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Long Distance Touch Bracelets: We Tested The 3 Best Options

Lolo & Nate | Updated: August 2, 2023

In a hurry? Here’s our TL;DR breakdown of the best long distance touch bracelets to keep you connected:

🥇 Our Top Choice

Bond Touch More

bond touch more bracelets

Latest touch & swipe haptic technology with ability to connect multiple bracelets.

  • Design: 4.5/5
  • Comfort: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5
  • Application: 5/5
  • Battery: 4.5/5
  • Price: 4/5

🥈 Popular Option

Bond Touch (Original)

original bond touch bracelets

The original and most popular touch bracelets for long distance couples.

  • Design: 4/5
  • Comfort: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5
  • Application: 5/5
  • Battery: 4.5/5
  • Price: 4.5/5

🥉 Unique Alternative

Totwoo Touch Bracelets

totwoo smart jewelry bracelets

The only ‘smart jewelry’ option available with extensive design choices.

  • Design: 4/5
  • Comfort: 3.5/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Application: 3/5
  • Battery: 3.5/5
  • Price: 4.5/5

We know how soul-crushing distance can be when you want to feel your partner next to you.

Not only do studies show touch is crucial for our well-being. Our own survey of 926 people in long distance relationships found that a staggering 34% (318) of respondents’ love language is ‘physical touch’!

So what can we do while apart? Long distance touch bracelets are the answer.

Being able to virtually ‘touch’ your partner is a powerful way to create a sense of connection.

We’ve tested, compared, and reviewed the best options to help maintain a healthy relationship from afar. Let’s get stuck in!

long distance touch bracelets article pinterest image


Our Review & Comparison Of The Three Best Long Distance Touch Bracelets Available Today

1. The Original Bond Touch Bracelets

black and gold original bond touch bracelet being worn on wrist

The team at Bond Touch have been industry leaders in the touch bracelet space for many years and it’s easy to see why.

Since the launch of their original Bond Touch bracelets, they’ve helped strengthen the connection between (tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of) long distance couples all over the world.

They’ve done such an amazing job, their products have been spotted on the wrists of celebrities like Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello throughout their relationship (without endorsement).

It’s time to find out what all the fuss is about!


Straight out of the box you can see that the bracelets look more like a fitness tracker than a piece of jewelry. We love the modern look, which pairs well with almost any fashion style.

two bond touch bracelets one black with gold housing the other white with rose gold housing

What’s interesting is that the module slides onto the band rather than attaching like a watch. Although still quite small, this makes the module stick out and look bigger than it actually is.

Our purchase included the black (with gold housing) and white (with rose gold housing) models.

We found that the black option blends in very well, while white sometimes doesn’t blend in and is quite noticeable.

If you or your partner enjoy a splash of color, Bond Touch has a number of options, including:


In the hand, the Bond Touch module is very light. Pairing it with a smooth silicone band creates a very comfortable feel on the wrist. We tested wearing these bracelets doing everyday chores through to physical activity and it was barely noticeable when worn close-fitting.

Speaking of (after sweaty) physical activity, there was never a hesitation to wear it in the shower because it’s completely waterproof. Add in the fact that the silicone band doesn’t absorb water meant it quickly dried and prevented any funky smells.

To note: The loop at the end of the band makes putting on the bracelet doable with one hand. Securing it was a little challenging as the end of the plug is larger than the hole and the silicone band is quite hard. But this also means that it won’t come off!

Setup Process

The team at Bond Touch has done a great job of breaking their setup process into four steps:

We completed the setup in less than five minutes, which is possible due to their easy-to-use Bond Touch App (iOS & Android).

Account Creation

Upon opening the app for the first time, you’ll be asked to add your phone number to receive a code via sms for verification. Once verified you’ll add your date of birth to complete the login process.

Before pairing you’ll be asked to add an email, username and photo for your profile.

