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Feel the miles melt away, one question at a time

150 expert crafted questions proven to improve your communication and connection with your long disance love.

A super easy way to bring a bit of adventure and excitement into the quality time we spend together online.

David 🇺🇸 & Emily 🇨🇦

7 Best Automatic Strokers With Epic App Control Features

Lucas Knight | Updated: August 30, 2023

In a rush? Here’s our TL;DR list of the best automatic strokers and vibrating masturbators with long distance control that we recommend:

Our Top Pick

KEON by Kiiroo

KEON Kiiroo's most powerful automatic stroker

Most powerful automatic stroker with long distance control in 2024.

  • Orgasmic: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Battery: 3.5/5
  • Cleaning: 4/5
  • Price: 3.5/5

Best Value

Max 2 by Lovense

max 2 by lovense is our pick for most affordable vibrating masturbator

Affordable masturbator with intense suction & vibration.

  • Orgasmic: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5
  • Battery: 4.5/5
  • Cleaning: 4/5
  • Price: 5/5

Cool Tech

Onyx+ by Kiiroo

onyx+ by kiiroo is our pick for the best alternative male stroker

Travel-ready with contracting rings creating lifelike sensations.

  • Orgasmic: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Battery: 4/5
  • Cleaning: 3/5
  • Price: 4/5

Automatic strokers are fast becoming the go-to device for long distance couples wanting to level up their intimacy while apart.

And it’s easy to see why.

The best devices, like the KEON by Kiiroo, do an amazing job of reproducing the realistic sensations of oral sex and intercourse.

So, now the question is…

Do you prefer the feeling of physical stroking or the sensations of vibrations?

We’ve compared the best male strokers and masturbators available today. So you can make an informed decision!

man in front of laptop excited while using automatic stroker with long distance partner



  • Use only body safe materials like 100% non-porous silicone.
  • Require simple cleaning techniques (warm water & mild soap or toy cleaner).
  • Have an easy-to-use app with local & long distance control features.
  • Provide peace of mind with discreet packaging/shipping as standard.
  • Be able to accomodate for a wide range of lengths & girths.

The Best Hands Free Automatic Strokers in 2024

1. KEON by Kiiroo

KEON the Automatic Stroker by Kiiroo

Those searching for a truly hands-free and immersive experience, should look no further than Kiiroo’s flagship automatic stroker KEON.

After collaborating with the team at Fleshlight to create the Fleshlight Launch. Kiiroo has improved on that knowledge, producing a device with powerful and realistic sensations that also incorporates long distance (app) control.

What makes these realistic movements and sensations possible is KEON’s two part construction.

Separating the Feel Stroker from the motor and battery housing allows for a full range of motion, resulting in a mind blowing experience.

This also makes it a breeze to remove the silicone sleeve from the Feel Stroker for cleaning.

Performance & Functionality

With 16 stroke length and speed combinations, you have an extensive range of sensations and complete control over how you want to play.

See a visual demonstration of the KEON in action (device only).

To note: Being the fastest and most powerful option means the motor can get noisy when used on the highest settings.

Speaking of control, there are three ways you or your long distance partner can call the shots.

Local & Long Distance Control

KEONs four control buttons on the left and right side of the device

For manual control, the KEON has four buttons on the left and right hand side. Adjusting stroke speed and length can be done remotely via the FeelConnect App or by the movements of a compatible partner device.

That’s right! When pairing with a partner device, the length and speed at which it is inserted will dictate the stroke length and speed of the KEON.

Compatible partner devices we recommend include Kiiroo’s Pearl 3, Fuse by OhMiBod (powered by Kiiroo) or another KEON for same sex couples.

Cleaning & Battery Life

Cleaning after each use is a must and KEON’s two-piece design makes it super easy. Simply turn the Feel Stroker anticlockwise (to the left) to disconnect from the main housing then firmly grip the top of the silicon sleeve and pull down to remove it from the Feel Stroker shell.

To note: It can be hard to properly align the sleeve when putting it back into the Feel Stroker shell and then reconnecting it to the main housing. If you don’t mind it being on an angle then there’s nothing to worry about. Otherwise, take note of the vertical alignment of the sleeve opening when removing it from the shell.

