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20 Best Going Away Gifts For Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Lisa McKay | Updated: October 11, 2023

Saying goodbye to someone you love SUCKS.

The best thing you can do is not dwell on the negatives and focus on the positives. But sometimes it’s easier said than done.

The solution?

Going away gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner to keep you connected from afar.

They are likely feeling anxious about what the future holds. Going away gifts that connect you, like our favorite Bond Touch Bracelets, might be what they need to get them through.

Finding the right farewell gift is stressful. So, here are our top picks to make it a little easier!

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Consider These Going Away Gift Ideas For Your Partner In 2024

State Scented Homesick Candles

Homesick Candles as a going away gift

Repeat after me:

Personalized gifts are the best kind of gifts.

Gifts that smell nice are even better and these scented candles combine both.

Candles are associated with warmth, cuddling, and peace. So if the distance is hitting them hard, these personalized scented candles are the perfect remedy.

Couples Promise Rings

Mountain Promise Rings

There’s no denying that promise rings can be extremely meaningful.


Because you get to assign them that meaning. Since we’re talking about going away gifts and long distance relationships, this kind of ring can be your promise to meet again.

You can also choose a matching set of rings or just one for your beloved. Either way, this will be one of the sincerest gifts you could give them.

You Complete Me Avocado Phone Cases

couples matching phone cases

Today, you can forget your keys, your wallet, and sometimes even feel like you’ve left your head behind. But it’s nearly impossible to forget your phone.

We take our smartphones everywhere.

So to make sure that he or she always has a reminder of you nearby, you have to go for the smartphone. These Couples “You Complete Me” Avocado Phone Cases By Alpha Cases can be that reminder.

Isn’t that cute!?

Matching T-Shirts

superhero matching shirts for couples who are separating

Matching t-shirts are cute, that’s true. But they can also help you create some great couply traditions together.

Now, every time you visit each other, make sure you’re both wearing these matching t-shirts.

In terms of practicality, it will make spotting each other in the crowd easier. But also think how romantic it would be! When it comes to being adorable, no chick-flick would be able to hold a candle to you two.

Very Big Hug Blanket/Rug

This throw blanket just oozes good cheer and romance.

Even without touching it you can almost feel how comfortable it would be to sit under. Drinking cocoa together, watching movies, cuddling.

Awww, can’t your heart just burst?

Its vintage design only makes it look even more irresistible.

Coordinates Necklaces For Couples

Coordinates Disc Necklace by GIGIMEY

The matching rose gold pendants in this necklace set lets you engrave two sets of coordinates, one on each necklace. So the two of you can wear each others’ homes around their necks.

They are available in three finishes: silver, gold, and rose gold.

GIGIMEY also gives you the choice of multiple chain lengths and the pendant can be engraved with custom coordinates on one or both sides. 

“Explosion” Photo Box

diy exploding photo box

How can you lift someone’s mood? Easy. Here’s an example. Give them this unassuming small box. Tell them to open it when they arrive home. And wait. When opened, this box “explodes” with a barrage of hearts, frills, and photos. No one can resist this instant mood-lifter. Even the crankiest person will be surprised into cracking a smile. Mission accomplished.

Want to make your own exploding photo box? Check out how in our recent post on easy-to-make DIY LDR Gifts.

Coordinates Photo Frame

coordinates frame farewell gift

When in doubt, go for a gift that features coordinates.

First, such gift is deeply personal. Second, it makes the distance seem less scary. Third, it’s comforting, that despite that scary string of numbers you are still together. No matter what. You’re partner could use the sort of reassurance this frame provides.

“Pun-derful” Rock Plant

you rock rock

Say what you want about stomachs, but the shortest way to someone’s heart is through laughter. Puns are the surest way to make someone laugh (sometimes out of pity but that still counts). Since going away is never a happy occasion give them a good chuckle with these cute and “punny” rock planters.

Countdown Calendar

countdown calendar

You know what could be the best going away present for your long-distance partner? The promise to meet again. This calendar allows you to set up a countdown to a specific date. So when you’re giving it to them, have the calendar show in how many days or months you are going to visit.  All that’s left now is to book some tickets.