To note: You can skip it, but we recommend adding a photo and username because it (and your partner’s) appears on your dashboard.

bond touch account setup success screenshot
Bracelet Pairing

The Bond Touch app does a good job of guiding you through the bracelet pairing process. It makes sure you’re connecting the right device (they have multiple), that your Bluetooth is active, and when to ‘wake up’ your bracelet so the app can recognize it.

Once paired you’ll pick the color (one of twenty) your partner’s bracelet will light up with when you send a touch. Then choose the vibration intensity (low, medium, high and strong) of your bracelet.

Tip: We found we missed touches using the low setting. Medium was the best as you can feel every touch with little sound from the vibrations.

pairing bond touch bracelet to app success screenshot
Touch Tutorials

The touch tutorials are a nice… touch 😏. They not only show you how to ‘wake up’ your bracelet and send different touches. The process makes you do it properly before it’s marked as complete.

While it is skippable, it only takes a couple of minutes. So we recommend you go through it.

Partner Connect

Starting the process to connect with your partner is easily accessed through your dashboard. Once you’ve started the process, all you need to do is add your partner’s number directly or find them in your contacts.

bond touch partner connect process adding phone number of partner
Add partner’s number
bond touch partner connect partner added screenshot
Partner adds your number
bond touch partner connect successful connection showing both users on the dashboard
Successful connection

We found it odd that both you and your partner have to complete this. While it is straightforward, just having an invite that one of you needs to accept would be easier.

Once connected you can now send and receive touches!

Sending & Receiving Touches

If you go through the tutorials when setting up your bracelet you’ll know how easy it is to send touches:

  1. Double tap to wake it up (it will light up in your chosen color), then
  2. Tap the bracelet up to ten times to create a unique message.

Tip: You’ll know you’re creating a message because your bracelet will vibrate as you touch it.

One feature we really like using is holding a finger down on the module to increase the length of the touch.

Creating even more unique messages you can assign special meanings to.

Now, trying to remember all of those messages and meanings would be ridiculous and Bond Touch knows this. So they created ‘Touch Language’, which lets you save touches, give them names and assign different colors to them within the app.

Delay Between Sending/Receiving Touches

We tested how long it took touches to be received and calculated that on average it took two to ten seconds after being sent.

To note: We’d consider this to be immediate. But with the expectation that there could be delays depending on your overall distance, smartphone data speed and signal.

How Receiving A Touch Feels

Feeling the vibration on your wrist is quite pleasant, but the warmth it fills you with inside is undeniable! Knowing that your partner is thinking of you at that very moment is POWERFUL.

After testing all four vibration modes (low, medium, high, and strong) we preferred medium. It creates enough vibration so you never miss a message from your partner. While also being quiet enough so that a continuous stream of messages won’t be heard by anyone around you.

Bond Touch Application

From the setup process, onboarding help, and other features to connect you and your partner. We think the Bond Touch app has one of the best user experiences we’ve ever seen. Everything has been created to guide you through each step and quickly.

bond touch secret space feature showing messages, photos and previous touches

We’ve already spoken about the ‘Touch Language’ feature, but where we and most likely you and your partner will get the most use out of the app will be the ‘Secret Space’.

This is a private place for you and your partner to send each other text messages, photos, and logs of previous touches you’ve sent.

You can also ‘Secret Send,’ photos which can only be opened by using a passcode, Face ID, or tapping their bracelet.

Tip: ‘Secret Send’ is a good option for spicy-pics BUT be warned. If you or your partner take a screenshot the other will be notified.

Charging & Battery Life

The charging connection point is on the side of the module and the charger has been designed to slide directly onto it. We found it didn’t slide on properly every time, but the more we did it the easier it got.

You’ll know you’ve connected it properly when you hear a ‘click’ sound and the module flashes white. It will then turn to a consistent white light when fully charged.

bond touch charging dock and module showing charging points
bond touch charging dock slid onto the module with the white light flashing to show it's charging

While Bond Touch has stated your first charge should take around four hours, ours took only two. We think this has to do with testing the bracelets during the manufacturing/quality control process.

