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Actionable Advice To Strengthen Your Long Distance Relationship

We started Lasting The Distance to help people exactly like you, strengthen their long distance relationships.

There are many people that think what we have with our partners is unlikely to last. We proved the doubters wrong and we're here to help you do the same!


LDRs are full of struggles that those in normal relationships will find it hard to relate to. Have a laugh at our images and GIFs.

Date Night Ideas

Whether you're looking to 'veg out' or do something special, we've collected some awesome ideas for your next date night.

Our Book

We're putting together a book and need your help! Tell us what you're struggling with or what you'd like to see us cover.

Meet Lolo & Nate...

long distance relationship blog

Hey there! We're the couple behind Lasting The Distance. After meeting on student exchange, for over 18 months, we went through all the ups and downs that a long distance relationship had to offer.

Since closing this distance we've lived in and learnt about each other's cultures, travelled the world and created so many amazing memories. We wanted to put together a resource for other couples needing help to stay connected while keeping their relationship strong before closing the distance.

Learn more about our story