Feel the miles melt away, one question at a time

150 expert crafted questions proven to improve your communication and connection with your long disance love.

A super easy way to bring a bit of adventure and excitement into the quality time we spend together online.

David 🇺🇸 & Emily 🇨🇦
Feel the miles melt away, one question at a time

150 expert crafted questions proven to improve your communication and connection with your long disance love.

A super easy way to bring a bit of adventure and excitement into the quality time we spend together online.

David 🇺🇸 & Emily 🇨🇦

The Best Long Distance Sex Toys in 2024 [Explosive Results]

Lolo & Nate | Updated: January 18, 2024

In a rush? Here’s our TL;DR of the long distance sex toys we recommend for couples to improve their intimacy from afar:

🥇 Our Top Choice

Calor & Nora by Lovense

our top choice of connected sex toys for long distance couples are the calor and nora couple set by Lovense

Most popular and most affordable long distance sex toys in 2024.

  • Orgasmic: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Battery: 5/5
  • Cleaning: 4/5
  • Price: 5/5

🥈 Premium Option

KEON & Fuse by Kiiroo

the keon and fuse are our second best choice and are the premium couples sex toys option

Industry-leading touch-sensitive tech & partner device control.

  • Orgasmic: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Battery: 3.5/5
  • Cleaning: 3.5/5
  • Price: 3.5/5

🥉 Wearable Alternative

Lush 3 by Lovense

lush 3 by lovense is our alternative pick for long distance couples wanting a sex toy for just one person to use

The most powerful & completely undetectable wearable option.

  • Orgasmic: 3/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Battery: 4/5
  • Cleaning: 4.5/5
  • Price: 5/5

Physical intimacy is healthy for long distance relationships, but it’s the most difficult part.

We know long distance sex toys can help you bridge that gap.


Because rather than pleasuring yourselves, they allow you to pleasure each other. Even when thousands of miles apart. That’s powerful!

It’s time to level up your intimacy and connect on a deeper level.

So, let’s dive into the best connected sex toys for long distance relationships! Including LGBTQ+ inclusive options.

long distance sex toys pinterest image


NOTE FROM LOLO & NATE: Before getting stuck in, we want to touch on a few things.

  • Hands-on experience: We’ve tested each device, allowing us to give unique insights.
  • Discreet packaging: There’ll be no surprises! All products ship in plain cardboard.
  • Safe materials: Every device we’ve included ONLY uses body-safe materials.
  • Consent: It’s important to talk about AND respect each other’s boundaries.

The Best Sex Toys for Long Distance Couples in 2024

Max 2 & Nora by Lovense

max 2 and nora long distance sex toys by lovense

Known as the pioneers of long distance sex toys. Lovense has spent the last decade improving their flagship couple’s devices Max 2 and Nora.

In its 4th generation, Max 2 is now more potent than ever with upgraded vibrating and suction motors. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to enhance their stroking experience with intense vibrations and combine them with the natural feeling of vaginal contractions.

Nora is no different when it comes to refinement. This 6th-generation device provides vaginal and clitoral stimulation like other rabbit vibrators. But instead of using a vibrating motor in the head, Lovense incorporated one that rotates. Creating G-spot contact that mimics sex or finger play.

So, what happens when you combine the two?

How Max 2 & Nora work together

First, you need to pair the devices. The Lovense Remote App made it super straightforward. Set up your Max 2 and Nora devices separately and create your own accounts. Then use the long distance feature to search for your partner’s username. Once added and accepted, then the fun can start!


Stroking Max 2 rotates Nora’s head and activates the vibrating motor in the arm.

Max 2

Inserting Nora activates the vibrating motor in Max 2 and the air pump, making it contract.

To note: Increasing the speed when using either device will also increase the intensity of vibrations, rotations or contractions in the other.

Here’s a visual demonstration of how the Max 2 and Nora work together:

How Max 2 & Nora feel

Being on the larger side meant fitting into the Max 2 was a tighter experience than first expected. Although this didn’t restrict how the sleeve felt or dampen how intense the vibrations were. It may have impacted the full range of contractions that could be felt.

