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Long Distance Sex Toys: 21 Best Connected Sex Toys in 2023

Lolo & Nate | Updated: March 9, 2023

Physical intimacy is vital for long distance relationships, but it’s also the most difficult part.

We know long distance sex toys can help you bridge that gap.


Because rather than pleasuring yourselves, they allow you to pleasure each other. Even when thousands of miles apart. That’s powerful!

It’s time to level up your intimacy and connect on a deeper level.

So, let’s dive into the best connected sex toys for long distance relationships! Including LGBTQ+ inclusive options.

long distance sex toys pinterest image

In a rush? Here’s our list of the best long distance sex toys:

Our Top Choice

Max 2 & Nora by Lovense

max 2 and nora by lovense

Most popular and most affordable long distance sex toys in 2023.

  • Orgasmic: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Battery: 5/5
  • Cleaning: 4/5
  • Price: 5/5

Popular Alternative

ONYX+ & Pearl 2 by Kiiroo

onyx+ and pearl 2 by Kiiroo

Industry-leading touch-sensitive tech & partner device control.

  • Orgasmic: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Battery: 3.5/5
  • Cleaning: 3.5/5
  • Price: 4/5

The Latest Tech

Calor & Nora by Lovense

calor and nora couples set by lovense

Bring precise pressure & heat stimulation into long distance play.

  • Orgasmic: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Battery: 5/5
  • Cleaning: 4.5/5
  • Price: 5/5


NOTE FROM LOLO & NATE: Before getting stuck in, we want to touch on a couple of points.

  • Hands-on experience: We have actual experience with the devices on offer, which allows us to give unique insights into the best options.
  • Safe materials: Every device we have included ONLY uses body-safe materials. They also ship in discreet packaging!
  • Consent: It’s important to talk about AND respect each other’s boundaries, so you’re both on the same page.

The Best Long Distance Sex Toys for Couples in 2023

Max 2 & Nora by Lovense

max 2 and nora by lovense

Lovense has pioneered long distance sex toys for over a decade. They’ve spent countless hours and funds developing their flagship devices for long distance couples: Max 2 and Nora.

Max 2, now in its 4th generation, has leveled up the experience with an improved sleeve, redesigned vibrating motor, and suction enhancements that now produce 360-degree contractions.

While we’re always fans of updates that improve the experience. We have to call out a couple of important refinements:

max 2 magnetic charging example
  1. The ‘ribbed’ exterior looks cool and makes it much easier to handle. While the finish is relatively smooth, it is better for cleaning.
  2. Magnetic charging! They have factored the charging cable into the design, but you will still need to charge Max 2 on its side or upside down.

Known as the OG of bluetooth rabbit vibrators, Nora has come a long way since it first launched in 2009. What was originally an ‘egg’ style vibrator that connected to your computer, has spawned into a refined and unique long distance vibrator.

Why so unique?

Regular rabbit vibrators provide both vaginal and clitoral stimulation through vibrating motors. Lovense developed a rotating head for maximum G-spot contact. Producing an unmatched experience when compared to other connected sex toys.

How Max 2 and Nora work together

All Lovense devices use bluetooth to connect to the Lovense Remote app. Once connected, you can pair Max 2 and Nora together by searching for your partner’s device or sending them an invite.

We love that you can also use the Lovense Remote app to chat and video call. Add in the fact that it’s encrypted and you’ve got yourself a much safer environment compared to other messaging platforms.

Max 2

nora rotating head example

As you move Max 2 up and down, Nora’s head will rotate, and the vibrating motor in the arm will activate.

If you increase the speed of your movements the speed of rotation also increases.


max 2 contractions example

As you insert Nora, the air pump in the Max 2 will contract, and the vibrating motor will activate.

Faster movements will increase the strength of contractions and vibrations. 

Check out the video from Lovense below for a visual demonstration:

To note: You don’t have to use both toys at the same time. You or your partner can take control of vibration speed and rhythm for one device using the Lovense Remote app.

