gives them that connection to a place they love and the people within it.

What to Include in a Home Care Package

2. New Beginnings Care Package

care package for a friend moving to a new city

Moving somewhere new can be a daunting task, your friend might feel like an outsider and find it hard to fit in.

This is your time to shine!

Why not put together a care package to help them ‘acclimatize’ to their new surroundings?

The trick is to think about the interests they have and that you both share. Then do a little research to find what’s available that matches those interests. Here are some ideas:

What to Include in a New Beginnings Care Package

3. All About Us Care Package

care package of things you liked to do together

This is going to be a nostalgia inducing choice as you include things that remind you of the amazing time you spent together.

Whether it was listening to a new album, sharing lip gloss or a book you both read. There will be plenty of special memories and mementos you can call upon to express the great times you shared together.

What to Include in an All About Us Care Package

4. A Don’t Forget ME! Care Package

different photos of friends from a gift

This one is going to be all about you.

It’s important that long distance friends know what’s going on in each other’s lives and to continue to share what you love, no matter where life takes you.

This could be a new favorite candy, a new band or movie that you love or perhaps a book.

The goal is to send your friend a mix of things they know you enjoy and new things you’ve experienced since moving apart. So they can remember what makes you, you! and see how you’re growing as a person.

What to Include in a Care Package That’s All About YOU!

5. Birthday Care Package

confetti in a balloon for a birthday care package

It can be particularly hard to celebrate such a sentimental occasion, like birthdays, from a distance.

While a birthday package won’t be as good as seeing them in person, we think they can still have a big impact.

What you choose to include will determine how big of an impact it has!

What to Include in a Birthday Care Package

6. A Spooky Halloween Care Package

kettle corn in a pumpkin mug for a halloween care package

We LOVE halloween.

These days, it is less about being scary and more about having a lot of fun and enjoying the holiday.

If halloween was something that you enjoyed celebrating together, it shouldn’t end just because you’re now apart.

Here are some ways to continue your love of all things spooky and create a tradition.

What to Include in a Halloween Care Package

7. Thanksgiving Care Packages

thanksgiving gifts for a care package

The fall is an amazing time of the year. As the seasons change, so do the clothes in our closet and our mind shifts towards the holidays.

While you can’t send a whole turkey, there are many items you can include to create a lovely thanksgiving care package.

What to Include in a Thanksgiving Care Package

8. Happy Holidays & Christmas Care Packages

woman holding a christmas themed package

The holidays are an amazing time to relax and celebrate with friends and family.

We know how tough it can be when you can’t enjoy being with a friend at this time of year.

A Christmas themed care package can help make the distance between you feel shorter.

What to Include in a Care Package for Christmas

9. Heartwarming Winter Care Package

a lit candle and hot chocolate from from a winter themed care package

Do you have a friend that has moved to a colder climate or has to live through harsh winters?

Help them get through it with a heartwarming winter themed care package.

This is a great option to add things that will not only warm them up physically but will also warm their soul.

What to Include in a Winter Care Package

10. Enjoy The Summer Care Package

care package that includes a fedora, sunglasses and summer scarf

Alternatively, if your friend has moved to a warmer climate or they are having trouble getting used to the cold winter, a summer themed care package just might be what they need to make it through!

What to Include in a Summer Care Package

11. College Care Package

chocolates, markers, pens and notebook from a college care package

Every year friends are separated because of college. It can be tough to get used to your new environment while having to juggle studying and social activities.

Why not put a college care package together to try and make the transition a little easier.

To be honest, these options are great for anyone starting or returning to college!

What to Include in a Care Package for College

12. The Feeling Sick Care Package

hot drink and tissues from a sick care package

No one likes to see a friend feeling unwell. Your instincts kick in to help take care of them but this can be hard from a distance.

Putting together a care package with items to get them on the road to recovery is an amazing gesture.

We can’t guaranty you’ll be called a hero or life saver. But you will definitely feel like one 🙂

What to Include in a Car Package for a Sick Friend

13. A Care Package of Essentials

tooth brush and lip balm gift

Putting together a care package full of essential items is a great option for a friend who has or is just about to move as they will need these things in order to get by, but might forget to purchase them.

You’ll be helping them to get settled into their new surroundings and they will be appreciating the fact that you’re looking out for them.

What to Include in an Essentials Care Package

14. Junk Food Care Package

different candy and chocolate in a junk food care package box

Your friend might think you’re evil for giving them a crazy supply of junk food, but deep down inside you know they’ll be jumping for joy!

Just make sure they are strong enough to eat them in moderation 🙂

TIP: Include items that they will miss from home and research new options they will see where they have moved to.

What to Include in a Care Package Full of Junk Food

15. Cinema Geek Care Package

girl eating popcorn she received from a cinema themed care package

Did you and your friend love sitting down together and watching movies?

Let’s create a care package that will help to keep that shared interest alive!

What to Include in a Cinema Geek Care Package

Helpful Care Package Tips

Think about estimated shipping costs

estimated shipping costs

If you’re sending a large and heavy box then it’s likely to be quite expensive.

It’s a good idea to do some research beforehand to get a good idea of what you’re going to be paying.

It could be that it’s a better idea to get a smaller box or leave out items that may be a little heavier.

Delivery times

When sending a long distance friendship care package make sure to consider delivery time.

There are not many things more frustrating than getting someone an amazing gift, only to find that it’s going to be delivered after their special day.

Make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to put the care package together, while also checking out your local postage services to see what the estimated delivery times are for the care package’s destination.

It would be a safe bet to at least double the expected time that the package will take if it is a busy holiday.

Cost of items

Consider DIY gifts to lower the cost of your long distance friendship care package.

If you’re putting 10/20 items in a care package then the cost is going to add up quickly.

DIY gifts can help reduce the overall cost and they can actually mean a lot more to the recipient because they’re handmade.

If you can’t afford everything at once, that’s ok! Think about what you want to put in a care package well ahead of time and purchase items when you can afford them.

Fragile items

When sending a long distance friendship care package consider extra wrapping for fragile items.

With fragile items you not only have to consider the chance of it breaking but also the space that will be taken up when you wrap it carefully. As well as wrapping it, you also want to ensure that it can’t move around.

Wine glasses, for example, are at a high risk of breaking but other objects such as a bottle of spirits are made from much thicker glass. Mugs are a great care package gift and only require a minimum of padding.

Putting food in a care package

Things to know about putting food in a care package for a long distance friendship.

There are three big things to consider here:

Use by date: Make sure you’re not packing any food which may expire by the time it arrives. You don’t want your friend to open a box to an off smell!

Temperature control: Don’t pack anything that needs to be frozen or refrigerated. It’ll be inedible by the time it gets to your friend.

Know the law: Countries and shipping companies have varying rules on food so make sure you know that they are. For example, many countries will allow dried foods in sealed commercial packaging, such as chips or candy. 

Things to always include

Things to always include in a long distance friendship care package.

As well as making the care packages unique to your friendship, there are a couple of items that are going to be great to include no matter the occasion.

Notes: A personalized note is always a great idea to show how much your friend means to you.

Pictures: Whether it is a recent picture or a childhood memory, sending a picture is a wonderful gift to send. 

If you need inspiration for your note, check out our recent articles on quotes that perfectly symbolize long distance friendships and messages that will help get your creative writing juices flowing!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Whether it’s for a specific occasion or just because you’re thinking of them, we hope our list of long distance best friend care packages has given you some great ideas on what you want to put together for your bestie.

Have an amazing idea that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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