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Long Distance Watches: 9 Modern Dual Time & Smart Watches For LDR Couples

Lolo & Nate | Updated: May 20, 2021

In a rush? We’ll take you straight to our list of the best watches for long distance couples.

For over 150 years, wrist watches have made amazing gifts.

For long distance couples, they can hold a huge amount of sentimental value, which is especially true when it comes to dual time zone watches.

If you and your partner are in different time zones, every time you look at your watch it’s going to do something special.

You’ll smile, thinking about your partner and what they’re doing in that moment.

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Why Watches Make A Great Gift

While many of us use our phones to keep track of the time, there are a few reasons why you or your partner should ditch it for a nice timepiece.

Sold? Awesome 🙂 Here are a few long distance watches that tick all of the boxes above!


Long Distance Smartwatches

Apple Watch

long distance apple watch

The Apple Watch is the best selling smartwatch of all time, and for good reason. It’s simple to use, connects easily to other devices and is available in different colors with 100s of accessories so you can make it your own.

It’s easy to see why Apple Watch sales continue to explode year over year!

We love the Apple Watch for long distance couples because of three cool features:

  1. Dual time zone: There are multiple to display styles to choose from.
  2. Heartbeat functionality: You can send heartbeat messages to let each other know you’re thinking about one another.
  3. Different face sizes: Have a smaller wrist? No worries! There are four face sizes to choose from (depending on the model). This is also a great option if you want his and hers long distance couples watches.

Here’s a quick video from iClarified that shows how to send your heartbeat to your long distance partner:

It is worth noting that the most recent Apple Watch is the Series 6, but Series 3, 4 and 5 are still available and great options if you’re on a budget.

Click on the options below for more details on the specs and features of each Apple Watch.

Apple Watch: Series 3

Learn More at Amazon

Apple Watch: Series 4

Learn More at Amazon

Apple Watch: Series 5

Learn More at Amazon

Long Distance Watches For Men

Casio Men’s G-Steel by G-Shock Quartz Solar Bluetooth Connected Watch

casio dual time long distance watches

If your partner prefers a watch that can be warn anywhere, the Casio G-Steel is a stylish option that is versatile enough for work and play.

While the stainless steel gives it a very sleek look, which is perfect in formal settings, it is also strong enough for tougher situations.

The G-Steel has G-SHOCK level shock resistance, which protects it against heavy impacts and vibrations. It’s also water resistant up to 660ft, making it a great option for marine activity or surface water sports.

As a long distance watch, you can see the G-Steel has a subtle second watch face, which we think fits perfectly with the rest of the design.

Casio G-Steel Features We Like:

  1. The Mobile Link app allows you to easily set the time for each watch face and monitor functions like battery life.
  2. There is a solar panel that can recharge the battery, even in weak lighting.
  3. Even though it is an analog watch, it includes an LED light for illumination in the dark.

Important Specs:

Case diameter: 48mm
Case thickness: 14mm
Band length: 10 inches
Band width: 25mm
Item weight: 6.4 ounces
Water resistant: 660ft

Visit Amazon for more information on the features, functionality and pricing of the Casio G-Steel.

MVMT Voyager Men’s Analog Watch

mvmt voyager monochrome grey dual time watch

The MVMT watch brand burst onto the scene only a few short years ago and it’s easy to see why they have become so popular.

We love the slim and subtle design elements of the MVMT Voyager, which also makes it suitable for formal and professional settings.

Add in water resistance of up to 330ft and you’ve got yourself a modern watch for carefree everyday use.

MVMT Voyager Features We Like:

  1. Voyager is available in over 15 colors so you can choose an option that best suits your partner’s style.
  2. The watch straps are easily interchangeable if you want it to match a particular outift.
  3. Glass case uses hardened mineral crystal for further durability.

Important Specs:

Case diameter: 42mm
Case thickness: 11mm
Band length: Men’s standard
Band width: 21mm
Water resistant: 330ft
Warranty: 2 years

Interested in the MVMT Voyager? Learn more at Amazon for details on the 15 color options that are currently available.

Diesel Men’s Mr Daddy 2.0 Quartz Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

diesel mr daddy 2.0 dual time zone watch

Do you like watches that make a statement? If so, the Diesel Mr Daddy 2.0 could be what you’re looking for.

The striking black and gold design, together with an oversized face is sure to be a conversation starter, and it doesn’t stop there.