What we liked & what could be better

Max 2 Pros & Cons

  • It’s the only stroker with suction technology that can pair with another long distance toy.
  • Included cap and silk bag keep the sleeve and device completely clean.
  • There is only one vibrating motor where multiple could produce better sensations.
  • The housing can become slippery when using lubricant.

Nora Pros & Cons

  • Sensor upgrade produces a faster and more precise relay of partner movements.
  • The longer-lasting battery gives Nora up to four hours of continuous use.
  • A rotating head means only a vibrating motor in the flexible arm.
  • It isn’t waterproof so you can’t extend play to the bath or shower.

We think they’re currently the best sex toys for long distance relationships. Especially those who are new to adult toys.

Where to buy Max 2 & Nora

Visit the official Lovense website to take advantage of their current promotion where you could score up to 50% OFF.

Our recommendation is to buy from Lovense so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer for pricing (discounts) and customer service reasons. But there are other third-party merchants to purchase from:

Calor & Nora by Lovense

calor and nora couples set by lovense

Calor is the latest long distance sex toy for men by the team at Lovense. While we are big fans of how Nora pairs with the Max 2, Calor is definitely worth considering.

By no means is the Calor a replacement for Max 2, both have their place and interact with Nora similarly! It all comes down to you, the user, and what features will help you get the most out of the device.

Calor differs from Max 2 in three main areas, its one-piece design, how it produces pressure, and its ability to create heat.

side by side view of calor and max 2 couples set by lovense
squeeze grip on the calor showing depth and amount of pressure that can be used while stroking

One-piece design

The Max 2 has a two-piece construction, the housing, and the sleeve. This means you need to remove the sleeve to clean it thoroughly.

Calor’s one-piece design is completely waterproof, meaning everything is sealed. This makes cleaning a breeze.

Producing pressure

As you can see from our comparison image, Calor is almost half the size of Max 2. Making it a great option for travel, but the drawback is how it produces pressure.

Max 2 has an integrated suction mechanism to produce pressure automatically. Due to Calor’s size, the Lovense team added a soft pressure zone that allows you to squeeze the shaft and produce pressure manually.

See a visual demonstration here.

Warming sensations

Adding heat to vibrations and pressure sensations produces an extra dimension to your intimate moments. Something that Max 2 isn’t equipped for.

To note: The heat function can only be used to warm up the device beforehand and not used during play.

Has the Calor/Nora couples combo caught your eye?! For more details on which option is right for you and your partner, visit the Lovense official website.

Onyx+ & Pearl 2 by Kiiroo

onyx+ and pearl 2 by Kiiroo

Kiiroo is another company that has focused on enhancing intimacy in long distance relationships. Over the past few years, they’ve produced some of the most high-tech app controlled sex toys in the industry.

Their most popular couples set, Onyx+ and Pearl 2, are similar to Max 2 and Nora but with a few exciting differences.

If you were to picture a classroom full of vibrators specifically designed for long distance couples. The Pearl 2 would be the smart one sitting at the front.

This is thanks to Kiiroo’s touch-sensitive technology, which allows the device to react to how it’s being used.

How touch-sensitive technology works

  1. The top of the device will activate when touching the clitoris and the vibration intensity will change based on the amount of pressure applied.
  2. When inserting, vibrations will increase through the shaft as the Pearl 2 moves deeper. It will also decrease as it’s pulled out.

It’s as if Kiiroo gave the Pearl 2 ‘intuition’ and for long distance couples, this intuition shines when paired with the Onyx+.

Our take on Kiiroo’s touch sensitive technology

Rather than using suction or vibrating. Kiiroo has incorporated a rotating motor and ten contracting rings into the Onyx+.

These rings have been designed to contract in an up-and-down motion. This does an amazing job of simulating the sensations and movements produced by oral sex and intercourse.