They also state you should get three to four days of use from a full charge. We found this to be correct, using 20% to 25% of battery each day.

To note: We never wore the bracelets until they needed to be charged. Instead we (and recommend that you) treat them like other devices we use daily and charge them overnight

Bond Touch Pros & Cons


  1. Fitness tracker-like design fits seamlessly with most fashion styles.
  2. Super easy to setup and connect with your partner via the Bond Touch app.
  3. Secret Space feature removes the need for other messaging apps.
  4. Being able to send (and save) unique messages for multiple meanings.
  5. No issues wearing during physical activity or in the shower (waterproof).


  1. Bond Touch module is quite pronounced on the wrist with the band setup.
  2. Can’t send videos or have voice/video calls within the Secret Space.
  3. The charger is difficult to take off when the module is on the band.
  4. Clasping/closing the band on your wrist would be easier with a smaller plug.

Where To Buy The Original Bond Touch Bracelets

You can purchase Bond Touch bracelets from many online retailers, including those below. But we recommend buying directly from Bond Touch’s official website to secure the best price and discounts. Plus you are going to deal directly with the manufacturer for any warranty issues and customer service.

Want to learn more? Check out our in-depth Bond Touch bracelets review and why we think they’re (almost) perfect for long distance relationships.

2. Bond Touch More Bracelets

black with silver housing bond touch more bracelet being worn on wrist

Although it may not necessarily be a direct replacement, the second-generation Bond Touch More is definitely an upgrade to the original.

Its overwhelming popularity means that the original Bond Touch will likely be available for some time to come. Especially when how well it keeps two people connected.

But for those wanting an elevated experience, the Bond Touch More delivers in three key areas:

  1. Better module design,
  2. Enhanced touch gestures, and
  3. Pairing with multiple (up to 3 other) bracelets.

Speaking of design…


Side by side, you can tell that the Bond Touch More is a next-generation model. It looks similar to the original, while also being (pardon the pun) more refined at the same time.

comparing the new bond touch more bracelets design and against the old original bond touch bracelets

The module is noticeably longer but also slimmer. Combine this with a watch-like band that attaches to the ends of the housing (plus the band has a similar width to the module) and you’ve got a touch bracelet that looks and feels more streamlined.

To note: We think these design updates make the Bond Touch More look smaller on your wrist.

As of 22nd September 2023, there are limited color choices available (black bands and modules only). But you can choose between a silver or black metal housing, which we purchased one each of. We expect other colored modules and bands to be available soon.


Both the original and Bond Touch More feel very similar in terms of weight when on your wrist. This is impressive when you think of the larger module size and enhanced tech they’ve included.

One of these enhancements is magnetic charging and you might be thinking…

How does magnetic charging impact comfort!?

We found that because the two magnets stick out slightly on the bottom of the module. The contact they make with your arm is not only comfortable but also helps it to stay in place. From our experience, this provides the Bond Touch More with even better stability during general and physical activity.

The silicon band is also slightly softer than the original Bond Touch. This improved how easy it was for us to secure the bracelet with one hand.

Want a deeper comparison? Check out our in-depth guide comparing the original Bond Touch vs Bond Touch More bracelets.

Setup Process

Tip: If you own the original Bond Touch bracelets and are looking to upgrade, you will need to ‘disconnect’ your bracelets from the app. We found the process was super simple, go to:

  1. Settings (bottom right hand corner of dashboard)
  2. My Bond Touch Bracelet (second list option)
  3. Disconnect this bracelet (bottom list option)

You’ll also need to forget your bracelet in your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

disconnect process screenshot for removing the original bond touch bracelet to add the new bond touch more

Both the original Bond Touch and Bond Touch More use the same process for:

  • Account creation
  • Bracelet pairing, and
  • Partner connect

Which you can reread in our Bond Touch review here.

But, as we expected, the team at Bond Touch adjusted the touch tutorials to walk you through the swipe (up and down) and tap (top, middle and bottom) gestures.

