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Long Distance Relationship Gifts: 141 Epic Options Specifically Made With LDR Couples In Mind

Lolo & Nate | Updated: May 21, 2021

Raise your hand if you can relate… 

A relationship milestone is just the round the corner. Birthday, anniversary, holiday, whatever it is, it’s creeping up FAST and you’re in the same position as the last time…

​”I have no freaking idea what to get them!?”

​We’ll be the first to tell you that finding cool long distance relationship gifts for that special someone can be tough.

So what did we do to change that?

We spent 100s of hours putting together the MOST comprehensive LDR gift guide :).

long distance relationship gifts pinterest image

Giving Gifts Can Make Us Happier!

Did you know that giving gifts can actually make us happier

That’s what social psychologist Elizabeth Dunn and her colleagues found after surveying 600 US citizens.

Their study revealed that spending money on others can give you a greater level of happiness when compared to spending money on yourself, regardless of your income.

Pretty cool right?!

Ok, it’s time to get cracking before the next milestone passes by. You’ve got to stay in their good books!

Continue scrolling to see the complete list of long distance gifts or select one of the categories below to jump straight to a specific section.


Long Distance Gadgets

Friendship Lamps

Friendship lamps are great for couples, friends and families that are separated by distance.

Using your internet connection, two or more lamps can be connected to each other. When one is touched, the other lamps will light up!

It’s a subtle yet effective way to let that special person in your life know that they are in your thoughts. Just imagine the smile on their face when they see their lamp glow!

Check out the four options below where we detail how they work and their differences.

Bond Touch Vibrating Bracelets

girl tapping long distance touch bracelet

If the technology behind friendship lamps interests you but you want an option that you can use wherever you go, these touch bracelets by Bond Touch are the answer.

Tapping the bracelet will send a signal to the other, making it light up and vibrate. What we really like is the vibration will be unique to how you touch your bracelet.

They also connect via an app which gives you other details like the city your partner is in, the weather and the battery level of your bracelet and phone.

Check out their rating and 100+ review on to see what other long distance couples think about these bracelets and how they are using them.

LoveBox Spinning Heart Messenger

lovebox spinning heart messenger

The Spinning Heart Messenger from LoveBox is a super romantic gadget.

It allows you to send messages via an app on your phone, which is then displayed on a screen within the box.

What’s really cool is the heart on the front acts as a notification. It will spin to let the recipient know you’ve sent them a message!

Our tip: Save your most romantic messages for the LoveBox.

Check out the spinning heart in action on!

PillowTalk Heartbeat Pillow/Speaker

pillow talk heartbeat speaker

If you struggle to relax or sleep when away from your partner Little Riot’s Pillow Talk just might be the answer.

Simply put, the system sends each other’s heartbeats via a wristband to the corresponding speaker in real-time.

Placing it under your pillow will make it feel as though you’re resting your head on their chest!

We really like how Little Riot has made the setup super simple, which you can see in more detail at

Mashtape USB Mixtape

There is something beautiful about making a mixtape for a friend or partner.

Unfortunately it is slowly dying out because of the dominance of online music, but that doesn’t mean you can’t preserve the mixtape with newer technology!

The Mashtape at incorporates a USB stick and a cassette tape, which mergers new and old technology perfectly. 

What’s really cool is that you aren’t just limited to music. You can also send photos, videos and other files.

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Long Distance Jewelry


Long distance themed bracelets make great gifts because they are a constant reminder of the relationship and how committed you both are to see it through.

Take a moment to think about how your partner would feel as they look down and see the beautiful reminder on their wrist. No doubt there would be a huge smile on their face!

Below we have included the styles we believe best symbolize a long distance relationship.

Coordinates Bracelets

State To State Bracelets

His & Hers Bracelets

King & Queen Bracelets


Necklaces have been used for many years as a sign of love and devotion.

Gifting a symbol of your love to your partner, and keeping it close to their heart brings about a special feeling of closeness even when apart.

Check out our favorite and affordable long distance necklace options below.

Coordinates Necklaces

State to State Necklaces

His & Hers Necklaces

King & Queen Necklaces


We love how rings help to symbolize the never-ending love between two people.

For LDR couples, long distance rings make great gifts because they are a way of showing the bond you both have and what you’re willing to sacrifice as a team to make it work.

See our favorite options that will suit most styles and tastes.

Coordinates Rings

State to State Rings

His & Hers Rings

King & Queen Rings


Having a reference of where your partner is in their day can be a great way to feel closer.

That’s why we think dual time zone watches are perfect for long distance couples.

Simply put, it’s a super practical way to know your time and the time of day where your loved one is.

We broke down some of the best and most affordable dual time zone watches for men and women below.

