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Long Distance Necklaces: Our 17 Favorite Heart Warming Pieces Of 2021

Lolo & Nate | Updated: May 20, 2021

Long distance necklaces are an incredible piece of jewelry.

Do you know why?

We think it’s because they draw attention like no other and are sometimes regarded as the most important piece of jewelry to own.

Being an important piece makes them a great gift choice for couples in long distance relationships because they can help express how important you are to each other and to those around you.

Also if you’ve picked something versatile, it will be a talking point for years to come!

long distance necklaces

Our Long Distance Necklaces Gift Guide For Couples

Our Top Choice

evermée Digital Lockets

evermée digital locket friendship necklaces

Create & save memories with the most unique long distance necklace of 2021.

High End Tech

TALSAM Smart Necklaces

talsam lapis lazuli necklace

Receive a message & feel it vibrate while the Swarovski crystals light up! App included.

Popular Alternative

North Star Couples Necklaces

North Star Coordinates Necklace

Engraved with coordinates unique to your relationship to create a memorable gift.

Why Necklaces Are An Incredible Symbol of Affection

Necklaces are some of the oldest pieces of jewelry in the world and have been a vital part of various cultures for centuries. Whether they symbolize wealth, power, love, identity, they send a powerful message.

For long distance relationships it’s clear why they make such an amazing gift, and to help you find the right one. We’ve discover the most meaningful long distance necklaces available today.


Long Distance Touch Necklaces

TALSAM Smart Necklace (& Bracelet)

TALSAM Smart Necklace

The elegant TALSAM Smart Necklace is the most unique way to let your friend know you’re thinking about them and how much they mean to you. 

But, how does it work?!

These necklaces connect to the TALSAM app on your smartphone. When a message is sent through the app, the necklace it is connected to will vibrate. 

What’s really cool is that the Swarovski crystals will also light up! See it in action.

It’s also worth noting that the app allows you to encrypt the messages you send to each other and can only be read by clicking the button on the side of the pendant.

Speaking of the pendant, they are available in six different finishes, so you can select the best option to match you or your friend’s style. They are:

The team at TALSAM have also included a bracelet-length chain for added wardrobe versatility and to help you match this stunning piece to any outfit.

Coordinates Necklaces

North Star Coordinates Necklace by Mignon & Mignon

North Star Coordinates Necklace

The North Star has long been used as a reference point for navigation, which makes it a perfect symbol for a long distance necklace.

What makes this necklace even more special is the ability to engrave location coordinates on it that mean something special to you.

This amazing piece is available in three different finishes: gold, rose gold and silver. 

Mignon & Mignon has also added the option of having the back engraved with something special if you wish.

We think it will be easy to spot why this is one of our favorites once you see the rose gold and silver finishes on Etsy.

Coordinates Bar Long Distance Necklace by Ziime

Coordinates Bar Necklace

The coordinates bar necklace by Ziime is a simple but very beautiful piece.

It’s made of the highest quality materials and will allow the wearer to proudly display the coordinates that are special to them.

You can either have it blank, or engraved on one or both sides depending on your preference.

The necklace doesn’t have to just be for coordinates either. You have the option of doing something different on the other side and the versatility of this necklace is part of what makes it a great gift.

Ziime have made the coordinates bar necklace available in gold, rose gold and silver finishes.

To find out more about this amazing piece and the engraving options, check them out on Etsy.

Wooden Coordinates Necklace by Showstopper Supplies

Wooden Coordinates Necklace

When most people think about necklaces they usually have something shiny and metal based in mind.

This necklace by Showstopper Supplies is wooden which instantly gives it a sense of uniqueness plus a very natural and warm finish.

It can be engraved on either side and the rustic feel is going to appeal to both women and men.

If your partner reacts or has skin irritations with metal based jewelry, this is a great option.

This unique piece is available in cherry or walnut wood through Etsy.

3D Bar Coordinates Necklace by Julianna Creations Co

3D Bar Coordinates Necklace

This 3D bar coordinates necklace by Julianna Creations Co is another clean and beautiful piece that’s perfect for any minimalist design lover.

Using a fine chain puts all of the focus on the 3D bar, and paired with coordinates, it will instantly become a talking point wherever your partner goes. Whenever they do talk about it, they’ll always be reminded of you.

Julianna Creations Co has made this piece available in gold, rose gold and silver. Making it the perfect option to suit your partners fashion style and tastes.

You also have the option to engrave both sides if you wish to add more than coordinates.

To find out more about this piece you’ll find it exclusively on Etsy.

State to State Necklaces

State to State Fine Chain Necklace by Ivy By Design

State to State Fine Chain Necklace

The idea behind the design of this necklace is absolutely perfect for long distance relationship couples.

Ivy By Design has created a unique piece that highlights where both of you are from or living.

In the image above Texas is the main state while North Carolina is then cut out from the middle.

As it is a completely custom piece, you can select any two US states to create a truly one of a kind long distance necklace for your partner! 

