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25 Sexy Open When Letter Ideas to Make Them Squirm

Lisa McKay | Updated: October 10, 2023

Our sexy open when letter ideas keep the spark alive when you can’t physically be together.

We think they’re the perfect gift because they:

  1. Are free/very cheap to make
  2. Can be read over and over, and
  3. Will be there when you can’t.

We know how painful sexual frustration can be when you’re apart.

All you want to do is smother them. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible!

With our intimate open when letter prompts, you have a way to ‘be there’ for your partner and massage their most powerful sex organ…

sexy open when letter ideas for long distance couples pinterest image

The brain!

Don’t underestimate the power of our imagination to light fires!

Not sure where to start? we’ve got you covered. Below are some awesome ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

But before diving in, let’s make sure you have everything to put together this sensual gift.

Our Sexy Open When Letters Shopping List

You may have some or all of these around the house! Here’s a list of the items you can purchase on Amazon:

Alright, lets go!

The Sexiest Open When Letter Prompts to Spice Things Up!

1. Open when you wake up thinking of me 

There aren’t many things sweeter than being the first thing someone thinks about when they wake up. Include a sentimental letter and a cute pic. Let them know they’re always on your mind first thing in the morning too. 

2. Open when you want to know what drives me crazy

We’re not talking about what drives you crazy in the angry sense (although that’s often worth writing letters about too, trust me). Right now, however, we’re talking about what drives you c.r.a.z.y… What floats your boat? What tickles your fancy? What tingles your spine? What gets you fired up? Write it in this letter and you’ll be more than halfway to driving your partner crazy, too.

3. Open when you want to know a favourite fantasy of mine

Sharing your favourite fantasy is a great way to boost intimacy. And it’s sometimes easier to share a fantasy or write about something you feel shy about than it is to use words when you’re face to face. So pick up a pen and think fantastical. What comes to mind? Elevators? Vineyards? Yachts? An airplane bathroom (ewww… I know. I don’t think anyone who actually flies regularly really has THAT fantasy, do they?)

4. Open when you want to know what I find super sexy about you

Being desired is a huge turn on for men and women alike. Learning what about them turns you on will turn them on.

5. Open when you want to know what I really love about you

This doesn’t all have to be straight up about sexy talk. A “melt-their-heart” moment is just as valuable as a “jolt-of-lightening” moment. So tell them something about them that you really love, even if it has nothing to do with sex.  

6. Open when you want to know what I think is beautiful about you

Telling them something about them that you find gorgeous is sure to make them blush and heat things up.

7. Open when you want to know what you do to me that I adore

Good morning texts, being tagged in memes, a kiss on the shoulder when we’re together… Little gestures are so powerful when it comes to building affection and connection. Let your partner know how much you adore the little things they do. 

8. Open when you want to know what gives me the most pleasure

Knowing what turns you on, helps to turn them on. You can keep this totally PG by talking about hand-holding or detailing something sensual such as backrub by candlelight, or dial up the rating and the sizzle factor. 

9. Open when you want to know my sexual boundaries

Discussing sexual boundaries is an important thing to do in a mature relationship, and putting it in a letter is an easy way to be clear and get your point across. A hard limit is something that you’re absolutely not open to doing, while a soft limit is something you wouldn’t normally engage in but you’re willing to try it with the right person. The person reading the letter could be really excited to learn that they’re the special someone allowed to explore your soft limits. 

10. Open when you want to know what I’d do to you if I could get my hands on you

Get detailed with this one. A long, detailed, drawn-out story of all the things you’d do to them is sure to be a fire starter.

11. Open when you want your hands on me right now

Again, get detailed. Tell them exactly what you’d like THEM to do if they could get their hands (or mouths) on you right now.

12. Open when you want to see me in my underwear 

There’s a couple of ways you could go with this. You can describe what you look like in your underwear. You could literally enclose a pair of underwear in the letter. Or… you can put in pictures. If you’re going to use pictures, be careful!!! Don’t send pictures that show your face or could identify you. Sure, it’s an actual photograph you’re sending, not a digital file. But we all have phones with cameras. It’s easy nowadays to snap a photo of a picture and… hey presto… digital file. So go for those abstract artsy shots.

13. Open when you’re feeling romantic

Write a nice sentimental letter for this one and maybe even suggest a date night for the two of you. Here are some ideas for long distance dates.

14. Open when you need to know how much I love you

The need to know how much you’re loved often comes up after a fight or a tough day, so try to be sensitive and sweet when you’re writing this one. They may need reassurance as well as cheering up.

15. Open when you miss my scent 

Okay, this idea might sound a touch creepy, but smelling your partner has actually been proven to reduce stress and be comforting. Spray some of your perfume onto the letter for a wholesome and homely feel. Or package up a tee shirt you’ve worn for a day or two. 

16. Open when you want to know what I thought when we first met

First impressions are a pretty big deal and it’s not normally information that we’re privy to. Sharing your first thoughts about someone and the first things you noticed about them is a nice way to make them smile and could even bring about a few laughs. 

17. Open when you want to know my biggest turn on

18. Open when you want to know my biggest turn off

It’s handy to know what turns your partner on and off. The turn on letter might be a turn on for the reader and a turn off letter can be entertaining and educational. Win/win.

19. Open when you’re missing me

This letter can take the sting out of being separated by distance. Let them know how much you love them and that you miss them too, and try to add something that is going to leave them smiling. A photo of the two of you is a nice addition to this letter. 

Want More Sexy Open When Letter Ideas?

Want even more hot prompts? These topics are good for some lite erotic reading and educational purposes alike. Get creative with them, the more detailed the better.

  1. You want to know my fantasies about you
  2. You want to know how to seduce me
  3. You want to know my favourite sensual experience
  4. You want to know my favourite sex position
  5. You want to know where I like being touched the most
  6. You want to know my favourite part of foreplay

Which Sexy Open When Letters Will You Write?

Writing these letters can be a lot of fun. But the excitement your partner will feel when receiving and reading them will be on another level. So if you’re on the fence, we say go for it!

Looking for other prompt ideas to get your creative juices flowing? Check out our article where we deep-dive into the best open when letter ideas for long distance couples.

Lisa McKay author image for bio
Lisa McKay is an award-winning author and psychologist. She is also the founder of Modern Love Long Distance, now a part of Lasting The Distance. Drawing upon her own extensive experience with long distance relationships, Lisa helps couples navigate LDR pitfalls and forge meaningful, enduring connections across the miles.
Our FREE 7 day LDR challenge is BACK!

Unlock better date nights, deeper communication plus a stronger intimate & emotional connection.