Dual Time Zone Watches for Men

Dual Time Zone Watches for Women

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Long Distance Accessories


Long distance keychains are a great option if you or your partner don’t wear jewelry often but want a gift that you will keep close and use everyday.

We really like options that come in pairs so you both have something that symbolizes your relationship wherever you go.

Coordinates Keychains

State to State Keychains

His & Hers Keychains

King & Queen Keychains

Couples Phone Cases

The majority of phone cases are bland or boring. We love couples phone cases because they can help to tell the story of your relationship and how you feel about each other in a unique way.

Our favorite options below from Etsy complete the story or picture when they are next to each other. 

While it may be subtle, this is all someone may need to get them through the day and be optimistic about the next visit or when closing the distance.

Wallet Inserts

copper wallet insert couples gift idea

We’re big fans of the wallet insert from Metal & Idea (pictured above) because it incorporates a keychain, which is perfect for LDR couples to each have a part of the gift.

You can personalize the hand-stamped message, date and initials making it completely unique to you and your partner.

Check out their font options, gift packaging and customer reviews on their official Etsy listing.

Pocket Tokens

long distance pocket token

The Copper Pocket Token above is available from the team at Stamping Street on Etsy.

We love the text “always under the same sky” and how it relates to long distance couples.

Stamping Street also offer a cool leather holder keyring to put the token in!

It’s an inexpensive option with a lot of sentimental value. For more details check out their listing on

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Long Distance Toys

For long distance couples, missing out on intimate moments is now a thing of the past thanks to some forward thinking adult toy companies.

We are big fans of any company that helps bridge the gap or make the distance feel shorter for the LDR community.

Known as connected sex toys, these devices can pair with one another and control each others movements to help simulate intercourse.

They can also be controlled via a smartphone applications. Check out the fun and sexy options that cater to couple play (including LGBTQ+ inclusive models), partner control and more!

Couples Connected Sex Toys

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote Control Butt Plugs

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Long Distance Themed Homewares

Long Distance Pillows

When it comes to missing your partner, one of the most difficult times can often be when you are trying to fall asleep.

We like long distance pillows because the theme behind them can help put you in a positive mood before bed.

Rather than trying to sleep while having thoughts of loneliness and missing your partner. They can be a lovely reminder of your relationship and the strength you have to make it work.

See our top picks that are both functional and fun!

Long Distance Mugs

Does your partner have a caffeine problem? If so these mugs aren’t going to help! (apologies)

But they will definitely know they are loved and have a smile on their face every time they reach for it.

See our favorite mugs, including customizable options below.

Long Distance Relationship Cards

While gifts can be a grand gesture, sending a unique card with a heartfelt  message can have an even greater impact.

We’re not fans of standard ‘hallmark’ cards. That’s why we put together a list of long distance themed cards, for those important occasions, that are perfect for LDR couples.

Maps & Posters

We loves gifts that help to tell a story and these maps do exactly that.

They’re great conversation starters that will bring a (happy) tear to the eye of anyone who you tell your partner about.

But best of all, these maps are a great symbol of two stories becoming one.

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Long Distance Relationship Books


Getting lost in a book can be a great way to escape, especially if you’re feeling down about missing your partner.

In these moments it’s easy to feel like you’re the only on going through this, which is far from the truth!

We love novels around long distance relationships because we can truly relate to the story. 


The #LDR Activity Book

the ldr activity book

If you have ever found yourself struggling or feeling as though your LDR could use some help, the LDR Activity book is a great way to ‘change things up’.

The authors, Sam and Jared, created the LDR Activity book after being in an LDR that spanned two years and 2,631 miles (Toronto to San Francisco).

It includes crucial lessons that all long distance couples will have to navigate. They also incorporated activities, making it a fun learning experience rather than a ‘chore’, for both you and your partner.

We really like how they featured stories from other LDR couples, which helps to remind us that we shouldn’t feel alone or that no one else is going through the challenges our relationships face.

You can find out more at

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Long Distance Clothing

Couples Shirts

Shirts are a great way to express your individuality. For long distance couples, there are now options that can not only express your love but potentially your common interests!

While some may think they are cheesy, we are big fans if it helps to make the distance between us feel shorter.

Couples Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Imagine waiting for your partner at the airport and to see them coming through the doors wearing the matching top you have on!

Just like shirts, there are also cool couples hoodie and sweatshirt options available.

We really like the options that complete one another when they’re put together.

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Custom Long Distance Gifts

Kind Notes

custom kind notes

Known as the ‘perfect pick-me-up’, Kind Notes are a collection of unique messages you can send to your long distance partner, which can be read each day or whenever they want a reminder of you.