To make it completely unique to you, Ivy By Design offers this piece in gold, rose gold and silver finishes, varying chain lengths and two different pendant sizes.

These options are only available on Etsy.

Country to Country Fine Chain Necklace by Ivy By Design

Country to Country Fine Chain Necklace

You didn’t think Ivy By Design would leave international long distance relationship couples in the dark, did you?

Just like their custom State to State necklaces, they also have an option with countries.

It can be tough when you’re living on different sides of the world, but this piece will make you feel so much closer.

Ivy By Design also offers this piece in gold, rose gold and silver finishes, varying chain lengths and two different pendant sizes.

When viewing this long distance necklace on Etsy, we also found the option to have it on a keychain. Check it out for yourself!

State/Country Bar Necklace by Cheech & Chelsea

State-Country Bar Necklace

The intricate detail of this bar necklace makes it truly special. Cheech & Chelsea have created an an incredibly cute piece that is sure to bring a smile to the face of whoever wears it.

You can see above, the amazing detail of two state outlines that are joined by a heart, symbolizing the connection you have however far you may be. There is also an option to select countries.

The necklace may be small and intricate but it’s extremely well made and available in either gold, rose gold and silver.

Check it out on Etsy where you can also add initials to the inside of the state or country maps to give it that extra touch uniqueness.

Cheech & Chelsea also make this piece in a bracelet option. Which we’ve included in our post on Long Distance Bracelets.

Two State Gold Necklace by Friction Jewelry

Two State Gold Necklace

This is another beautiful take on state to state necklaces for long distance relationships.

Where this necklace is different to the others mentioned is that the states are in two pieces and positioned separately to give it a unique look. 

Friction Jewelry proudly make these necklaces in gold with an 18 inch chain, plus All US states are available.

There are many 5-star reviews for this handmade piece on Etsy. Some include detailed customer photos, which can help give you an idea of how it will look on you or your partner.

His and Hers Long Distance Necklaces

His & Hers Heart Necklaces by YLYS

His & Hers Heart Necklaces

His and Hers necklaces make beautiful gifts and these two heart necklaces are no different!

The heart is in two pieces on separate necklaces, making it a warm reminder of your relationship when apart but a beautiful one when you can connect them together. 

To make it unique, you also have the option to add an initial to each necklace. 

They are made from silver and come with an 18 inch chain, but the length can be adjusted by YLYS to suit your style or needs. 

For more information, check them out on Etsy.

His & Hers Heart & Key Necklaces by Tina Co Jewelry

His & Hers Heart & Key Necklaces

We have already talked a lot about some very symbolic pieces but perhaps there is nothing more symbolic than a key and heart.

Giving your heart to someone is not to be taken lightly and a gesture like this heart & key necklace by Tina Co Jewelry is the perfect way to express your feelings to your partner.

Available in gold or silver, this necklace can also have initials engraved on each pendant or names up to 12 letters.

Some customers have included photos with their reviews on Etsy, which will definitely help give you an idea of how they look.

Pinky Promise His & Hers Necklaces by YLYS

Pinky Promise His & Hers Necklaces

A ‘pinky promise’ is a cute and fun gesture of love and trust that has stood the test of time.

It is great for couples separated by distance as the symbol can represent your connection and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to be together in the end.

They are made from high-quality silver with a beautiful 18 inch chain that can be adjusted to suit your needs. 

You’ll also have the option to add your initial on another pendant to add a personal touch.

For more information on sizing and recent reviews, check YLYS out on Etsy. 

Dog Tag His & Hers Necklaces by CMKreations

Dog Tag His & Hers Necklaces

Some partners may be hesitant to wear intricate or cute jewelry. Something a little more simple or masculine like military style dog tags could make a great option.​

These necklaces by CMKreations are hand-stamped and you can personalize them with a date and initials.

Using high quality 22 gauge stainless steel means these pieces will last the test of time. Also, chain lengths vary between 16 and 24 inches.

Check out CMKreations’ his and hers dog tag necklaces on Etsy.

King and Queen Necklaces

Crown Pendant Necklaces by Beep Studio

Crown Pendant Necklaces

King and Queen have long been symbols of a powerful relationship and this pendant is going to allow you to express just that.

It has a minimalist style crown on top of a beautiful chain that will tell your loved one that they are your King or Queen.

These stunning necklaces come in 14k gold filled or stirling silver, meaning you can keep it on to shower. 

They also come with a gift box, which makes for a great gift on its own or you could decide to get a pair of them for both of you!

It’s definitely worth checking these necklaces out as Beep Studio sometimes offers discount periods (up to 50% off) in their Etsy store.

Stainless Steel King & Queen Necklaces by Les Bijoux d’Elise

Stainless Steel King & Queen Necklaces

This rustic King and Queen necklace set makes a perfect statement of how important you both are to each other.

The crowns are made from zinc alloy, a very common at sturdy material in jewelry, while the chains and rings are stainless steel, making them anti-tarnish.