Combining this setup with the touch-sensitive technology of the Pearl 2 allows specific rings to contract at the same depth at which Pearl 2 is inserted. We think this creates the best option to feel like you’re pleasuring each other, rather than yourselves.

Kiiroo has also created tight fit sleeves allowing even more people to get the most out of the Onyx+. Here’s a quick breakdown to get the best fit:

DiameterGirthSleeve Size
1.38″ / 3.5cm or less4.39″ / 11cm or lessTight Fit
1.38″ / 3.5cm to 1.69″ / 4.3cm4.39″ / 11cm to 5.32″ / 13.5cmRegular Fit

To note: There is such a thing as ‘too big’ and we suggest measuring before purchasing. It’s likely to still fit, but the motor may not be powerful enough to make the rings contract properly, which will impact the overall experience. Find out more.

How Pearl 2 and Onyx+ work together

Using Kiiroo’s FeelConnect app, you can seamlessly link the two devices together through the ‘partner connect’ feature.

Pearl 2

onyx+ contracting rings example

Increasing/decreasing the depth of Pearl 2 will make Onyx+ rings contract at the same depth.

Increasing the speed of insertion will also increase the speed of stroking and contractions.


onyx+ touch sensitive controls

Using the Onyx+ touchpad allows you to control the vibration levels of the Pearl 2.

You can adjust the intensity and rhythm to suit the moment and build up over time.

Check out the video from Kiiroo below for a visual demonstration:

What we liked & what could be better

Onyx+ Pros & Cons

  • The contracting rings produce a more realistic experience than other devices.
  • It’s well constructed, and the matte black finish makes it easy to handle.
  • The ‘grip clip’ holding the sleeve in place is very hard to remove.
  • The edges of the sleeve can be hard to position properly under the grip clip as it is quite soft.

Pearl 2 Pros & Cons

  • Touch-sensitive technology is a game changer for couples to experience the same sensations.
  • The design is comfortable and easy to use in multiple positions.
  • Magnetic charging would be a welcomed upgrade.
  • Kiiroo should include a pouch to keep it clean and away from other items when storing.

The Onyx+ & Pearl 2 Couples Set is exclusively available through Kiiroo’s official website. Visit Kiiroo.com for more details and to see if you qualify for FREE shipping!

KEON & Fuse by Kiiroo

KEON and Fuse by Kiiroo

The newest offering of long distance sex toys from Kiiroo is the KEON and Fuse. These devices may look intimidating, but if we focus on how they work, they provide the most true-to-life experience for replicating intercourse.

We realize that’s a big claim, but here’s why…

KEON is Kiiroo’s latest device for men that can actually claim to be an automatic stroker because of its two-part construction:

  1. Kiiroo’s patented stroking hardware can reach up to a staggering 230 strokes per minute!
  2. The Realistic Feel Sleeve provides a skin-like feel and uses unique textures to maximize sensations.

This design allows the sleeve to move up and down with a much larger range of motion than any other device with long distance control features.

What happens when you combine this with Fuse’s built in sensor technology?

Your KEON can precisely mimic the depth of movements that your partner makes while inserting and removing the Fuse.

But don’t think it’s all work and no play for the Fuse. Kiiroo has included touch-sensitive technology within the device, just like the Pearl 2, meaning it reacts to how it’s used.

Fuse reacts to your body’s natural movements. Slide it in and Feel the vibrations get stronger. Slide it out, and Feel the vibrations weaken. The Clit-Stim provides extra stimulation for mind-blowing pleasure.

fuse LED lights example

Usage tip: If playing together while on video, make sure to take advantage of the LED lights on the Fuse.

They take the experience to another level by adding visual feedback.

Maybe dim the lights slightly for a better effect!

How KEON and Fuse work together


KEON controls example

Use KEON’s two touch pads to control the vibration modes and intensity of the Fuse.

Changing the vibration levels and rhythm will determine the intensity and pleasure your partner feels.