There are many options available and they are completely customizable so you can put something together that is truly unique and suits your partner! 

They even have a section dedicated to couples in long distance relationships!


canvaspop instagram prints

We love CanvasPop. Especially the feature that allows you to add photos from instagram and have them printed. The process is so easy!

We’re sure that when you and your partner visit each other, you take a crazy amount of photos, we sure did.

Having physical photos is a great way to remember those amazing times and the places you’ve visited together as a couple.

For more details on pricing and canvas sizes visit their official site at


lovebook personalized books for long distance couples

The LoveBook is a personalized gift that allows you to create story of your relationship in book form.

This isn’t just some flakey site that inserts your names into the storyline. You get to craft something that is truly unique to you and your partner.

You get to:

  1. Design the characters to look like you and your partner.
  2. Select the front cover of the book, and
  3. Personalize each page to fit your story.

They also have a section dedicated to long distance relationships, which will help give you ideas to craft your book!


long distance love coupons

The creators of the LoveBook have another great gift in LoveCoups personalized love coupons.

Creating the coupon booklet is a very similar process where you design your characters, select the front cover and pick your pages and customize them.

The main difference being that the pages will include your hand picked coupons like a virtual movie date or intimate internet date.

There are many options to choose from that are dedicated to long distance couples and what they can do when apart.

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DIY Long Distance Gifts

Long Distance Care Packages

long distance care packages

Care packages are a great way to send something unique that has had a lot of thought put into it.

The items you can include are endless but some of the ‘must have’ items include notes, pictures, items from your town/city, things that help your partner to learn more about you etc.

There are also many themed and occasion option you can create. For more details, check out our article: LDR Care Packages: The Ultimate Guide

Open When Letters

open when letters

Open when letters make a great gift that can be enjoyed for a long time after being received.

The premise behind them is creating notes are messages for your partner to open on certain dates or occasions. Usually they work well to uplift your partner in an unhappy or unsettled moment.

For example:

  1. Open when you want a hug
  2. Open when you can’t sleep
  3. Open when you’re feeling sad

They can take some time to create but the impact you could have on your partner when they’re having a good or bad day is absolutely priceless.

If you’re running out of time or don’t know what to say, you can purchase this hand made open when letters pack from Etsy!


long distance relationship journal

Journaling can be a great way to reflect on things that have happened and how they’ve had an impact on you.

For long distance couples, swapping journals can be an opportunity to learn details about one another that don’t usually come up in conversation.

It doesn’t matter what you use to write or journal in, it’s the words that are the real gift.

But if you are wanting something unique to your relationship that you can both write in this journal by Forest Nine on Etsy is a great option.

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Bonus Options

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes, really?

You bet and for good reason!

A subscription box can create date nights where you try and rate different snacks or drinks together. You’ll learn about each other’s likes and dislikes and even discover something new about yourself through the process.

The best part about it is that this might seem like a gift for your partner, but it’s also something you can enjoy!

Check out our favorite subscription boxes below that are available on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Flowers make great gifts because they are versatile. There are different types for different occasions and are readily available if needed in short amount of time.

It has never been easier to order flowers from the other side of the world. With a couple of taps on your phone or clicks on your mouse you can have your partner’s favorite bouquet sent to their door within a couple of hours!

We recommend because they offer same day delivery at no additional cost.

They also have a huge range of options so you’re sure to find something your partner will love.

Gift Cards

spotify gift cards

If you’re struggling to find something for your partner, a gift card might be a good last minute solution. 

While many might think this is a lazy option, it’s definitely not.

Depending on the gift card, it gives your partner the opportunity to pick something that they may have had their eye on for a while, but couldn’t afford.

We like because you can buy gift cards at a discount. It’s not uncommon to save 25% on some cards!

Food Delivery

uber eats food to someone

Food delivery has completely changed our lives and while you may not think it relates to long distance couples, it sure does.

Apps like Uber Eats allow you to order food without physically being at the address you want it sent to. Meaning you can send super delicious food to your partner!

Whether they’re sick or super busy, you could send them their favorite takeout for a nice pick-me-up.

If you want to step your date nights up a notch, you could order the same style of food and eat together!

If you’ve never used Uber Eats, now is the time! To get a $5 discount on your order, use the code ‘eats-vhva4‘ at checkout.

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Now It’s Your Turn!

Woohoo you made it!

We’d like to think this is a pretty amazing list of long distance relationship gifts, of course we’re a little bit biased :), but is there anything we missed?

Join us in our LDR Support Group and let us know what gifts you’ve purchased for your long distance partner, how it made you feel to give it to them, how it made them feel and how it helped to make the distance feel a little smaller.

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