Once clean, we highly recommend charging the KEON after each use. It can take up to four hours to fully charge but it does have one of the longer battery lifes with sessions lasting up to two hours depending on the settings used.

If you don’t want to look at any other options, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend KEON as the best and most life-like option for long distance intimacy.

Kiiroo also offers cool accessories like phone mounts and straps to make the KEON a truly hands free masturbator. For more details on these accessories and to see if KEON is right for you, visit Kiiroo’s official website.

2. Onyx+ by Kiiroo

onyx+ plus hands free masturbator by Kiiroo

The Onyx+ is another flagship stroker from the team at Kiiroo that comes in a smaller form factor than the KEON. Making it a great option for those that want to take the fun with them when traveling.

While other devices of the same size opted for vibrations rather than stroking. Kiiroo incorporated a unique rotating motor and ten contracting rings.

The result?

One of the best options at simulating the realistic sensations of intercourse and oral sex.

It’s able to do this by contracting the rings in an up and down motion.

See the video for a visual demonstration.

If the Onyx+ used vibrating motors they wouldn’t be able to pinpoint motion or sensation as precisely.

Kiiroo has also introduced a tight fit sleeve making the device an option for even more users. Here’s a breakdown to to help you choose the right sleeve:

DiameterGirthSleeve Size
1.38″ / 3.5cm or less4.39″ / 11cm or lessTight Fit
1.38″ / 3.5cm to 1.69″ / 4.3cm4.39″ / 11cm to 5.32″ / 13.5cmRegular Fit

Performance & Functionality

The Onyx+ comes with four pre-installed stroke modes: Full Stroke, Power Up, Handjob, Storm. 

While the Onyx+ can reach up to 140 strokes per minute it is only for the shorter stroke lengths such as Storm.

Like Kiiroo’s KEON, there are three control options for you and your long distance partner.

Local & Long Distance Control

onyx+ touch sensitive controls

For manual control (flashing purple light) you can use the touchpad, which has arrows pointing up and down. Simply touch either of the arrows to make the Onyx+ stroke up and down at your desired speed and depth.

Automatic control (solid purple light) takes advantage of the four pre-installed stroke modes we mentioned earlier. You can cycle through them using the up and down arrows on the touchpad.

To note: We found that manual control was awkward to use while holding the device. If you prefer taking control of your stroke lengths and speeds we recommend doing it remotely using the FeelConnect App.

Your partner can also take control of both manual and automatic modes through the app. Plus, just like KEON your partner can control the speed and depth of stroke on the Onyx+ by using a compatible partner device.

The best partner devices that pair with the Onyx+ are the Pearl 3, Fuse or another Onyx+.

Combining the Onyx+ with the touch sensitive technology of the Pearl 2 or Fuse allows specific rings to contract at the same depth and speed at which the Pearl 2 or Fuse are inserted.

Cleaning & Battery Life

While we like how the design of the Onyx+ incorporates a mat and shiny black finish. Fingerprints and smudging were very noticeable after each use. Luckily, a quick wipe down with a moist cloth will have it looking good as new.

To clean the sleeve, taking off the top cap that holds it in place will allow you to remove it. Then place it in warm water and antibacterial soap or Kiiroo’s sex toy cleaner to be washed. Make sure it’s completely dry before reassembly.

To note: The cap holding the sleeve in place can be quite hard to take off. I was initially unable to remove it using my fingers and had to use a flat-head screwdriver for leverage. After doing this a few times it did become easier to detach.

During the unboxing process we found that the battery wasn’t completely flat, which is likely due to device testing during manufacturing. We recommend charging it straight away. A full charge should take around four hours and give you up to an hour of usage time depending on the modes used.

Has the thought of replicating the realistic sensations of intercourse and oral sex has caught your eye? If so the Onyx+ could be the key to enhancing your long distance intimate moments! Visit Kiiroo’s offical site for more details.

3. ALEX NEO by Svakom

Alex Neo the app controlled masturbator by Svakom

Rounding out our automatic stroker section is the ALEX NEO by Svakom.  

We think the capsule-shaped design is what a futurist would have depicted a hands free masturbator from the future to look like.

But guess what…

The future is here!

Although it is quite lightweight it is the longest device we’ve reviewed, which may deter avid travellers wanting to bring the fun with them.