The size of Nora’s head isn’t ‘huge’ but looks a little intimidating. This quickly disappeared after finding out how well it makes contact with the G-spot. The rotations felt closer to finger play than sex and the arm for clitoral stimulation being flexible meant that it never created too much pressure.

Max 2 & Nora pros & cons


  1. Max 2 is the only male option with contraction technology AND long distance control.
  2. Nora’s sensor upgrade produces a faster and more precise relay of partner movements.
  3. Both have best-in-class batteries. Better than any other long distance sex toy couple set.


  1. Max 2 has only one vibrating motor. Multiple would produce more accurate sensations.
  2. Nora’s rotating motor is quite loud and can be off-putting when ‘in the moment’.
  3. Both devices aren’t waterproof (only splashproof) so care is needed when cleaning.

Where to buy Max 2 & Nora

Visit the official Lovense website to take advantage of their current promotion where you could score up to 50% OFF.

Our recommendation is to buy from Lovense so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer for pricing (discounts) and customer service reasons. But there are other third-party merchants to purchase from:

Calor & Nora by Lovense

calor and nora couples sex toys set by lovense

We are big fans of how Nora pairs with the Max 2. But after testing the Calor, Lovense’s latest long distance sex toy for men, it is definitely worth considering.

To note: Calor isn’t a replacement for Max 2 and both interact with Nora similarly. It comes down to what features you or your partner would enjoy the most.

Lovense has equipped the Calor with a similar vibrating motor but has swapped the air pump for a squeezable grip. This makes Calor significantly smaller and lighter and puts you in control of how much pressure is created while stroking.

Where Calor really sets itself apart is the heating mode and depth-control sensors. Before playing together you have the option of preheating Calor, adding a new sensation to the mix. With depth-control, how far you stroke will determine the intensity of vibrations.

Depth-control also impacts how Calor interacts with Nora.

How Calor & Nora work together

You follow the same process as with Max 2 & Nora above using the Lovense Remote App. Create your own accounts and connect your devices. Then search your partner’s username in the long distance section. When your partner has accepted Calor & Nora will pair.


Stroking Calor rotates Nora’s head and depth will adjust vibration intensity in the flexible arm.


Inserting Nora activates the vibrations in Calor. Speed of insertion will adjust vibration intensity.

Here’s more detail on how Calor works:

How Calor & Nora feel

Our initial tests found Calor’s vibrations to be very similar to the Max 2. It was the depth sensors that adjusted the intensity, which put it on another level. The heating element also added a unique dimension in terms of sensations. But it didn’t feel like it lasted very long.

You may think there’s nothing to add about Nora but you’d be wrong! We discovered that Calor’s depth-sensors added vibration variation and intensity to Nora’s clitoral stimulation whereas Max 2 can’t. It’s also cool to know how deep your partner is stroking because you physically feel it!

Calor & Nora pros & cons


  1. Calor is 100% waterproof making it easier to clean and use in the bath or shower.
  2. The smaller size and weight of Calor make it the perfect travel companion.
  3. When paired, Calor gets ‘more’ out of Nora through depth-control sensors.


  1. Calor’s smaller battery limits your ‘play time’ with Nora (half the run time of Max 2).
  2. The heating feature feels ‘gimmicky’ and can only be used to warm Calor before play.

Where to buy Calor & Nora

Has the Calor/Nora couples combo caught your eye?! For more details on which option is right for you and your partner, visit the Lovense official website.

You can also purchase from other retailers below. But we do recommend dealing with Lovense directly.

Compatible & Inclusive Long Distance Sex Toys from Lovense

While not all Lovense’s app controlled sex toys are compatible with each other, their couples devices are. This includes the same devices, such as:

Onyx+ & Pearl 3 by Kiiroo

onyx+ and pearl 3 connected sex toys couple set by kiiroo

On the outside, Kiiroo’s Onyx+ and Pearl 3 look similar to Max 2 and Nora. But there are a few exciting differences inside.