KEON stroking demonstration

Fuse’s vibrations will strengthen and weaken depending on how deep you insert it. At the same time, the KEON will move up and down with the length and speed of strokes being determined by how fast and deep the Fuse is inserted.

What we liked & what could be better

KEON Pros & Cons

  • Hands down, the most ‘real to life’ experience because of the skin-like feel, length of stroking & variable speeds.
  • The build quality is high and very compact compared to previous models with similar technology.
  • It is much more expensive than any other men’s long distance sex toy.
  • The sleeve is realistic, but the trade-off is that it’s pretty soft and can tear easily.
  • Battery life is an issue; we could only get 20 to 30 minutes of usage after charging for 4 hours.

Fuse Pros & Cons

  • How the Fuse controls the KEON just wouldn’t be the same with the inbuilt sensor technology.
  • The design feels good, and the larger base makes it easier to handle when in use.
  • The LED light blinks red to let you know when the battery is running low.
  • Having no vibrating motor in the flexible arm impacts clitoral stimulation when compared to Lovense’s Nora.
  • With fewer features and a higher price point, it’s harder to justify buying it over other options.
  • It is louder than you’d expect from such a small form factor.

To note: KEON & Fuse are available for purchase in a set, but instead of receiving two together you can purchase them separately and ship them to both of your locations. Making the process more affordable.

The KEON & Fuse couples set is exclusively available through Kiiroo’s official website. Visit Kiiroo.com to see if these powerful long distance toys are right your you and your partner.

TITAN & Cliona by Kiiroo

titan and cliona by kiiroo

The team at Kiiroo knows there’s no ‘one size fits all’ device for what excites us.

This is evident with their TITAN and Cliona devices, which are two long distance sex toys that offer the same level of excitement. But focus on different sensations and zones.

While the TITAN and Onyx+ look similar, inside is what truly sets them apart. TITAN uses nine powerful vibrating motors (3 rows of 3), instead of contracting rings. This delivers a completely different intense experience.

TITAN allows you to stroke manually while enhancing the fun with powerful vibrations. Or choose vibration modes that recreate stroking patterns. This is possible because of the vibrating motor’s positions, which creates 360-degree sensations.

Kiiroo has preprogrammed several different vibration modes to mimic different stroking patterns.

TITAN vibration modes:

If you or your partner prefer clitoral stimulation, the Cliona is a great option with partner control capabilities.

When it launched, Cliona became an instant hit for two reasons:

  1. Vibrating motor positioning in the head (rather than the neck) delivers deep and accurate sensations.
  2. It’s 100% waterproof allowing you to move your sessions to the bath or shower without worry.

Usage tip: While Cliona is designed for clitoral stimulation, we found that turning the device upside down makes it easier to insert and delivers impressive vaginal stimulation. It also makes it much easier to access the buttons on the device.

Unfortunately, Cliona doesn’t have touch-sensitive technology like the Pearl 2 or Fuse. This means it can’t activate specific bullet vibrators in the TITAN by inserting and removing it at different depths. You will need to use the buttons on the back of the Cliona to cycle through the different TITAN vibration modes.

How TITAN and Cliona work together

Like all of Kiiroo’s devices, Cliona and TITAN connect and control each other via the FeelConnect app.


titan touch sensitive controls

Control Cliona’s vibration modes and speed using the three touch-sensitive pads on the TITAN.

Adjust the intensity and rhythm at any time by using pad one, two, or three to build up over time.


titan open showing vibrating motors

As you play with the Cliona use the touch-sensitive buttons to control TITAN’s vibration modes.

Select one of six modes (from above) to adjust the intensity and rhythm of the TITAN’s vibrations.

What we liked & what could be better

TITAN Pros & Cons

  • Even in basic settings, the vibrating motors produce vibrations that few male toys can match.
  • When cleaning, the sleeve is strong enough to be flipped inside out where others feel like the silicon will rip.
  • The housing feels cheap primarily because of the latch and hinge you need to open when removing the sleeve.
  • The silicon sleeve is very sticky and there is no cap so it picks up dust and debris easily.