While we have included the Mr Daddy 2.0 as a dual time zone watch, it is actually a quad time zone watch. Allowing you or your partner to set up to four different times, even though we know you will only need two!

With so much packed into this loud design you can’t not stop and admire the craftsmanship.

Diesel Mr Daddy Features We Like:

  1. If black and gold aren’t to your taste, that’s fine, there are multiple color finishes available.
  2. Mr Daddy 2.0 comes standard with a two year warranty.

Important Specs:

Case diameter: 57mm
Case thickness: 15mm
Band length: 7 inches
Band width: 28mm
Item weight: 6.6 ounces
Water resistant: 99ft

Shop now at Amazon to find out why Diesel calls this statement-piece ‘SBA’.

Charles-Hubert, Paris Men’s 3549 Stainless Steel Dual Time Zone Watch

Now let’s dial it back with something a little more subtle 🙂

Say hello to the sleek Charles-Hubert, Paris 3549 Dual Time Zone Watch.

This timepiece differs from the other models we’ve shown as both watch dials are the same size, which is something we really like. 

A pleasant yin and yang has been incorporated into the design of the watch face, but if this isn’t to you or your partner’s tastes the white and blue 3549-E is worth looking at.

The 3549 & 3549-E are high quality options and super affordable for anyone on a tight budget.

Important Specs:

Case diameter: 37mm
Case thickness: 7mm
Band length: Men’s standard
Band width: 18mm
Water resistant: 99ft

For more details and pricing, review the Charles-Hubert, Paris 3549 at Amazon.

Long Distance Watches For Women

Philip Stein Signature Small Women’s Dual Time Watch

On the surface, this Philip Stein Signature Watch looks like a simple and elegant timepiece.

Underneath, it contains something quite interesting.

Known as Natural Frequency Technology, there is a metal disk that exposes the wearer to key frequencies that inform the body to relax. Customer’s have said their sleep has improved, have less stress, clearer focus and better concentration.

Philip Stein Signature Features We Like:

  1. Both watch faces are large and clearly visible to the user.
  2. The Natural Frequency Technology makes this watch an interesting accessory!
  3. There are multiple colors and designs available to suit your style.

Important Specs:

Case diameter: 42mm
Case thickness: 10mm
Band length: 8 inches
Band width: 18mm
Item weight: 12.3 ounces (with box)
Water resistant: 100ft 

Visit Amazon for further information on Philip Stein Signature Women’s Watch and the Natural Frequency Technology.

GUESS Women’s Stainless Steel Connect Smart Watch

guess connect dual time zone womens smartwatch

Guess are one of the few global fashion companies that continue to reinvent their brand by venturing into new areas, like smartwatches.

If your long distance partner loves new technology, the Stainless Steel Connect Smartwatch just might be what you’re looking for. Plus with four different colors available, there is sure to be an option that suits their style.

Of course the Guess Connect Smartwatch has dual time zone capabilities. But that’s just where the cool features start!

Guess Connect Smartwatch Features We Like:

  1. Integrates with Amazon Alexa to use thousands of voice commands, like sports, news and weather reports.
  2. iOS & Android compatible so you can receive notifications from your long distance partner via your watch for caller IDs, texts, emails and much more.
  3. Want to jump in the group photo and take the picture? The Guess Connect can control your camera!

Important Specs:

Case diameter: 41mm
Case thickness: 16mm
Band length: Women’s standard
Band width: 20mm
Item weight: 3.53 ounces
Water resistant: No

For further information on the colors and features available on the Guess Connect, visit

Tissot Women’s T56161379 Heritage Dual Time Watch

tissot heritage dual time watch for women

Tissot have been making elegant watches for over 175 years! Their line of heritage timepieces pays tribute to their earlier classical designs.

We think they look timeless, especially the Tissot Women’s Heritage Dual Time Watch.

The sophisticated design highlights two analog watch faces that are easy to see and adjust.

Also being water resistant to 99ft (30m) means that you can wear it in everyday situations without worry.

Tissot Heritage Dual Time Watch Features We Like:

  1. The face plate is made from scratch resistant sapphire crystal.
  2. Other colors, such as ‘grey blue’ are also available from Tissot.
  3. The Heritage Dual Time dial is also made in mens sizes, making them a great long distance couples watch.

