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Open When Letters for Best Friends: 67 Ideas on What to Write

Lolo & Nate | Updated: June 20, 2022

Open when letters for best friends just make sense. They give you the chance to positively impact their life when they need it most.

It doesn’t matter what your friend is going through, whether it’s:

  • Sadness
  • Happiness
  • Loneliness, or even
  • Anger

You can be there for them from afar.

But you may not know what prompts to include or even what to write.

We’ve got your back.

open when letters for best friend

We’ve put together some of the most popular prompts and examples on what to write to help get those creative juices flowing.

But first, here’s a quick overview of what you’ll need!

Open When Letters for Best Friends Shopping List

You may have some or all of these around the house! Here’s a list of the items you can purchase on Amazon:

Alright, let’s get stuck in!


Open When You Need a Laugh Letter for Best Friends

open when you need a laugh letter for best friend

A laugh with your bestie is one of life’s purest experiences. Whether you go from ranting and raving about what’s annoying you or filling them in on your latest gossip, your best friend is one of the greatest people to laugh with.

An “Open When You Need a Laugh” letter doesn’t quite replace the ‘in real life’ experience. But it can make them happy and warm inside when they need it.

What to Write

We think the more personalization the better. Your best friend is probably missing the ease of hanging out with the person who knows them best.

You can include an inside joke, a funny memory you both share, or a one-liner from their favorite TV show. Don’t forget the memes you’ve both laughed at countless times!

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Ideas similar to “Open When You Need a Laugh”

Open When You Need a Hug for Best Friends

open when you need a hug for best friends

Sometimes, all you need after a hard day is a hug from someone you care about. Unfortunately, distance can deem a regular hug almost impossible. Though not quite as warm, the right words can be an amazing substitute.

Whether your best friend is going through a period of struggle or one of celebration, an open when letter can help you be a part of their moment, no matter the distance. 

What to Write 

When trying to figure out what to write to your friend who just needs arms around them can be difficult. At the end of the day, a letter isn’t a hug. However, when someone needs one, they usually need comfort and reassurance. 

This, a letter can provide!

Let your best friend know that you are there for them through thick and thin. Remind them that you have their back and you can always be a shoulder to cry on. Though not quite a hug, it is a letter that will warm them up and feel the comfort of your friendship.

Ideas similar to “Open When You Need a Hug”

Open When You Miss Me Letter For Best Friends

open when you miss me letter for best friends

One of the hardest parts of moving somewhere new is making friends. When the going gets tough, your best friend may find themself alone and wishing they were ‘home’. 

An ‘Open When You Miss Me” letter for your best friend not only reminds them about how much you care. But it can also help them feel less alone in their new environment.

What to Write 

Remind your friend how much you care about them and that you miss them too. This is a chance to tell them that no matter how much distance is between you, your friendship will remain strong.

A letter can’t replace your physical presence, but it can give priceless reassurance to a friend who is feeling lonely. Your bestie needs to be reminded that they have a loving support system and a friend they can truly count on.

Ideas similar to “Open When You Miss Me”

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Open When You Can’t Sleep Letter for Best Friends

open when letters for best friend that can't sleep

Have you ever had a night where you just can’t sleep so you call up your best friend for a late night drive, snacks, and chat? This staple to sleepless nights becomes a lot more complicated with different time zones and geographic distance between you. 

A letter doesn’t quite hold the same carefree laughter as midnight car rides, but it can recreate those memories for your friend who is up late and missing your nighttime bonding. Plus, if their mind is spinning, an “Open When” letter can put it at ease. 

What to Write 

Your friend’s restlessness could be caused by multiple things: a large project at work or school, stress, or simply missing home. No matter the cause, a letter that reminds them of how much you care about them or note of motivation can turn their night around. 

No matter the reason they can’t sleep, your letter will be a light in the dark (literally). 

Ideas similar to “Open When You Can’t Sleep”

Open When You’re Feeling Lonely for Best Friends

open when you're feeling lonely for best friends

Living far away from your best friend can be lonely. Whether they moved away or you did, it always feels a bit sad when you can’t see each other at a moment’s notice. 