Funny Bananas Socks

personalized i'm banas about you socks

Yes, I am back with the puns. No, I am not sorry. Getting used to the distance after spending a lot of time together can be tough. Separation is a tricky thing that can stuff a lot of doubt and anxiety into one’s head. These socks will make sure your boyfriend or girlfriend never doubts how “bananas” you are about them. Plus, they are personalized. Win-win.

“I Miss You” Chocolates make a great going away gift

i miss you chocolates

Feeling down, fighting Dementors  —  chocolate can help you deal with anything.   Even saying goodbye to your long-distance partner can be sweetened by it. Well, nothing can make the separation completely okay. But these custom chocolates can try to make it a bit more bearable. And tastier.

Mermaid Pillow With A Custom Message

personalized cushion

Mermaid pillows can hide secret messages under the sequins. So if you both love scavenger hunts and mysteries, this pillow is perfect for your partner. You can have a custom message printed on this one. Make it something fun and uplifting. This way, your boo can sleep on one half and smile at the message hidden on the other half.

Underwater Dogs Book

underwater dogs book

This is an awesome going away gift for two reasons. One, nothing speeds up the travel better than a good book. Two, saying goodbye to your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend is, to say the least, a bummer. But if there is anything that can lift their spirits, it’s a book filled with hilarious photos of dogs. No one can resist it.

Travel Mug

personalized travel mugs

A going away present doesn’t have to be cute or expensive to be thoughtful. Get them one of these personalized travel mugs. Fill it with their favorite coffee or tea. Hand it over to them right before the departure, a pick me up in case the trip gets too tiring. It would mean the world of them that you’ve thought of such a simple detail. And you can make a sweet going away ritual out of this.

“The Wizard Of Oz” Vintage Coloring Book

coloring book

Adult coloring books have become a huge trend in these past few years. They not only give you something to do on, say, a long journey, no. Coloring has also been proved to have a calming effect on one’s emotional state. Think of it as a fun way of meditating.

As for ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Both the book and the movie are all about being able to go through any obstacles if you believe in yourself. It’s a message anyone in a long-distance relationship should hear more often.

“As You Wish” Pendant Necklace

as you wish farewell necklace

First of all, if you’ve never watched “The Princess Bride”, you absolutely should. This movie can be next on your “Romantic movies to watch with him/her” list.

But if you have seen this classic, you know that there are a lot of ways to say “I love you”. And “As you wish” is one of them. At least for the generation that grew up constantly rewatching the adventures of Wesley and Buttercup on a bulky VCR.

Hanging Travel Bag

travel bag

When your beloved is staying at your place for their visit, you’d want to make their stay comfortable. This also includes finding a way to keep both your stuff in order. Living in cluttered and messy rooms doesn’t really scream “romance”, right?

Give them this travel bag that will keep their things in one place and will make their future journey a lot easier. Plus, when it’s time to pack you’ll get an extra couple of minutes together thanks to this timesaver. Now, what can you do with that precious time, hm?

Personalized “Things I Love” Coaster Set

personalized coaster

I know, a coaster set doesn’t exactly sound exciting but bear with me. These coasters will make your loved one smile the minute they come back home and open them. On these, you get to list out 3 things you love about them. So now, when they sit down for a cup of tea after a long journey, they’ll be reminded how much you love them. And exactly why. Awwww, coasters can be exciting after all.

Cozy Travel Pillow

travel pillow

Listen, having to say goodbye to someone you love is already enough of an emotional turmoil. So if you are looking for a thoughtful going away gift, try to make the “going away” part a bit easier for your sweetheart. At least physically easier, with this cozy travel pillow. It can keep your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s head up throughout the journey. Literally.

Which Going Away Gift Ideas Will You Choose?

There are so many going away gifts to choose from that it is hard to go wrong. But with a little thought you can find something that will not only help them navigate this new adventure, it can help keep you connected.

No matter where you both are in the world.

After a few more options? Check out our post on the best gifts for long distance couples.

Lisa McKay author image for bio
Lisa McKay is an award-winning author and psychologist. She is also the founder of Modern Love Long Distance, now a part of Lasting The Distance. Drawing upon her own extensive experience with long distance relationships, Lisa helps couples navigate LDR pitfalls and forge meaningful, enduring connections across the miles.
Fall in love all over again with our FREE 7 day LDR challenge!

Unlock better date nights, deeper communication plus a stronger intimate & emotional connection.

Loved by over 50,000 long distance couples!

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