The newly released Pearl 3 has special contouring to help you find your G-spot and concentrates intense vibrations where they will have the most impact. It also has touch-sensitive technology, similar to the Calor, which adapts vibration intensity to the amount of pressure you apply or how deep your movements are.

As for the Onyx+, Kiiroo has incorporated contracting rings instead of using suction or vibration. They have been designed to contract in an up-and-down motion (up to a staggering 180 movements per minute) to simulate the sensations of oral sex and intercourse. 

Combining this with the Pearl 3’s touch-sensitive technology is where the magic happens.

How Onyx+ & Pearl 3 work together

The process to pair the devices is similar to Lovense. Using the FeelConnect App, set up an account, confirm your email address and connect your device via Bluetooth. Then you can search for your partner’s username in the ‘Friends’ section.


Inserting Pearl 3 at different speeds will make Onyx+ rings contract at the same depth and intensity.

Pearl 3

The Onyx+ touchpad will control and adjust the vibration levels and intensity of the Pearl 3.

How Onyx+ & Pearl 3 feel

The sensations created by the contracting rings in the Onyx+ feel very different from vibrating motors but in a good way. When the stroking motion is controlled by Pearl 3’s movements, it makes it a much more realistic experience. But you do miss out on some of the intensity that vibrations bring to the table.

Being a G-spot vibrator means Pearl 3 can only focus on one area at a time. The updated touch-sensitive technology makes up for it. From our experience, being able to increase or decrease vibration intensity just by changing the amount of pressure you apply is 100X better than using buttons.

Onyx+ & Pearl 3 pros & cons


  1. Onyx+ contracting rings produce realistic movements and sensations.
  2. Having tight fit and regular fit sleeves makes the Onyx+ accessible to more sizes.
  3. Pearl 3 battery lasts up to three times as long as the previous model.
  4. Touch-sensitive technology is a game changer for long distance couples.


  1. The ‘grip clip’ holding the sleeve in place is quite hard to remove on the Onyx+.
  2. While the Onyx+ sleeve feels realistic and soft, it is hard to reposition after cleaning.
  3. Pearl 3 needs better control options through movements and not just the Onyx+ touchpad.

Where to buy Onyx+ & Pearl 3

As of 15th July 2024 Kiiroo only sells the Onyx+ AND Pearl 2 (previous model) in a couple’s set. But you can add both the Onyx+ and Pearl 3 separately to your shopping cart to purchase. We recommend buying from Kiiroo’s official website, so you get the best price and customer service available.

KEON & Fuse by Kiiroo

kiiroo's keon and fuse couples sex toy set

Kiiroo’s latest long distance sex toys, KEON & Fuse, continue their focus on creating the most true-to-life experience for replicating intercourse.

Similar to Pearl 3, Kiiroo’s touch-sensitive tech has also been integrated into the Fuse. Slide it in and the vibrations intensify, slide it out and they ease. But the biggest difference and advantage over the Pearl 3 is the second arm. This makes it a potent option for those wanting both G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

The KEON is their newest device that can actually claim to be an ‘automatic stroker’. Its two-part construction means the main housing physically moves the sleeve up and down with a large range of motion. With this setup, KEON can reach up to a staggering 230 strokes per minute.

When paired, this is the closest long distance couples will feel from afar.

How KEON & Fuse work together 

Just like the Onyx+ & Pearl 3 (and all other Kiiroo products), you will use the FeelConnect app to pair and control the devices.


As you insert Fuse, vibrations will increase and KEON will stroke at the same length and speed.


Touchpads on either side of KEON change vibration modes (pulses) and intensity of the Fuse.

How KEON & Fuse feel

From an automatic stroking perspective, our tests revealed that KEON feels much more realistic than the Onyx+. The up and down motion at different lengths and speeds combined with different textures within the sleeve stimulates every inch. Where vibrations would enhance the Onyx+, they aren’t needed with the KEON.