An “Open When You’re Feeling Lonely” letter will remind your BFF that they’re not alone, despite feeling lonely. It is a token of love from one friend to another to remind them they still have a support system albeit miles away.

What to Write

In your letter, you can encourage your friend to begin building a community in their new home. Remind them of all their best qualities, why you love hanging out with them, and why others will want to hang out with them too!

Of course, always remind your best friend that your friendship is irreplaceable and no matter what you will have their back. But now is the time to inspire them to find ways to beat their loneliness.

Ideas similar to “Open When You’re Feeling Lonely” 

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Open When You Need Your Best Friend

open when you need your best friend

Sometimes you just need your best friend, and your best friend will definitely find themself in this situation when dealing with a stressful situation.

Whether they encounter relationship troubles or just want to talk to someone who knows them well, an “Open When You Need Your Best Friend” letter is the perfect way to show you are there for them. 

What to Write 

This letter is your opportunity to support them even from afar, when they need it most. Remind them how much your friendship means to you and Let them know that you are proud of them no matter what they are going through.

Ideas similar to “Open When You Need Your Best Friend” 

Open When You Feel Sad Letter for Best Friends

open when you feel sad letter for best friends

Whether your best friend experienced something traumatic or is handling the sadness that sometimes comes with daily life. They will also be missing your encouragement and friendship, which can help in these moments. 

Everyone goes through sad times and everyone needs someone to encourage them to get through it. This is your opportunity to be that person for your friend.

What to Write 

Let them know that it’s ok to be sad and that you are there for them and will continue to be, no matter what. You can also validate your friend’s worth and remind them that they will push through and come out stronger on the other side.

If your friend is dealing with a specific circumstance, you can create letters that address the specifics.

Ideas similar to “Open When You Feel Sad” 

Open When You’re Happy for Best Friends

open when you're happy for best friends

Being best friends doesn’t just mean being supportive during hard times. But also standing side by side during the good times. In fact, some of life’s greatest moments will be celebrated with your friends.

They could be celebrating an engagement, a successful work project, good grades, or another major life milestone. Be there in the moment with them and write an “Open When You’re Happy” letter to show your pride and appreciation of them.

What to Write 

Remind your best friend how proud of them you are. If they just achieved something great, congratulate them, and let them know that happiness looks good on them. Tell them what you’d say if you were both together!

Happy moments also help you grow as friends. As you get older and life becomes busier, you can look back on these moments that you shared, even if only in writing. 

Ideas similar to “Open When You’re Happy” 

Open When You’re Angry Letter for Best Friends

open when you're angry letter for best friends

Even the best of friends argue and sometimes get mad at eachother. Fighting within a friendship can be just as painful and frustrating as a romantic relationship and often involves the same commitment to conflict resolution.

Your best friend could also be angry at something that is not you. Whether they are fighting with their partner, their parents, or other friends, they probably aren’t having warm-fuzzy feelings. This is where you can either rant with them or reassure them. 

What to Write

If you are fighting with your best friend, this letter is an opportunity to remind them that though you are currently not on good terms, your friendship is not disposable.

Even if you aren’t sure what they are feeling, this is the opportunity to reassure them that you will find a solution and resolution. Let them know that friendships can be hard, but what you have is worth fighting for.

If your best friend is angry at something or someone else, this is your opportunity to stand by them. You can reassure them that what they are feeling is justified and you are available to listen. Most angry people just need to get something off their chests. Your best friend probably does too.

Ideas Similar to “Open When You’re Angry” 

It’s Time to Write Open When Letters for your Best Friend!

Is your best friend going through something that these “open when” letters could help with? Do you think they could in the future?

Start writing some letters now! Open when letters for best friends can make a great birthday, Christmas, going away, or graduation gift. Especially when couples with a themed care package! You could also just send a bundle unprompted when you know your partner could use some support.

Just remember to lay out some ground rules for your “Open When” letter exchange!

Some Open When Letter Rules to Follow

  1. Start with an “Open When You Get This Letter” letter
  2. Include a complete list making it easier to know and find each prompt
  3. No peeking! Open a letter only when the topic applies
  4. Let the sender know when you’ve opened a letter
  5. Keep the letters to reread on future days when they apply

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