These are the ‘enhanced touch gestures’ that we mentioned earlier and what we think are the reason why you would choose Bond Touch More over their original touch bracelets.

bond touch more touch tutorial showing how to swipe and touch to send messages

Sending & Receiving Touches

We found sending touches to be just as easy with the Bond Touch More as it is with the original bracelets:

  1. Wake up the module with a double tap (it will light up in your chosen color), then
  2. Tap and swipe the bracelet up to ten times to create touch messages.

With the improved haptic sensors now being able to pick up exactly where you tap or swipe your finger on the module (along with how long you hold your finger down for). You now have what feels like an infinite amount of ways to tell your partner they are in your thoughts!

It would be easy to see the swipe function as a bit of a gimmick. You don’t NEED it to send touches, but we found ourselves using it in over 50% of our messages.

Not only did it feel fun to send, but actually feeling the swipe being mimicked by vibrations was also fun to receive! (more on this later)

Delay Between Sending/Receiving Touches

Because both Bond Touch and Bond Touch More use the same software we didn’t expect to find any discernible difference when it came to how long it took to receive touches. 

And we didn’t!

From our tests it took around the same time (two to ten seconds) for touches to be received.

How Receiving A Touch Feels

At first we thought that how receiving a touch feels wouldn’t be very different. But we were pleasantly surprised by just how much better the sensations from vibrations felt from the Bond Touch More.

Being able to tap different parts of the Bond Touch More module and even slide your finger from one end to the other and have them mimicked by vibrations is a super unique feeling. 

The result?

Vibrations feel more intricate and precise, which at the end of the day is just a better experience.

Bond Touch App

We have no doubt you will get a lot of use out of the ‘Secret Space’ if you choose either of the Bond Touch bracelet options. But where the app shines with the Bond Touch More is the ‘Touch Language’ feature.

touch langauge feature saved touches for the bond touch more taps and swipes

Having the ability to swipe and tap any part of the module to send messages is a complex addition.

But these gestures now give you what feels like an infinite amount of combinations to send super unique messages.

Using Touch Language to save the best ones, give them meaningful names and even change the colors they vibrate to are awesome for long distance couples to create their own way to communicate.

Tip: We found the best messages are those that aren’t too intricate and are easy to replicate so the Bond Touch app can match your touches to what you have saved.

Battery & Charging

Charging your Bond Touch More is definitely an easier process. There’s no fiddling around because of the inbuilt magnets. 

A really cool detail is how Bond Touch positioned one negative and one positive attracting magnet in each of the device and charging dock. This means they will only connect when in the right position and the opposite magnets attract each other.

bond touch more charging dock and module showing the magnets for easy connection
bond touch more on charging dock with white light on showing it is charging

To note: It states you’ll need three to four hours for a full charge. But our first try, with both bracelets, never moved from charging (blinking light) to fully charged (steady light). Luckily, once we had paired and used them for a day, the second charge did show they were fully charged.

When it comes to battery life we found that the Bond Touch More used around 30-35% of the battery per day, compared to the 20-25% of our original Bond Touch’s. This makes sense because they have more LED lights, vibrating motors and better haptic touch sensors.

Bond Touch More Pros & Cons


  1. Can pair with up to 3 other bracelets making them perfect for friends and families.
  2. Design is similar yet more streamlined than the original Bond Touch bracelets.
  3. Watch strap is easier to clasp and fits better on your wrist.
  4. New swipe and tap functionality generates more precise vibrations.
  5. Magnetic charging dock is a level up compared to the original setup.
  6. Completely waterproof so no issues keeping it on in the shower/bath.


  1. Cannot connect multiple bracelets as a ‘group’. Only 1-to-1 with up to three people.
  2. As of 22nd September 2023, there are currently little to no accessories available.
  3. ~30% more expensive than the original.

Where To Buy Bond Touch More Bracelets

If the Bond Touch More bracelets are for you, we suggest purchasing from the retailers below. Our recommendation is that you buy from the manufacturer, Bond Touch. You will not only secure the best price and any discounts, but we feel it’s also best for any warranty issues and customer service.