Cliona Pros & Cons

  • Cliona’s compact size makes it easy to travel with and store out of sight.
  • The overall design and vibrating motor positioning makes it easy to pinpoint areas to focus sensations.
  • Cliona needs touch-sensitive technology to adjust TITAN’s vibrating motors as you insert and remove it.
  • It hasn’t been updated for a few years and we’d welcome a new edition.

To get a better idea if TITAN and Cliona are right for you, check them out on Kiiroo’s official website.

Compatibility across Kiiroo devices

We have tested three of Kiiroo’s most popular couples options to highlight what’s available. But all of them are fully compatible with each other, meaning you can mix and match to get the best set for your needs!

Long Distance Sex Toys For Gay & Lesbian Couples

long distance sex toys for gay and lesbian couples

We’re proud to support companies like Lovense and Kiiroo that have extended pairing and compatibility to the same devices. Finally making long distance sex toys for gay and lesbian couples a reality.

While the features of each device (from above) don’t change, how they control and interact with each other does. This is what we will focus on.

Max 2 Couples Set by Lovense

max 2 mens couples set by lovense

How two Max 2’s work together

As you stroke the Max 2 up and down, it signals your partner’s device to contract, putting pressure on the shaft. To adjust the intensity of contractions, all you need to do is increase or decrease the stroking speed.

You can also adjust the vibration and contraction modes for each other by using the buttons on the Max 2 or through the Lovense Remote app.

Vibration modes:

  • Low, Medium & High
  • Pulse, Wave, Fireworks & Earthquake

Contraction levels:

  • Subtle, Mild & Deep

To note: There is no couples set so you will need to add two Max 2’s to your cart. Or you can purchase them separately to be shipped directly to you and your partner’s location.

Where to buy Max 2 Couples Set

Visit Lovense’s official website for more details on pricing, product specifications, and to see if the Max 2 is right for you and your partner.

Our recommendation is to buy from Lovense so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer for pricing (discounts) and customer service reasons. But there are other third-party merchants to purchase from:

Nora Couples Set by Lovense

nora female sex toy couple set by lovense

How two Nora’s work together

As you insert and apply pressure with one Nora it will signal the head of the other to rotate. Increasing and decreasing the speed will also speed up or slow down the rotating head of your partner’s Nora.

You also have the option to be the ‘leader’ or ‘follower’ where the vibration and head rotation settings are controlled using the buttons on one Nora. The other paired Nora will adjust to the same settings.

We recommend controlling these vibration and rotation settings via the Lovense Remote app. As they are much easier to adjust while playing.

Vibration modes:

  • Low, Medium & High
  • Pulse, Wave, Fireworks & Earthquake

Head rotation speeds:

  • Slow, Medium & Fast

To note: Just like Max 2, you need to add two Noras to your cart during the checkout process.

Where to buy Nora Couples Set

Our recommendation is to buy Nora from Lovense so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer for pricing (discounts) and customer service reasons. But there are other third-party merchants to purchase from:

Onyx+ Couples Set by Kiiroo

onyx+ couples set by kiiroo

How two Onyx+’s work together

Kiiroo uses a ‘leader and follower’ system to pair and control two Onyx+ devices. The leader can use the touchpad on their Onyx+ to cycle through different stroking patterns, which the other device will follow.

The FeelConnect app is also an option. We recommend the app because it allows you to adjust stroke speeds AND modes.

Stroke modes:

  • Full stroke
  • Power up
  • Handjob
  • Storm

Stroke speeds:

  • Slow
  • Medium
  • Fast

To note: Remember to measure your diameter or circumference to get the best fitting sleeve.

If you’re looking for a device you and your partner don’t need to stroke manually, then the Onyx+ couples set is for you. Visit Kiiroo’s official website to learn more.