But there are two features that may change your mind…

view inside the sleeve of the alex neo thrusting masturbator

Performance & Functionality

Svakom has equiped the ALEX NEO with seven stroking modes.

While it’s not a big deal. Svakom haven’t named the stroking modes, which is a little boring. We think naming them would increase excitement and anticipation when trying them.

To note: We found the most powerful settings to be quite loud. If you don’t live alone or have thin walls, it’s best to use a blanket to help reduce the noise.

Local & Long Distance Control

Although the ALEX NEO is on the larger side, Svakom has done a great job with the placement of their local controls. You can easily hold the device with one hand while using the three buttons to cycle through the stroking modes with your thumb.

Another option for you and your long distance partner is to take advantage of the Svakom App. The app has a lot of features but as ALEX NEO only strokes and has no vibrating motors you will only be able to cycle through the stroking modes.

Unfortunately, this is where the long distance fun ends.

Svakom’s male masturbators are unable to connect or control any of the other devices in their Connexion Series. We hope this changes in the future and will be the first to try the feature if it ever becomes available!

Cleaning & Battery Life

The capsule design makes the cleaning process fairly straightforward. All you need to do is unscrew the clear sleeve cover from the main body, which way to turn has been labeled on the device.

What we found surprising was the amount of time needed to fully charge the ALEX NEO, which comes in at a whopping five hours. So make sure you plan ahead!

Like most of the male masturbators we’ve tested, you’ll have around an hour of run-time. Depending on the chosen stroking modes and their intensity.

For more details on this futuristic automatic stroker. Visit LoveHoney.com and understand if it meets all your needs and wants.

The Best Vibrating Masturbators in 2024

4. Max 2 by Lovense

Max 2 the contracting and vibrating masturbator by Lovense

Lovense has pioneered app controlled and long distance sex tech for well over a decade. They continue to pour funds into research and development of their flagship devices, including the vibrating masturbator Max 2.

Now in it’s fourth generation, Lovense has levelled up the experience with:

max 2 contractions example
max 2 magnetic charging example

Performance & Functionality

Where other options have a single way to create stimulation, the vibration and suction capabilities make the Max 2 a double threat. You have 10 vibration and suction modes at your disposal:

  • Consistent vibration modes: Low, medium and high
  • Rhythmic vibration modes: Pulse, wave, fireworks and earthquake
  • Suction modes: Subtle, mild and deep

We found that the consistent vibration modes compliment stroking manually while the rhythmic vibrations and suction modes worked well when wanting to lay back and let the Max 2 ‘go to work’.

To note: The suction mechanism can build up a lot of pressure. We recommend using the suction valve on the base of Max 2 (pictured above) to find the level that feels best for you.

Local & Long Distance Control

Lovense has added two tactile buttons for local control. One for vibration modes and the other for suction, which allow you to cycle through each option until you find the sensations and intensity you desire.

We prefer actual buttons because you know exactly where to press. With touch pads you may not hit the right spot, which can ruin your rhythm and train of thought!

When it comes to remote control, the Lovense Remote App is by far the most robust option of any stroker on the market. Not only can you or your long distance partner control Max 2’s vibrations and suction via the app. You also have other features at your disposal that will create mind-blowing results. Including:

If you and your long distance partner want to control each other’s pleasure, Lovense has you covered. Their couple sets sync seamlessly through the Lovense Remote App.

Pair with Lovense’s Rabbit Vibrator, Nora their new vibrating masturbator Calor (which we go into more detail later) or another Max 2.

How do they work?

Max 2 & Nora: Stroking Max 2 up and down will rotate the head of the Nora. While inserting Nora will activate vibrations and suction of the Max 2 to mimic vaginal or oral contractions.

Max 2 & Calor (or second Max 2): One device becomes the leader and the other will follow the same vibration settings it uses. If using a second Max 2 it will also mimic the contraction settings of the leader.

Speaking of connected devices: Check out our post on the best connected sex toys for long distance couples, which are sure to take your intimate moments to the next level!

Cleaning & Battery Life

Removing the inner sleeve for cleaning is fairly straightforward.