Fuse is smaller than both the Pearl 3 and Lovense’s Nora. Combined with the flared base, we found it much easier to handle. The strengthening and weakening vibrations feel similar to the Pearl 3, but it’s the flexible arm that takes it to another level! Being flexible means it provides the right amount of pressure rather than awkwardly poking the clitoris.

Enhance how KEON feels with the PowerBlow accessory

Kiiroo’s PowerBlow accessory takes KEON to the next level by adding suction into the mix. Making it an explosive option for those who prefer the sensations of oral over intercourse.

PowerBlow attachment for KEON stroker that adds suction

There are 10 preset levels of suction to choose from that increase in intensity.

As with other Kiiroo devices, you have the power to control the level of suction manually on the dive and through the FeelConnect App. Or you can hand over control to your long distance partner as they control the speed and intensity of KEON’s stroking.

We found the best suction levels to be from preset 6 to 10, as 1 to 5 felt quite weak. But everyone will have a different preference. Kiiroo has also given you the sneaky option of DOUBLING the suction intensity via the FeelConnect App.

KEON & Fuse pros & cons


  1. KEON produces the most ‘real to life’ sensations and overall experience of any stroker.
  2. Fuse has LED lights creating visual stimulation, which is awesome over video calls.
  3. The high build quality of both devices makes them the most premium feeling option.
  4. KEON accessories (like Power Blow) make this device a versatile choice.


  1. KEON is the most expensive connected sex toy, up to double the cost of others.
  2. Due to how powerful the KEON is you are limited to around 45 to 60 minutes of use.
  3. Fuse isn’t waterproof. You will need to take care when cleaning and not submerge it.

Where to buy KEON & Fuse

The Fuse was produced in partnership with OhMiBod, which means you can purchase both the Fuse and KEON from either manufacturer. We have no issues with recommending that you purchase from either store.

TITAN & Cliona by Kiiroo

titan and cliona couples set by kiiroo

Kiiroo understands there’s no ‘one device that pleasures all’ and that’s evident with their TITAN & Cliona couples set.

Kiiroo has developed TITAN to rival vibrating options like Lovense’s Max 2 and Calor. But instead of using one vibrating motor, TITAN is equipped with NINE, producing a 360-degree range of sensations. The result? Vibration modes (like auto, blow and pulse) that recreate stroking patterns!

If you or your partner prefer to focus on clitoral stimulation, the Cliona is the best option with long distance control capabilities. While other manufacturers usually place the vibrating motor in the neck, Kiiroo positioned theirs in the head. This creates better contact, delivering deeper and more accurate sensations.

Unfortunately, Cliona doesn’t have touch-sensitive technology like Pearl 3 or Fuse. So how TITAN & Cliona work together is different.

How TITAN & Cliona work together


Titan's three touch pad buttons to control the cliona's vibrations when in long distance control mode

Cycle through different levels of intensity and rhythm to control Cliona’s vibrations using TITAN’s touchpad.


titan's nine bullet vibrators being shown in the sleeve

Use Cliona’s touchpad on the bottom of the device to select TITAN’s six vibration patterns and adjust their intensity.

How Titan & Cliona feel

TITAN’s nine vibrating motors produce one of the most unique and intense experiences when we compared them to other male masturbators. Their placement means you feel sensations everywhere while also being able to pinpoint stimulation to where you like it most. The sleeve is soft so you feel every vibe.

We found having the vibrating motor in the head of Cliona, rather than the neck, does make a difference. When compared to the Pearl 3 it was much easier to handle and pinpoint vibrations. Although designed for clitoral stimulation, turning it upside down when inserting does make impressive G-spot contact.

TITAN & Cliona pros & cons


  1. Cliona is 100% waterproof so it’s easy to clean and you can play in the bath or shower.
  2. Girth and length aren’t an issue with TITAN’s soft sleeve fitting most sizes.
  3. TITAN produces the most unique stimulation and all-encompassing sensations. 


  1. TITAN’s sleeve is very sticky and will pick up dust. You MUST store it somewhere clean.
  2. Putting TITAN back together is difficult as the vibrating motors are inside the sleeve.
  3. Cliona doesn’t have touch-sensitive technology which limits long distance partner control.