Important Specs:

Case diameter: 49mm
Case thickness: 7.5mm
Band length: Women’s standard
Band width: 20mm
Water resistant: 99ft
Warranty: 1 year

Learn more at Amazon to get a better idea of the other colors available and for further details on the mens options.

Gotham Women’s Gold-Tone Dual Time Zone Watch

Love the Tissot Heritage Dual Time styling but you’re on a budget? The Gotham Women’s Dual Time Zone Watch might just be what you’re looking for.

It has very similar design traits, with two watch faces in a vertical style.

We really like the striking combination of the gold tones with a white leather strap. Especially when it’s paired with the roman numeral dial, which adds a touch of uniqueness.

Luckily, Gotham has created ten different styles of their women’s dual time zone watch, so you’ll find the perfect option to match your partner’s look.

Important Specs:

Case diameter: 20mm
Case thickness: 8mm
Band length: Women’s standard
Band width: 12mm
Item weight: 4.8 ounces
Water resistant: No
Warranty: Lifetime

Like the styling of the Gotham Women’s Dual Time Zone Watch? Visit Amazon to view pricing and all available color options.

Before Buying A Long Distance Watch

Choosing the right watch face size for your wrist

Let’s paint the picture:

You’ve found the perfect watch, hit the buy button and it’s on the way! A week later it arrives and you’re excited to show it off. You put it on, but it looks odd. It just doesn’t fit with your wrist.

It will likely be one of two scenarios:

  1. Your wrist is too small, making it look like a dinner plate!
  2. Your wrist is too large, making it look like a dainty piece of jewelry.

Measuring your wrist beforehand will help you figure out the right size. All you need is a measuring tape or piece of string that you can then measure with a ruler.

Here’s a handy guide on sizing for both men and women:

Men’s wrist watch size guide:

Wrist SizeWatch Face Size
6 to 7 inches38mm to 42mm
7 to 8 inches42mm to 46mm

Women’s wrist watch size guide:

Wrist SizeWatch Face Size
5 to 6 inches22mm to 28mm
6 to 7 inches28mm to 34mm

Remember, this is just a guide. If you prefer watches that are larger or smaller than the range, that’s ok!

What to think about when buying a watch for a man

When it comes to mens jewelry and accessories, watches are the most popular. But that doesn’t make it an easy option!

Fashion and/or function will come into play. 

Will he want a versatile watch that can be worn for work, play and formal occasions or is he after a special option to add to a collection?

Taking his fashion style into consideration will give you a good indication as to the designs that will fit.

What to think about when buying a watch for a woman

Buying a watch for a woman doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are a lot of visible hints you can take into consideration, namely their fashion and other jewelry.

Depending on the colors she wears, you can look at watches that would compliment the style. 

Matching the watch to her other jewelry can be a safe option. Pay attention to whether she usually wears gold, silver or natural tones like cord and leather.

Watch care & maintenance

Watches are made to last a long time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of it.

If you follow a few simple steps, you’ll have a long-lasting treasure to be enjoyed for many years to come.

  1. Wind your watch every now and then to spread internal lubricants.
  2. Don’t wind it on your wrist as you may tilt or bend the crown as you turn it.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the watch face, stay away from soap.
  4. Keep it away from water whenever possible, even if it’s waterproof.
  5. Get it serviced based on the manufacturers recommendation.

Our Recommended Long Distance Watches

When we think about long distance watches, it’s hard to beat the range of Apple Watches for a few reasons.

Versatility: There are so many options to choose from and hundreds of accessories available. Whether it’s the face size, color, strap material, GPS only or cellular, you can truly make them ‘uniquely you’.

Long distance connection: The dual time zone styles mean you won’t be far from each others thoughts and while the heartbeat message might sound gimmicky. It won’t stop putting a smile on your face and the feeling of love in your heart.

Couples option: We truly believe his and hers gifts help to create a strong connection because they are something you share in common and can admire about your relationship. 

Affordability: With previous models such as the series 3, series 4 and series 5 still being available and working perfectly with software updates, there is an option to suit your budget.

For more details on the colors and sizes available in each model visit

Now It’s Your Turn!

Which one has caught your eye?

Hopefully this list has given you many great ideas on what type of long distance watch will suit you and/or your partner. As we have seen here there are many beautiful options in a variety of different styles.

Why not join our LDR Support Group (a great community of like minded LDR couples) and let us know if there are other options we’ve missed that you think we should add!

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