  1. Open the Air Pump Vent on the bottom of the device.
  2. Pinch the top to of the sleeve to release the seal it creates when in the housing.
  3. Slowly pull out the sleeve and make sure it doesn’t catch on anything.

To note: After cleaning the Max 2 housing with a wet cloth, make sure you keep the sleeve cap off and the Air Pump Vent open until it is completely dry. This will prevent moisture and any bacteria buildup.

With over two hours of runtime (double that of other models) and a two hour charge time. The Max 2 is a class leader. It even has 100 hours of standby meaning it will be ready whenever you are!

We’re big fans of the Max 2 and think you will be too! Head over to the Lovense official website to learn more about the robust app controls and partner devices that will take your intimate moments to the next level.

5. TITAN by Kiiroo

TITAN the masturbator with nine vibrating motors by Kiiroo

The team at Kiiroo knows there’s no one device that can arouse every user. That was evident when they launched TITAN, which offers the same level of excitement but focuses on different sensations and zones.

It may look like just another vibrating masturbator, but what’s inside truly sets it apart. Namely the sleeve and it’s vibrating motors.

The TITAN’s sleeve is nearly nine inches long and is quite soft. Meaning it is practically a one-size-fits-all option and will accomodate users on the larger side.

To note: The silicone compound of the sleeve is quite sticky. So make sure to store it in a clean environment away from dust after washing.

Kiiroo incorporated nine (3 rows of 3) powerful vibrating motors, which delivers a completely different, yet intense experience.

This allows you to either manually stroke to your preferred rhythm while enhancing the fun with vibrations. Or use the vibration modes to mimic different lengths and speeds and let it do the stroking for you.

The positioning of each vibrating motor makes this possible as it produces a 360 degree range of sensations.

Speaking of vibration modes…

Performance & Functionality

TITAN is programmed with six vibrations modes. Because of how the vibrating motors are aligned it can activate them at different times to create a diverse range of ‘movements’. They include:

titan vibrating masturbator motor example and description
  • Targeted (top, middle and bottom rows vibrate separately)
  • Targeted Power (top, top and middle or all rows vibrate together)
  • Auto (all rows vibrate one after the other to create a stroking motion)
  • Blow (all rows vibrate in a top to bottom motion)
  • Pulse (all rows vibrate and pulse separately)
  • Endurance (all rows vibrate with increasing intensity from bottom to top)

Local & Long Distance Control

The local controls, which use touchpad on the front of the device are fairly straightforward and give you two control options: Manual and Automatic.

With manual mode you can use the three touchpad buttons to control the Targeted and Targeted Power vibration modes. For automatic control you will use the touchpad to trigger Auto, Blow, Pulse or Endurance modes.

To note: We accidentally discovered that you also have the ability to adjust the intensity of each vibration in automatic mode! Giving you three times more options than we previously thought were available.

Like with Kiiroo’s other strokers that utilize the FeelConnect App, you or a long distance partner have the ability to control the manual and automatic modes remotely from anywhere in the world. The same goes for compatible partner devices which can connect to and control the nine vibrating motors so you feel the same movements their device is creating.

For long distance couples, we recommend pairing TITAN with either the Pearl 2, Fuse or another TITAN to take advantage of their touch sensitive technology (as explained previously for the Onyx+).

Although it is worth noting that the TITAN and Cliona Couples Set is a popular option.

Want to learn more about which device is best for your partner? Check out our post where we review the best remote control vibrators from Kiiroo and other brands.

Cleaning & Battery Life

Once your session has finished and it’s time for cleaning, TITAN’s two-piece construction makes it a breeze. Simply open the latch on the side of the device and remove the sleeve from the columns of vibrating motors.

We found that the sleeve is quite strong and you can flip it inside out to for a deeper clean and to let it dry naturally.

To note: Putting the sleeve back on is a little intricate as you have to feed the three rows of bullet vibrators through it. It’s best to take your time and not try to shove them in as this may tear the silicone and make it deteriorate overtime.

Having nine vibrating bullet motors means the TITAN draws a lot of energy to power them, which is why it has a shorter run-time compared to other vibrating masturbators. You’ll have around thirty minutes of runtime (half of other devices) but we think it’s a worthy tradeoff for the intense sensations you get to explore.