KEON Couples Set by Kiiroo

KEON couples set by kiiroo

How two KEON’s work together

Like Onyx+, the ‘leader and follower’ controls two KEON strokers.

KEONs four control buttons on the left and right side of the device

The leader uses the two touch pads on the left and right-hand sides of their KEON to cycle through different modes, which the other KEON will follow.

The left touchpad adjusts the stroking length, and the right touchpad adjusts the stroking speed.

Just like Kiiroo’s other devices. You control both KEONs with the FeelConnect app.

Stroke modes:

  • Short stroke
  • Targeted
  • Medium stroke
  • Full stroke

Stroke speeds:

  • Slow
  • Medium
  • Fast
  • Ultra

Where to buy KEON Couples Set

While the KEON Couples Set is the most expensive option, they also produce the most true-to-life experience for same-sex long distance couples. For more details, visit Kiiroo’s official website or the other purchasing options below.

Pearl 2 & Fuse by Kiiroo

Pearl 2 and fuse couples set by kiiroo

Kiiroo knows that not everyone likes the same types of stimulation. They set out to be the first company to offer connectivity between two different remote control vibrators and massagers.

They succeeded!

How the Fuse and Pearl 2 work together

Both the Fuse and Pearl 2 are equipped with Kiiroo’s touch-sensitive technology. They also use the same leader and follower system, which gives you and your partner two options:

  1. Using the touch-sensitive settings allows the follower’s device to mimic the vibration intensity based on how the leader is using their device. As they push deeper, it will increase vibrations, and pulling it out will make the vibrations become softer.
  2. You can select different vibration modes using the buttons on each device. This will relay the same pattern to your partner’s device.

The Fuse & Pearl 2 Couples Set is exclusively available from Kiiroo. To see if this combination is right for you and your partner, head to their website to find out more.

Kiiroo Compatibility

Just like the male and female Kiiroo devices, we highlighted earlier. Their vibrators and massagers are fully compatible with each other.

Meaning you can mix and match to get the best for both of your needs.

Pearl 2



Esca 2


There are alternative long distance sex toys for men and women that cater to those needs.

Alternative Long Distance Sex Toys For Women

blueMotion NEX|1 by OhMiBod

bluemotion nex 1 by ohmibod

If you or your partner are into ‘public play’, the blueMotion NEX|1 pantie vibrator can be controlled from anywhere.

Even if it’s from across the room or the other side of the planet.

OhMiBod spent considerable time making their device as slim-line and noise efficient as possible.

The result? One of the most powerful and discreet options available.

What’s really cool (as you can see in our image above!) is that they include a ‘one size fits most’ thong. It comes with a pocket that fits the blueMotion NEX|1 perfectly.

Just like other devices with long distance control, there is a dedicated OhMiBod Remote app with multiple ways for your partner to take over. Including:

Usage tip: If you or your partner has an Apple Watch you must try ‘pulse mode’ which uses your heartbeat to control vibrations!

Where to buy blueMotion NEX|1

Our recommendation is to buy from OhMiBod so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer for pricing (discounts) and customer service reasons. But there are other third-party merchants to purchase from:

Want to see more options? Check out our comparison guide of the best remote control vibrating panties for long distance relationships.

Alternative Long Distance Sex Toys For Men

Edge 2 by Lovense

edge 2 in package with accessories

If you enjoy anal stimulation, we recommend the Edge 2. The latest vibrating prostate massager from the team at Lovense.

With two vibrating motors (one in the head and one in the base) combined with a flexible neck. The Edge 2 is easily adjustable, helping to create the best contact possible with the P-spot.

For long distance couples, the Edge 2 utilizes partner control through the Lovense Remote app. This gives you or your partner the ability to create unique vibrations or cycle through several modes. Including low, medium, high, pulse, wave, fireworks, and earthquake.