Where to buy TITAN & Cliona

As a couples set, TITAN & Cliona are exclusively available from Kiiroo’s official website.

KEON Sex Machine & Feel Stroker

keon sex machine and feel stroker couples app connected sex toys

Kiiroo has ‘changed the game’ yet again for long distance couples with their newest add-on for the KEON

It first launched as a revolutionary device for men. But now everyone can take advantage with the addition of their ‘sex machine’ components! Namely,

Instead of stroking, KEON now thrusts. It can do so with the same range of motion (4 different depths) and speed (up to 230 thrusts per minute).

The result? This takes long distance intimacy to a whole new level for couples wanting to replicate the natural sensations of intercourse.

Here’s what Britney Amber thinks about it:

How the KEON Sex Machine & Feel Stroker work together

Because both devices use the KEON housing there is no touch-sensitive tech involved. So the partner movements of one device can’t control the other.

Instead, they use a leader/follower system where the setting chosen for one device (leader) will be replicated in the other (follower).

Using the two touchpads on KEON’s housing lets you or your partner control the stroke/thrust lengths (four) and speeds (four). 

How the KEON Sex Machine & Feel Stroker feel

While the dildo is 7 inches long (slightly larger than the average male) the girth is slimmer, making it very approachable and not daunting at all. Holding onto the housing to use it was ok, but you feel a little resistance as it thrusts. In our tests, we found you have to keep your arms stiff or reposition a lot.

The most realistic sensations, without physical contact, were felt when using the Sex Machine with the KEON Table Clamp addon and in the ‘doggy style’ position. Letting your partner take care of the thrust length and speed means you focus on finding the right angle with body movements rather than your hands. Your hands are then free to do other things!

We’ve already mentioned how the KEON & Feel Stroker feel together, which doesn’t change when pairing with the Sex Machine setup. However, if you also want a hands-free experience we suggest taking a look at the KEON Neck Strap addon.

KEON Sex Machine & Feel Stroker pros & cons


  1. The most realistic option for couples wanting to replicate intercourse from afar.
  2. Up to 230 strokes/thrusts per minute make it the most powerful combination.
  3. The two-part construction makes it easy to remove the stroker and dildo for cleaning.


  1. It’s hard to align the sleeve in the shell and then reconnect it to the main housing.
  2. Securely connecting the dildo adaptor to the housing was difficult the first few times.
  3. This is by far the most expensive couple set on the market, making it a big investment.

Where to buy the KEON Sex Machine & Feel Stroker

Due to how expensive it is to purchase two KEON based long distance sex toys, we recommend dealing directly with Kiiroo. That way you have direct access to customer support from the manufacturer.

Compatible & Inclusive Connected Sex Toys from Kiiroo

While we’ve tested Kiiroo’s most popular couples options. It’s worth noting that ALL of their devices are fully compatible with each other. So you can both choose an option that delivers the sensations you’re after and control your partner’s device.

Alternative Long Distance Sex Toys for Women

While each of the couples sex toys we’ve mentioned can be controlled separately by a partner through their respective apps. There are alternative options available that can take your long distance intimacy into new territory.

Lush 3 Wearable Vibrator by Lovense

lush 3 and accessories by lovense

If being controlled from anywhere and at any time, whether at home or in public, sounds enticing. The Lush 3 by Lovense is the answer.

This wearable vibrator has been specifically designed to be worn for long periods and focuses on G-spot stimulation. Compared to previous models the Lush 3 has a ‘fixed tail’, which helps it stay comfortably in place. It also creates a bit more pressure on your G-spot. 

The result? More intense sensations and deeper vibrations, all hands-free!

Now, pair that with the Lovense Remote App and you’ve got a scenario where your long distance partner can truly take control of your pleasure from afar.

