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9 Best Pieces of Long Distance Friendship Jewelry in 2024

Lolo & Nate | Updated: January 3, 2024

Long distance friendship jewelry is truly special.


We think it has an amazing ability to transport you to the heartwarming memories that you share with one another.

Regardless of its price, what it’s made out of, or the type, it’s the symbolism that really matters.

As long as there’s meaning behind it, even something labeled cheap by some will be priceless to others.

Whether you’re looking for necklaces, bracelets, or rings, we’ve picked the most meaningful pieces to honor and celebrate your friendship.

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The Best Jewelry For Long Distance Friends In 2024

Long Distance Friendship Necklaces

Totwoo Smart Necklaces

totwoo smart friendship jewelry

Want a unique piece of long distance friendship jewelry that also lets your bestie know when they’re on your mind?

Totwoo Smart Necklaces will vibrate and light up any time a paired necklace is touched.

It’s like receiving your own personal and physical notification!

Made with high end materials, these necklaces are stunning and the three different styles will suit almost any outfit or occasion:

To note: Totwoo also has smart touch bracelets if your friend is more into bracelets than necklaces, read on for our favorites!

Custom State & Province Friendship Necklaces by Anavia Jewelry

long distance friendship necklaces

Close the distance between your two states with these Custom State & Province Friendship Necklaces

Both of your states are engraved on the front of the round pendant with a heart in the middle. On the back, you can include a short message, up to 17 characters. Some examples:

With an 18” chain and available in silver, gold, or rose gold, it’s the perfect customizable item to represent your friendship.

We really like that Anavia Jewelry includes a gift box with every purchase! So you can have it sent directly to your friend and save on shipping costs.

I’ll Be There Friendship Quote Necklaces by Kathy Bransfield

i'll be there best friend necklaces

Are you looking for a way to remind your friend you’ll be by their side regardless of the distance between you?

Kathy Bransfield’s I’ll Be There Friendship Quote Necklaces allow you to do just that.

Covered by a gold-plated brass cutout of two trees standing side by side, a sterling silver pendant reads:

If it hurts too much to look back, but you’re too scared to look ahead, just look beside you and I’ll be there.

An 18.25” long sterling silver chain finishes off this beautiful reminder of the power of your friendship.

For more details check out Kathy’s listing on

Want more necklace options? Check out our post on friendship necklaces your bestie will absolutely love.

Bracelets For Long Distance Friends

Bond Touch Bracelets

mom with bond touch bracelet

Which option do you think is a more heartwarming option?

  1. Taking out your phone and texting your friend to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  2. Tapping your bracelet which not only makes your friend’s bracelet light up and vibrate, but also their face 🙂

We think number two also!

These bluetooth and app connected bracelets by Bond Touch allow you to have a 1-1 connection with your bestie, no matter where they are in the world.

Just tap your bracelet and as there’s vibrates it will give them that subtle yet heartwarming feeling knowing you’re thinking about them at that very moment.

Usage tip: You can tap up to ten times in a row, even combining short and long taps to create a custom codes. For example, one long tap could mean “I miss you,” while three short taps mean “I got home safe.”

Each bracelet comes with a standard black band, but you can also purchase other colors to match your styles:

MLB Game Used Baseball Friendship Bracelets by Ward Wallau

MLB Game Used Baseball Friendship Bracelets in yellow, blue and red

If one of the favorite things to do with your bestie was to see a ballgame, send them a reminder of those good times with these MLB Game Used Baseball Friendship Bracelets.

Under the leather, baseballs are made mostly from wool. These bracelets use wool from game-used baseballs to form a bracelet and are made adjustable from 6” to 9”.

All 30 major league teams are available but what’s really cool is that each bracelet comes with an authentication card and a hologram to find the details of which game the ball was used in!

Not into baseball? No worries!

Ward Wallau also has unique game-used items from other sports, including:

Custom Birthstone Friendship Bracelets by Vivo Minimalist

custom birthstone friendship bracelets

Looking for something simple and elegant? These Custom Friendship Bracelets include a birthstone and a small disk you can customize with the initial or symbol of your choosing.

Vivo Minimalist has made these delicate bracelets available in a number of sizes and finishes to match your friend’s style, they include:

Suitable for any occasion, your friend will always be able to look down at their wrist and have an amazing reminder of you and your bond.

Long Distance Friendship Rings

Long Distance Friendship Knot Rings by Kat Studio

friendship knot rings

Show your friend that you won’t let the distance break your friendship with these Long Distance Friendship Knot Rings.

Knots are an amazing representation a bond that can’t be broken, making these knot rings the perfect way to show that your friendship will endure despite the distance between you.

These rings are sold in pairs, so you can keep one and give one to your friend. Then, you’ll both have a constant reminder of what you mean to one another.

Made from 16 gauge recycled sterling silver wire, these rings have a minimalist look that will match almost any style.

Cityscape Friendship Rings by Caitlyn Minimalist

city scape rings

Whether you want to remind your friend of your hometown or an amazing trip you took together, these Cityscape Friendship Rings are a beautiful way to bring those memories to life.

Made from 925 sterling silver with gold or rose gold finishing options, you can select from a long list of popular cities around the world or ask for any custom city.

You can also have the inside of the ring engraved for a small additional fee, making this an amazing personalized piece of long distance friendship jewelry.

Zodiac Sign Friendship Rings by Choice By Choi Inc

zodiac sign friendship rings

For those passionate about astrology, these Zodiac Sign Friendship Rings are a great option.

Made from brass and plated with silver or 14k gold and available in ring sizes 6, 7, and 8, these minimalist rings feature cubic zirconias in settings that match the constellation of the chosen zodiac sign.

If you love minimalistic jewelry, Choice By Choi offers a wide variety of personalized options to choose from.

Now It’s Your Turn

Which piece of jewelry do you absolutely love?

If it’s a surprise, think about what your bestie would enjoy. If you’re picking something together, share this article with them to find the perfect symbol of your friendship!

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