Still on the fence? We’ve also put together a deep dive review of our time with the Bond Touch More bracelets.

3. Totwoo Smart Touch Bracelets

silver charm with black rope band totwoo smart touch bracelet worn on wrist

Other than the now-defunct Hey Bracelet. The team at Totwoo have created the only touch bracelets worthy of a review and comparison to those from Bond Touch.

Over recent years they’ve produced unique options for long distance couples to stay connected and look good doing it!

Their first iteration of touch bracelets only lit up and needed the battery to be replaced every 15 days. Now, their second generation option adds the all-important vibration and a rechargeable battery. Making it easier to directly compare them to the Bond Touch models.


We love that Totwoo have taken their design in a completely different direction. Creating what we consider to be ‘smart jewelry’, more so than those from Bond Touch.

comparing design of the rose gold totwoo touch bracelet with the white bond touch original and black bond touch more bracelets

They won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but the intricate details of the circular charm and metal finishes will appeal to those looking for a bold and fashionable option.

The designs we purchased were the Sun & Moon (silver with black rope – rose gold with brown rope) vibrating touch bracelets, pictured above. Having been separated by a 15 ½  hour time difference, the sun and moon designs were very symbolic to our long distance relationship.

If the Sun & Moon option isn’t for you, no worries. Totwoo has an unbelievable amount of style options to suit your preferences. There are different:

To note: There are also necklace chains available too making it a much more versatile option.


Totwoo has done a great job making their module significantly smaller than the Bond Touch models. But it is quite a bit heavier due to primarily being metal instead of plastic. 

On your wrist it still feels light and wont obstruct you from going about your daily routine.

Speaking of daily routine, we did find that the milan rope bracelet would loosen overtime and needed to be tightened throughout the day. Just needing to pull on the bracelet to tighten it makes it easy to put on but the mechanism that holds it in place could be stronger.

For this reason, we also wouldn’t recommend wearing it during physical activity. If you do, instead choose a metal chain or braided leather bracelet that clasps together.

Setup Process

Similar to Bond Touch, Totwoo’s smartphone app (iOS and Android) does the heavy lifting when it comes to account creation, bracelet pairing and connecting with your partner.

But the overall experience is slightly different.

Account Creation

Just like the Bond Touch app, Totwoo will prompt you to add your phone number to receive a security code for verification. You’ll then be asked to add a password, your gender and birthday. 

We understand the need to add a password and maybe your birthday (for the horoscopes feature). But there is little to no need to add your gender. Also, you have to choose male or female, which isn’t very inclusive.

To note: Passwords following Totwoo’s directions of 6-16 letters, numbers and symbols never saved for us. But, just adding letters and numbers worked.

Bracelet Pairing

Overall, we found the app’s three-step pairing process to be just as easy as with Bond Touch.

Start the process via your dashboard, select the device you’re pairing then let the app find it via Bluetooth. Once found you’ll then be asked to pair the bracelet to your phone. 

You’re now ready to move onto connecting with your partner!

To note: We recommend setting your username/alias before this step. You’re not prompted to like Bond Touch does. But we think you should because it will help either of you know that your accounts are set up when going through the partner connect process.

totwoo bracelet pairing to phone screenshot
Partner Connect

This is one area where we preferred Totwoo process over Bond Touch. Rather than needing both of you to ‘add’ each other. Totwoo only needs one of you to start the connection process (by using your contacts list to send an invite) and the other to accept once the invite is received.

totwoo partner connect process finding your partner in your contacts screenshot
Find partner in contacts
totwoo partner connect waiting for partner to accept invite screenshot
Wait for partner to accept
totwoo partner connect success showing dashboard screenshot
Successfull connection

Running through this process was simple and we connected on the first attempt.

Before starting to send touches, or ‘Love Signals’ as Totwoo calls them. You’re given the chance to review them and make adjustments where possible.

With emphasis on ‘where possible’.