Check out the video from Lovense for the Lush 3:

How Lush 3 feels

The shape of the Lush 3 (along with a good amount of lubricant) not only makes it easy to insert but also makes it feel comfortable while being worn. Probably the best way to describe it is that it doesn’t feel like a ‘foreign object’ inside of you.

hlighlighting where users feel the most vibrations on the inside of the lush 3 where the vibrating motor is situated

By positioning the vibrating motor on the inside of the head, rather than the tip. The Lush 3 makes maximum contact with the G-spot, which generated some of the most euphoric sensations and overall feelings of pleasure, without climaxing.

Something that could be described as a ‘happy accident’ was the clitoral stimulation felt through the fixed tail. While there isn’t a vibrating motor in the tail, subtle vibrations from the head made their way to the tip.

Lush 3 pros & cons


  1. Lush 3’s shape makes it easy to insert and stay in place. There’s no fear of it falling out.
  2. When used internally you can’t hear it, which is perfect for peace of mind when in public.
  3. Subtle vibrations can be felt through the fixed tail, producing some clitoral stimulation.


  1. You can use the Lush 3 as a handheld device. But it is quite awkward to hold.
  2. If you want to use Music Sync, Spotify Premium or direct upload are the only options.
  3. It doesn’t come with a single-use packet of lubricant, which would be great for beginners.

Where to buy Lush 3

The Lush 3 is one of if not the most popular devices from Lovense. You will be able to purchase them from many online retailers, including those below. But we recommend buying from Lovense to secure the best price and dealing directly with them for any warranty issues and customer service.

Has the Lush 3 caught your attention? Check out our full review and see if it’s the right long distance sex toy for you.

Alternative Long Distance Sex Toys for Men

Edge 2 Prostate Massager by Lovense

edge 2 in package with accessories

The Edge 2 from Lovense is a great option for beginners through to those more experienced with prostate stimulation.

Firstly, beginners will enjoy the smaller max diameter when compared to the original Edge (from 1.41 to 1.38 inches), making it easier to insert. While the flexible neck helps you find the best possible contact with the P-spot.

Secondly, for those with a bit more experience. You won’t be surprised that the device has two vibrating motors (one in the head and one in the base). But what will get you going is that you or your partner can control each of them independently via the Lovense Remote App. Creating a whole new level of intense sensations.

How the Edge 2 feels

Having a smaller max diameter does make the Edge 2 easier to insert when we compared it to the original Edge. There were feelings of pressure, which is completely normal, but this quickly subsided as time passed and it became more comfortable.

Adjusting the flexible neck slightly helped to create better contact with the P-spot. The surprising part was the level of sensations felt just by contact and without any vibrations. Adding vibrations into the mix took it to a whole new level. One where it was hard to think about anything else other than being in the moment!

It’s definitely worth having you or your partner control the vibrating motors separately. From our tests: Start with a consistent mode like ‘Low’ for the vibrating motor in the base and a pulsating option like ‘Wave’ in the arm. This will focus the main sensations on the P-spot.

Edge 2 pros & cons


  1. Selecting different modes at the same time for the internal and external vibrating motors.
  2. The flexible neck makes it easy to adjust the position for maximum P-spot contact.
  3. A ‘bulb’ design helps keep the Edge 2 positioned correctly with no fear it getting stuck.


  1. The external vibrating motor can get quite loud so you need to be careful if in public.
  2. Stay away from the highest vibration settings unless you are very experienced.
  3. Due to positioning the signal can drop out. Keep your phone as close as possible.

Where to buy the Edge 2

We recommend buying the Edge 2 from Lovense so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer for the best pricing (plus discounts) and customer service. But there are other third-party merchants to purchase from:

Want to know more about its capabilities? Check out our in-depth test and review of the Edge 2 and our comparison guide of the best vibrating prostate massagers for long distance couples.

Our Favorite Long Distance Sex Toys

Our previous recommendation was the flagship long distance sex toys from Lovense, Max 2 and Nora. But since new options have hit the market our preference has changed.

Nora is still a fan favorite, but now we feel pairing it with Calor instead of the Max 2 is the best option.