We really like that the crowns are the same on both necklaces. This makes them inclusive for LGBTQ+ couples, which we think is really important.

Four chain lengths are available:

To find out more about which size chain would fit best, check out Les Bijoux d’Elise on Etsy.

King & Queen Charm Necklaces by YLYS

King & Queen Charm Necklaces

YLYS have appeared multiple times in this list and that’s because they make amazing long distance necklaces. These King and Queen charm necklaces are no different!

Whether you love playing cards or want to symbolize how you feel about your partner as your king or queen, this necklace set makes the perfect statement.

It also includes a charm with your initial, which adds a touch of uniqueness.

This is definitely one of the funner necklaces for long distance couples that breaks with the norm of what you’d usually find.

Head over to Etsy for more details about this one of a kind necklace set.

YLYS also make a similar piece as a bracelet. Check it out here in our post on Long Distance Bracelets.

Gold King & Queen Necklaces by Cranberry Street

Gold King & Queen Necklaces

While playing cards have long been a symbol of the king and queen, chess is also another great way to demonstrate the love that you share.

It could be that you both love chess or maybe you just are in love with the idea of the symbolism that it has.

Cranberry Street’s use of gold plated pewter chess pieces makes these necklaces look very elegant.

You also have the option to add a pendant with your initial for a further touch of personalization for you and your partner.

For more details on this King and Queen necklace set, head over to Etsy.

Helpful Tips When Buying Long Distance Necklaces

Choosing the Right Necklace Size

necklace length size chart

Picture this, your loved one has just opened a gift box, they absolutely love the necklace and then they try and put it on. You find that the fit isn’t quite right and it can be a deflating experience knowing you were close to getting the perfect present.

It’s a common scenario but choosing the right necklace length for you and your partner is fairly easy. The right size isn’t just about the size of the neck but also comes down to the type of necklace that it is and the style your partner likes.

If you’re still unsure then it’s a good idea to measure yourself for a necklace and also get some tips on which types of necklaces go with different options. Want to keep it as a surprise? Try and measure one of their other necklaces or get advice from friends or family.

What to Think About When Buying a Necklace for a Man

In many ways getting a necklace for a man is a lot harder than with a woman. Men can be pickier and a lot of them won’t like the traditional types of jewelry with cute pendants and the fine chains that you often see.

Consider the type of person they are, what style they have as well as matching it to any existing jewelry that they wear. If you follow these simple rules then it’s going to be hard to go wrong!

What to Think About When Buying a Necklace for a Woman

Necklaces can be easier to buy for a woman as they are a lot more common for women to wear and there tend to be many more choices. However, more choice can make you doubt which would be a perfect option.

Looking at her existing jewelry can be a good start as there may be a specific style she likes or more importantly, a specific metal or material. You shouldn’t overthink it too much though. If you get a high-quality piece of thoughtful jewelry, it’ll surely be a hit.

Necklace Care and Maintenance

Maintenance of a necklace can be like tidying your house or car. If you do a little bit often it can be easy to keep it perfect. If you leave it for too long, however, it can suddenly get a lot harder. Here are some general tips for keeping that necklace sparkling:

Gold Necklaces

Gold necklace maintenance

Gold doesn’t tarnish easily and therefore maintenance is fairly simple. Warm water and mild can be used with either your fingers or a soft brush. Rinse it thoroughly after use and then lay it on a dry cloth for it to dry.

Silver Necklaces

His & Hers Heart Necklaces

Silver does tarnish easily and therefore requires more care. It’s best to get a silver cleaning to keep it shining. For regular cleaning, warm water and mild soap will do and carefully dried. If you don’t want silver polish, you can use toothpaste instead.

Stainless Steel Necklaces

Pinky Promise His & Hers Necklaces

There is a reason stainless steel is so common and that’s because it’s incredibly durable and hard-wearing. Maintenance is fairly easy and all that’s really required is a bit of mild soap and a soft cloth or brush.

Leather Necklaces

Wooden Coordinates Necklace

Keep your leather necklace separate from your metal jewelry and don’t wear it out in the wet. Avoid water exposure as much as possible and use a leather spray to prevent cracking.

Our Favorite Long Distance Necklaces

While we love all of the long distance relationship necklaces listed, there is one that we think comes out on top.

Drum roll please…

The Long Distance Touch Necklaces by TALSAM

TALSAM Smart Necklace

TALSAM have created a versatile piece that we believe would be very appealing to most people, which makes it a great option for gifting.

Coming in six amazing finishes housed in gold, rose gold and silver, these smart necklaces give you a solid choice when it comes to how much you want the necklace to stand out.

Our favorite is the Amazonite & Gold option pictured above.

Let’s not forget that it can also be worn as a bracelet!

We love technology and are proud to support companies that produce products that use unique pieces of tech to better connect couples, friends and families separated by distance.

Now it’s Your Turn!

Which long distance necklaces have caught your eye? If you have any questions come and join us and our super supportive and inclusive community in the LDR Support Group!

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