There are five love signals that you can send your partner. But you can only change the color and vibration settings of two, ‘Missing You’ and ‘Love You’. There are:

Tip: We chose the ‘Missing You’ vibration length to be long and ‘Love You’ to be short. The color doesn’t matter as much because your partner won’t always see it. But the vibration length lets you know which love signal was sent.

The three other love signals ‘Need You’, ‘Sad’, and ‘Sorry’ have preset colors and the same vibration lengths, which you cannot change.

totwoo adjusting colors and vibration lengths of touches and love signals

Sending & Receiving Touches (Love Signals)

When it comes to the five love signals that you can send to your partner there are two ways to send them:

  1. Through the bracelet, and
  2. The Totwoo app.

Through the app you can send all five love signals to your partner. Just tap the ‘❤️ Send’ button on your dashboard then select your preference.

When it comes to sending love messages through the Totwoo touch bracelet, the only option you have is ‘Missing You’.

There’s no need to wake it up like with Bond Touch. Just hold your finger on the charm (less than half a second) until it lights up and vibrates. 

Only being able to send one love signal from the bracelet shows the system isn’t as sophisticated as Bond Touch.

We think this is why we found ourselves using them half as much as the Bond Touch options because there was no variation.

Delay Between Sending/Receiving Touches

Throughout our testing we found love signal delivery times to be up and down. The majority would send in a similar time to that of Bond Touch (two to ten seconds).

There were times it took up to 30 seconds, but in the grand scheme of things it didn’t happen enough to be an issue.

How Receiving A Touch Feels

While wearing these bracelets both tight to the wrist and loose, we found the default vibration setting to be the best in terms of never missing a love signal from your partner.

If you prefer to wear it tight on your wrist the sensation from the vibrations is very pleasant against the skin and feels very similar to the original Bond Touch. You may even find it to be a little ticklish (in a good way), as we did. 

Tip: Although it was easy to miss love signals on the lowest vibration setting. We suggest you test the complete range of vibration levels to see which suits you.

Totwoo Application

The two main features where we can compare Totwoo and Bond Touch are the Message Center and Love Letters.

Totwoo’s Message Center doesn’t look as good as Bond Touch’s Secret Space but it offers a few extra features. You can customize the wallpaper plus send each other audio and video messages. We found the audio quality to be low and there are Chinese characters instead of English when creating an audio message, making it difficult to know what you’re doing.

totwoo app message center screenshot
Totwoo message center
receiving a secret love message in the totwoo app
Open by tapping bracelet
opening secret love message in the totwoo app showing a secret audio message
Secret message plays

Their Love Letters feature is similar to Secret Send in the Bond Touch app. But rather than just being able to send images, you can also send secret audio and video messages. Creating these messages is easy but when trying to send them it seems to freeze. In the end they do send but they also took a long time to load.

Overall we really like what Totwoo is trying to achieve. But there are a few areas they need to refine to truly compete with Bond Touch’s app.

Charging & Battery Life

While Totwoo’s touch bracelets don’t have magnets, but they do clip seamlessly into their charging dock. You do have to apply a little force but not so much that you think it’s going to break.

We really like that there is only one way to connect the charm to the charging dock. There are cutouts in the dock, which is for where the bracelet and charm connect to help it sit securely. You’ll know it’s connected properly when the charm glows red (charging status). 

totwoo bracelet next to their white charging dock showing the three connection points
totwoo bracelet on the charging dock and showing it is charging by the light bring red

It took us around an hour to fully charge these bracelets, which is how long Totwoo states it takes.

Totwoo also states you should get two to three days of use from a single charge, which is less than both Bond Touch bracelets. From our tests, we found ourselves using around 40% to 50% of the battery every day, which lines up with their lower estimation.

Totwoo Pros & Cons


  1. Smart jewelry style with a ton of design options is a unique approach.
  2. Protective stickers keep the charms scratch free during shipping.
  3. Partner connect uses a simpler process than Bond Touch.
  4. You can send love signals through the app if your bracelet is out of battery.
  5. Totwoo packaging is by far the best from a gifting perspective.