Here’s why.

calor and nora couples sex toys set by lovense

Continued Development

We’re big believers in companies that continue to refine their devices. While the Calor is ‘new’ and not a direct replacement for the Max 2. Lovense has leveled up in the features department:

  1. The same power from a more compact design
  2. Inclusion of a heating element and depth sensors

These depth sensors also produce a better experience for Nora users.

Better Partner Device Control

To date, Lovense’s Calor (or Max 2) and Nora are the only devices that can truly relay your movements to control your partner’s device.

Other couples sets have one device that can control the other through movement, but the partner device has to use the onboard touchpad to control the other.

For example:

  • Inserting and removing Nora controls Calor’s vibration levels. At the same time, stroking Calor controls how Nora’s head rotates.
  • Inserting and removing Fuse controls KEON’s stroking depth, but stroking KEON does not control the Fuse’s vibrations. To do so, you need to use the touch pads on the device.


Bringing long distance sex toys into the bedroom will be a new experience for many couples and high price points will make some hesitate.

Whether you’re purchasing Calor & Nora two Calors or two Noras. They are the most affordable couples option currently on the market.

Along with being the most affordable. Lovense is also known for running promotions from time to time. Check out their online store to see if one is currently available!

What To Know Before You Buy Long Distance Sex Toys


For females, sizing can be challenging

Using your fingers and a flexible tape measure can help give you an idea of what size will create a pleasurable experience.

For stroking devices, it’s essential to ensure the product’s length and girth won’t be too small or large.

Know your measurements to make sure you get a comfortable and pleasurable fit.


Sexual organs are very sensitive. Ensuring you won’t adversely react to what you’re putting on or into your body is a must.

Some toys use Latex, which is a common allergy. A study found that up to 4.3% of people are allergic to latex. Other materials to look out for include jelly, PVC, and vinyl.

To note: The devices we’ve reviewed ARE body-safe and DO NOT use latex, jelly, PVC, or vinyl.


Put simply… what gets you off?

Different devices focus on different body parts and stimulate them in different ways.

For female devices, think about:

  • Clitoral stimulation
  • Caginal stimulation
  • G-spot stimulation, or
  • A combination of these.

For male devices, think about:

  • Stimulation from vibration,
  • Stimulation from pressure, or
  • Erogenous zone stimulation by the prostate or perineum.


We know how much of a chore it can feel like. But cleaning your device before and after use is really important.

We recommend buying from reputable companies like Lovense and Kiiroo because they include cleaning guides with their products.

Here are some key points to follow:

  1. Start by reading the specific cleaning instructions for your device.
  2. You need to make sure there are no cuts or splits in the silicon.
  3. Anti-bacterial wipes will help to sanitize them.
  4. Rinse thoroughly after every use.

Which Sex Toys Will You Choose For Your Long Distance Relationship?

Does our Calor & Nora recommendation tick all the right boxes? Or has the KEON & Fuse couple set got you feeling hot and the collar?

If you’re still unsure about which option is right for you, don’t worry!

Why not join our free LDR Support Group and ask any questions you have about long distance sex toys (anonymously if you prefer).

Before we sign off, we’d like to mention consent again.

We know that certain aspects of long distance intimacy won’t be for everyone. So it’s important to make sure you discuss what you’re both comfortable with.

Because respecting each other’s boundaries can only strengthen your bond and trust!

Lolo & Nate author image for bio
Hi, we are Lolo (Canada) & Nate (Australia) a couple that had to go through all that a long distance relationship has to offer, just like you. With our experience and lessons learned we want to help you keep your long distance relationship as strong as ever and ultimately last the distance!
Feel the miles melt away, one question at a time

150 expert crafted questions proven to improve your communication and connection with your long disance love.

A super easy way to bring a bit of adventure and excitement into the quality time we spend together online.

David 🇺🇸 & Emily 🇨🇦
Feel the miles melt away, one question at a time

150 expert crafted questions proven to improve your communication and connection with your long disance love.

A super easy way to bring a bit of adventure and excitement into the quality time we spend together online.

David 🇺🇸 & Emily 🇨🇦