Where to buy Edge 2

Our recommendation is to buy the Edge 2 from Lovense so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer for pricing (discounts) and customer service reasons. But there are other third-party merchants to purchase from:

Alternatively… Check out our full Edge 2 review or vibrating prostate massagers comparison guide.

Our Favorite Long Distance Sex Toys

We are happy to include all of the devices above because they are from companies helping to strengthen the intimate connection between long distance couples.

But to pick our favorite, we recommend Lovense’s flagship long distance sex toys, Max 2 and Nora.

Here’s why.

max 2 and nora by lovense

Continued Development

We’re big believers in companies that continue to refine their devices to produce the best products for their customers.

Not only has Lovense been creating high-quality sex toys for long distance couples for over a decade. They also continue to update their products based on actual user feedback.

Better Partner Device Control

To date, Lovense’s Max 2 and Nora are the only devices that can truly relay your movements to control your partner’s device. Other couples sets have one device that can control the other through movement, but the partner device has to use the onboard touchpad to control the other.

For example:

  • Inserting and removing Nora controls Max 2’s contractions. At the same time, stroking Max 2 controls how Nora’s head rotates.
  • Inserting and removing Fuse controls KEON’s stroking, but stroking KEON does not control the Fuse’s vibrations. To do so, you need to use the touchpads on the device.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Options

While there are a few LGBTQ+ inclusive options, how their same-sex devices control one another is also a factor compared to other models.


Bringing long distance sex toys into the bedroom will be a new experience for many couples and high price points will make some hesitate.

Whether it’s Max 2 and Nora or purchasing both for same-sex couples. They are the most affordable option currently on the market.

Along with being the most affordable. Lovense is also known for running promotions from time to time. Check out their online store to see if one is currently available!

What To Know Before You Buy Long Distance Sex Toys



For stroking devices, it’s essential to ensure the product’s length and girth won’t be too small or large.

Know your measurements to make sure you get a comfortable and pleasurable fit.


For women, sizing can be challenging

Using your fingers and a flexible tape measure can help give you an idea of what size will create a pleasurable experience.


Sexual organs are very sensitive. Ensuring you won’t adversely react to what you’re putting on or into your body is a must. 

You do the same for food and makeup right? Adult toys should be no different.

Some toys use Latex, which is a common allergy. A study in the Journal of Occupational Health found that up to 4.3% of the general population is allergic to latex.

Other materials to look out for include jelly, PVC, and vinyl. They contain phthalates, usually found in cheaper products, which help bind and make plastic more flexible.

To note: All long distance toys we’ve covered ARE body-safe and DO NOT use latex, jelly, PVC, or vinyl.


Ask yourself…

What gets you off?

Different devices focus on different body parts and stimulate them in different ways.

For women think about clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, g-spot stimulation, or a combination of these.

For men, think about stimulation from stroking, stimulation from pressure, or erogenous zone stimulation by the prostate or perineum.

Make sure you take the time to figure out what works for you. So you and your partner get the maximum amount of pleasure.


It may seem like a chore that’s far from your mind after the deed is done. But cleaning your device before and after use is really important.

If you buy from a reputable company, they will include cleaning guides with their products or online.

Here are some key points to follow:

Which Long Distance Sex Toys Will You Choose?

So before we sign off. We would like to mention consent again.

Make sure to discuss what you’re both comfortable with. Respecting each other’s boundaries can only strengthen the bond and trust between you.


Which of these devices would you and your partner enjoy the most? Why not join our LDR Support Group and let us and the community know what you think and if you have any questions about long distance sex toys.

Our FREE 7 day LDR challenge is BACK!

Unlock better date nights, deeper communication plus a stronger intimate & emotional connection.


Lolo & Nate author image for bio
Hi, we are Lolo (Canada) & Nate (Australia) a couple that had to go through all that a long distance relationship has to offer, just like you. With our experience and lessons learned we want to help you keep your long distance relationship as strong as ever and ultimately last the distance!