Ready to get your hands on, or let your partner control, TITAN’s 360 degree range of sensations? Visit Kiiroo.com for more information and to see if TITAN is right for you.

6. Calor by Lovense

Calor the vibrating masturbator with heating module by Lovense

From what customers loved about the Max 2, to where it missed the mark. The team at Lovense absorbed every piece of feedback possible.

The result?

Calor! The latest vibrating masturbator to hit the market and it did so with a BANG.

While not meant to rival the Max 2, but more-so to compliment it. The Calor provides an option that delivers the same sensations along with these amazing new features:

squeeze grip on the calor showing depth and amount of pressure that can be used while stroking
  • Compact: The Calor is almost half the size of the Max 2 making it the perfect option for frequent travelers.
  • Precise Pressure: A soft pressure zone was included to manually create pressure instead of a mechanism.
  • Heat Sensation: Adding heat to vibrations and pressure makes Calor a ‘triple threat’ for your intimate moments.
  • Waterproofing: It’s sealed one-piece construction makes Calor the only fully waterproof stroker available.

To note: The heat function can only be used to warm up the device beforehand and not used during play. Also remember to check how warm it gets with your fingers first before inserting.

Performance & Functionality

In terms of vibration modes Calor provides the same options as Max 2. Including constant vibrations at low, medium and high speeds. Plus Pulse, Wave, Fireworks and Earthquake rhythmic vibrations.

Where Lovense has ‘levelled-up’ Calor’s performance is integrating their new Depth Control Technology. This allows you to let the device determine the strength of vibrations.

For example:

Local & Long Distance Control

For local control, Calor has two buttons for different modes:

  1. Cycling through vibration modes
  2. Activating the ‘warm-up’ functionality, and
  3. Saving vibration levels for quick navigation.

To note: We found the button sequence to be quite intricate, which you can review here. We recommend using the Lovense Remote App where possible.

Speaking of the app. You or your partner are able to take advantage of the same functionality that was originally built for controlling the Max 2 remotely. Namely (and as mentioned earlier), music sync, voice and ambient noise control, unique vibe creation plus the ability to save them for later use.

The same can also be said for pairing with partner devices! But Calor’s Depth Control Technology is where it sets itself apart from the Max 2.

Pair with Lovense’s Rabbit Vibrator, Nora their flagship vibrating masturbator Max 2 (previosuly mentioned) or another Calor.

With depth control you can adjust how your partner’s device reacts more accurately. For example: As you insert the device deeper, increasing your vibration levels, it will also increase vibrations at the same rate in the Nora (plus increase head spinning speed), Max 2 or another Calor.

Cleaning & Battery Life

We mentioned earlier that Calor is the only fully waterproof app controlled masturbator on the market. This not only makes it the most versatile option at play in the bedroom or bathroom. But also the easiest to clean.

Boasting an IPX7 waterproof rating. No other stroker can be submerged like the Calor. This is great for peace of mind when it comes to being able to clean every inch of your device without worrying it will break.

Like all other options mentioned, use warm water and mid soap OR sex toy cleaner on the inside and outside of the device before patting it dry.

To note: Give some time for the Calor to air dry before putting both end caps on. This will prevent any moisture buildup, which can lead to bacteria growth.

Due to Calor’s size it’s internals had to be smaller. For this reason you won’t get as much run-time as the Max 2 (two hours) but it will last around 90 minutes which is the second longest of any device we’ve mentioned.

Are you ready to take the jump and put Calor’s Depth Control Technology to the test? Visit their official website, Lovense.com for more details and don’t forget to check out their customer reviews.

7. ALEX NEO by Svakom

Sam Neo male masturbator by Svakom

Rounding out our list of vibrating male masturbators is Svakom’s SAM NEO.  

As uniquelly shaped as the ALEX NEO, SAM NEO is the ‘little brother’ being almost half the size. But still packing an amazing punch.

Although it doesn’t stroke. This device sets itself apart with realistic oral sex simulation through vibration and suction capabilities, which produces intense sensations.

This also makes it similar to the Max 2 by Lovense but in a MUCH smaller form factor.

Performance & Functionality

view inside the sleeve of the sam neo vibrating male masturbator

Svakom has equipped SAM NEO with five different suction patterns, two more than the only other hands free masturbator with suction technology, Max 2.

