About Lolo & Nate - Lasting The Distance

Hi, we are Nate and Lolo a couple that had to go through all that a long distance relationship has to offer, just like you.

Nate is from Australia and Lolo from Canada, we couldn’t have been further away from each other if we tried.

With our experience and lessons learned we want to help you keep your long distance relationship as strong as ever and ultimately last the distance!

See below and get to know our journey a bit better. It might look familiar to some!

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Our LDR Timeline

August 2010

We met on student exchange while
studying at San Diego State. GO AZTECS

October 2010

We officially started dating!

December 2010

Lolo takes Nate to meet her family and
friends in Quebec for the holidays.

January 2011

So it begins. Nate heads back to Australia
while Lolo starts her spring semester at SDSU.

13,183 km / 8,191 mi apart​

June 2011

Lolo moves back to Quebec to finish
her degree.

17,144 km / 10,653 mi apart

August 2011

Nate visits Lolo for a month after more
than half a year of separation.

December 2011

Lolo visits Nate for her first Christmas
and New Year celebrations in summer.

40+ Celsius - Over 104 Fahrenheit!

June 2012

Lolo moves to Australia after graduating.

The distance is closed after a year
and a half!

September 2014

Lolo and Nate move to Quebec after two
months of backpacking around Asia.

March 2015

The launch of LastingTheDistance.com

Sometimes it can feel like too much...

17144 Kilometres Apart
1000 + Emails

Plus an unimaginable amount
of Skype calls and texts!

512 Days Separated

But one thing was certain, we had


doubt that we would be together in the end.

Of course during our LDR there were highs, lows and testing times that we had to navigate through together.

Once it came time to close the distance we had been through so much and knew we'd be able to help others that are experiencing similar situations. 

​If you're still reading you may be one of those couples facing testing situations. We're here to help!