  1. You can only send one love signal with your bracelet.
  2. Three love signals that can be sent through the app have the same vibration.
  3. The milan rope bracelet loosens multiple times throughout the day.
  4. Totwoo app is not as ‘polished’ as the Bond Touch app.
  5. Battery does not last as long as Bond Touch models.
  6. Charms are only splashproof and can’t be submerged in water.

Where To Buy Totwoo Touch Bracelets

Have you fallen in love with the intricate design of Totwoo’s Sun & Moon vibrating touch bracelets? Purchasing directly from Totwoo for the best price and customer support is our recommendation. But they are also available from the retailers below.

Spec Comparison: Bond Touch vs Bond Touch More & Totwoo

When comparing the general specs of Bond Touch vs Bond Touch More and Totwoo, we can see many similarities, but some differences are worth highlighting.

Bond TouchBond Touch MoreTotwoo
LED colors20209
Style options21220+
Band length9.5”9.5”8.9”
Battery life4 days3-4 days2-3 days
Full charge3-4hrs3-4hrs1hr
iOS11.0 11.0 12.0
Android5.0 5.0 5.1
Encryption256bit 256bit128bit
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
Returns14 days14 days14 days
Ship separateYesYesNo

Our Favorite Long Distance Touch Bracelets

While all three options are bound to positively impact your relationship. There are a few reasons why we absolutely love the Bond Touch More touch bracelets to help you stay connected with loved ones from afar.

Our previous recommendation was the original Bond Touch bracelets but we can’t look past how the Bond Touch More updates make it the standout choice. Here’s why…

bond touch more bracelets
Better Design

The Bond Touch More’s improved design feels much more comfortable on the wrist than the original. From a general and physical activity perspective it is much more secure than Totwoo’s milan rope.

Magnetic charging brings these bracelets into the 21st century and actually makes Bond Touch More look much more ‘presentable’.

Limitless Touches

While all three models work in terms of keeping people connected from afar. Bond Touch More’s ability to send unique touch messages, including swipes makes it the standout option.

Having what feels like an infinite amount of touch and swipe combinations means you’re likely to get more out of the Bond Touch More (when compared to Totwoo’s single touch message, sent via their bracelet).

Best-in-class App

The team at Bond Touch has done an amazing job of creating an app that gets you set up quickly and walks you through how to use their products in a simple yet effective way.

We like that there isn’t too many features and those they have included, like Secret Space and Touch Language, enhance the overall experience. This helps long distance couples ‘create their own little universe’ as it does the work of multiple apps in one.

Delivery Options

Rather than having to receive both as a set THEN pay an extra amount of money to ship one (or more) and wait until received. Being able to purchase and send bracelets separately is a big time and money saver!

Customer Love

While it’s surprising that Bond Touch doesn’t have a review system on their website, they have received thousands of 5-star reviews on major e-commerce sites like Amazon and UncommonGoods.

This gave us (and hopefully you) peace of mind because we knew that so many people had taken the plunge and are enjoying how much Bond Touch is strengthening their long distance relationships.

Which Touch Bracelets Will You Choose?

With the positive impact, a device like this can have on your connection. The decision of which long distance touch bracelets to purchase can’t be taken lightly!

We love the latest Bond Touch More model for long distance couples, but which bracelets caught your eye?

If you do purchase one option, don’t forget to come back and let us know about your experience and how you use them! Or if you’re still on the fence, check out this Bond Touch (unofficial) subreddit r/bondtouch to see what others think and to have your questions answered.

Alternatively, these friendship lamps might just be what you’re looking for if these touch bracelets aren’t up your alley.

Frequently Askes Questions About Touch Bracelets

How do touch bracelets work?

Touch bracelets connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. When one person taps their bracelet, the application triggers the other bracelet to light up and vibrate. As long as you’re both near your phones with the application running in the background, the bracelets will work.

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