The first pattern creates the feeling of shallow stroking or sucking. The others mix in shallow, slow, long and fast stroking patterns.

You can pair suction with several different vibration modes. Each generating different sensations from mild to intense.

To note: We found that the suction mechanism forms a tight seal, which makes it difficult to manually stroke. We recommend sitting back, relaxing and letting SAM NEO go to work, which creates a sensual and intense ending.

Local & Long Distance Control

To control SAM NEO locally there is one button on the top (bottom being the sleeve). Using your index finger to cycle through the suction/vibration modes was the easiest while holding the device.

The keyword being ‘cycle’.

We found the Svakom App much easier to use to control SAM NEO remotely.

A single tap lets you choose one of five suction settings. You can also change the vibration patterns and strength with a slider, which you cannot do on the device. Also, with the addition of long distance play your partner has the capability to take control of your pleasure. No matter where they are in the world.

To note: Just like ALEX NEO, you are unable to connect or control any of the other devices in Svakom’s Connexion Series. If you do want to pair a partner device, we recommend the options listed by Lovense and Kiiroo.

Cleaning & Battery Life

Removing the sleeve is simple. Just pinch the top to release any section then pull gently until it releases. Then clean with warm water, antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner.

We recommend removing the sleeve before your first session as we found some residue, potentially from the packaging or manufacturing process. You will want to wash this off beforehand.

Although Svakom states:

Long-lasting battery & fast charging

This benefit is in line with the majority of other vibrating male masturbators. With a charge time of three hours providing an hour of run-time.

If the realistic oral suction and sensations have caught your eye, you can find out more about Svakom’s SAM NEO via LoveHoney.com.

Our Recommended Automatic Stroker

Whether it’s for personal use or two connect on a deeper and more intimate level with a long distance partner. Male masturbators will definitely enhance your experience.

Although it is the most expensive option. The device that we can confidently state, will deliver the best outcome is KEON by Kiiroo.

Here’s why…

KEON Kiiroo's most powerful automatic stroker

Realistic Sensations

Not only does KEON have a sleeve which produces the most lifelike sensations (now with vaginal and anal options). It also has largest range of stroke patterns, motions and speeds of any automatic masturbator.

Pair this with the longest stroking mechanism and you and your partner have the most diverse and powerful device, reaching up to an intense 230 strokes per minute.

Partner Device Pairing

Kiiroo has the largest range of sex toys with long distance control and pairing capabilities. Whether you’re in a straight or queer relationship, you are sure to find an option that will suit both of you.

Our favorite pairings for the KEON are:

Which Automatic Stroker or Vibrating Masturbator Will You Choose?

Whether our recommendation of Kiiroo’s KEON has caught your eye. Or another outstanding option like the Max 2 or Calor by Lovense

What’s important is that you make sure any decision to buy an automatic strokers or vibrating masturbators is done so after making an informed decision!

We hope our in depth review has helped you do just that.

If you’re still on the fence, don’t worry. It’s totally ok! Join our LDR Support Group (where you can post anonymously if preferred) and get the right help from an amazingly supportive and inclusive community!

Frequently Asked Questions About Male Masturbators

What is the difference between Automatic Strokers & Vibrating Masturbators?

The main difference between automatic strokers and vibrating masturbators is that automatic strokers are equipped with motors that physically make the device move up and down. While vibrating masturbators use vibrating motors to recreate the feeling of stroking or to enhance sensations when stroking manually.

Lucas Knight author image for bio
Hailing from Amsterdam, Lucas is a Long Distance Intimacy Contributor at Lasting The Distance, focusing on male sexual health. His goal is to help remove the stigma around men (in long distance relationships or not) using adult devices in the bedroom while improving their confidence to explore their sexual needs AND wants.
Feel the miles melt away, one question at a time

150 expert crafted questions proven to improve your communication and connection with your long disance love.

A super easy way to bring a bit of adventure and excitement into the quality time we spend together online.

David 🇺🇸 & Emily 🇨🇦
Feel the miles melt away, one question at a time

150 expert crafted questions proven to improve your communication and connection with your long disance love.

A super easy way to bring a bit of adventure and excitement into the quality time we spend together online.

David 🇺🇸 & Emily 🇨🇦