About Us

Hey there! We’re Lolo (Canada) & Nate (Australia), a couple that went through everything a long distance relationship has to offer, just like you.

With our experiences and lessons learned, we’re setting out to create a resource for anyone dealing with distance in their relationships.

Lolo & Nate the founders of Lasting The Distance

Have a question for us about one of our articles, a product we’ve mentioned, the 7 day LDR Challenge or just looking for advice? Get in touch, we’re here to help!

Here’s a snapshot of our LDR timeline.


August 2010

We met on student exchange at San Diego State University. GO AZTECS!

October 2010

We officially started dating. (does it count if we didn’t add it to Facebook?)

December 2010

Lolo takes Nate to meet her family and friends in Quebec for the holidays.

January 2011

13,183 km / 8,191 mi apart​

Nate heads back to Australia & Lolo starts her spring semester at SDSU.

June 2011

17,144 km / 10,653 mi apart

Lolo moves back to Quebec, Canada to finish her degree.

August 2011

Nate visits Lolo for a month after more than half a year of long distance.

December 2011

40+ Celsius – Over 104 Fahrenheit!

Lolo visits Nate for her first Christmas & New Year celebrations in summer.

June 2012

Lolo graduates & moves to Australia (18 months of distance finally closed!)

September 2014

Short pitstop in SE Asia!

We pack our bags for Canada, saying goodbye to friends & family.

July 2015

We have the idea to start a website & community for LDR couples.

January 2016

Slowly but surely, we launch LastingTheDistance.com. Welcome!

April 2016

The 7 Day LDR Challenge is born to help strengthen your relationship.

August 2018

9lbs / 4.085Kgs – 21 inches / 53.34cm

We welcomed our first baby boy into the world! #adulting

April 2019

Nate finally becomes a Canadian Permanent Resident.

November 2019

We got engaged! Another ‘finally’ for our friends & family!

June 2020

Our little family of three becomes four with another baby boy.

March 2021

We level up our 7 Day LDR Challenge in video format.

May 2021

LastingTheDistance.com gets a much needed facelift & speed enhancements.

June 2021

Lolo & Nate were interviewed by datingadvice.com, sharing their LDR journey!

You’ll have to stay tuned to see what’s coming next!

Sometimes it can feel like too much…


Miles Apart


Emails, calls & texts


Days of Long Distance

But at the end of the day, we had no doubt that we would be together in the end.

Of course during our LDR there were highs, lows and testing times that we had to navigate together.

Once it came time to close the distance we had been through so much and knew we’d be able to help others experiencing similar situations. 

If you’re still reading you may be one of those couples facing tough times. We’re here to help!