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The Best Long Distance & Remote Control Vibrators In 2024

Lolo & Nate | Updated: February 1, 2024

Need to buzz off? Here’s our TL;DR of the top three remote control vibrators we recommend for long distance fun:

🥇 Our Top Choice

Nora by Lovense

our top choice for the best remote control vibrator for long distance couples is the Nora by Lovense

Most popular and most affordable long distance sex toys in 2024.

  • Orgasmic: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Battery: 5/5
  • Cleaning: 4/5
  • Price: 5/5

🥈 Premium Option

Pearl 3 by Kiiroo

Kiiroo's Pearl 3 is a g-spot vibrator with remote control capabilities. This purple model has three bumps on the inside meant for making contact with your g-spot

Industry-leading touch-sensitive tech & partner device control.

  • Orgasmic: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Battery: 3.5/5
  • Cleaning: 3.5/5
  • Price: 3.5/5

🥉 Wearable Alternative

Sync 2 by We-Vibe

Sync 2 is a dual stimulation vibrator that can be controlled via an app and be worn during sex

The most powerful & completely undetectable wearable option.

  • Orgasmic: 3/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Battery: 4/5
  • Cleaning: 4.5/5
  • Price: 5/5

Being in a relationship where you spend more time apart than together AND hundreds if not thousands of miles away creates major difficulties when it comes to…

Physical intimacy.

It’s the unfortunate result of being a long distance couple. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We believe remote control vibrators are the answer because they allow you to pleasure each other, from anywhere in the world.

We’ve put together a list of the best app controlled options to help you level up your intimate moments from afar.

remote control vibrators article pinterest image


NOTE FROM LOLO & NATE: Before getting stuck in, we want to touch on our process for a device to be tested and considered worthy to be on this list. Each device must…

  • Use only body safe materials like 100% non-porous silicone.
  • Provide peace of mind with discreet packaging/shipping as standard.
  • Have an easy-to-use app with remote control features for long distance couples.
  • Require simple cleaning techniques (warm water & mild soap or toy cleaner).

The Best Rabbit Style Remote Control Vibrators

Nora by Lovense

Nora the rabbit style remote control vibrator by Lovense with a rotating head and vibrating second arm

Lovense are industry leaders when it comes to long distance products, and for good reason. Their late 2013 release, Nora, remains one of their most popular models for long distance couples.

But don’t think it hasn’t changed in over a decade…

Now in its 6th generation, Nora is equipped with features that are loved by both beginners and experienced users. It has a comfortable curved shaft that’s easy to insert and remove, while its two unique functions can be used together or separately. 

Performance & Functionality

While Nora’s head rotates to simulate fingering or intercourse against your G-spot. The smaller arm vibrates to massage the clitoris and flexes so you’re always putting the right amount of pressure as you insert and remove.

Both arms can be used at the same time or you can use them independently depending on your mood.

See our video for a visual demonstration.

There are buttons on the device for manual use but the remote control features in the Lovense Remote App are much easier to use.

Using the app you can: 

To note: You can also pair Nora with other Lovense devices. This is perfect for long distance couples to level up their intimacy while apart by being able to control each other’s devices just by using your own. You can pair with another Nora or Lovense’s male toys, Max 2 and Calor.

Want to learn more about connected devices? Check out our article on the best connected sex toys for long distance couples (including LGBTQ+ options)


Nora isn’t waterproof, so unfortunately you can’t have any bath sessions. However, it is splashproof which makes it easy to clean. Simply wipe with a warm damp cloth and mild soap, then dry thoroughly.

Those with the stamina will enjoy Nora’s battery life, giving you up to four hours of continuous use (from a 2.5 hour charge).

Where to buy Nora

Visit the official Lovense website to take advantage of their current promotion where you could score up to 50% OFF.

We recommend buying from Lovense so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer for pricing (discounts), warranties and customer service. But there are other merchants to purchase from:

Fuse by OhMiBod (Powered by Kiiroo)

fuse by ohmibod and powered by Kiiroo is a remote control rabbit vibrator with a vibrating head for g-spot stimulation and a vibrating second arm for clitoral stimulation

Fuse is a dual-stimulation massager manufactured by Kiiroo, one of the first brands to produce remote control vibrators with long distance couples in mind.

While being similar to Nora in size and function (offering both G-spot and clitoral stimulation), the way both focus on the G-spot is very different.

As mentioned earlier, Nora’s head rotates. Whereas Fuse uses vibrations to focus on the G-spot. So, if you prefer deep and rumbly vibrations over a ‘fingering-style’ massager, Fuse is for you!

Performance & Functionality 

The technical specs gives Fuse an edge over other devices. You can choose from:  

  • Manual mode which gives you seven preset vibration settings, including steady vibrations and pulses.
  • The FeelConnect App has Remote and Long distance capabilities giving your partner complete control.
  • You can also sync Fuse’s vibrations with 2D, 3D and VR content via the App.
  • Touch-sensitive mode increases and decreases intensity when you insert and remove the device.

To note: Fuse is also compatible with a range of Kiiroo’s partner devices. We recommend pairing two Fuses or Fuse with their flagship male stroker, KEON.

Touch sensitive mode also comes into play with these devices. When paired together, the speed and length of strokes produced by KEON will be driven by how Fuse is inserted and removed.

kiiroo's keon and fuse couples sex toy set


Fuse is splashproof so you shouldn’t submerge it in water. Instead, wipe it clean with soap and a damp cloth, then dry thoroughly. 

Once clean, we recommend charging it straight away and until the LED light turns a solid white. A full charge should take around two hours (if the battery is completely drained), which gives you up to 90 minutes of usage.

Where to buy Fuse

Because Fuse is built in partnership with OhMiBod and Kiiroo. We recommend buying from either of them to deal directly with the manufacturer. If you are likely to purchase a partner device, like KEON, we do recommend purchasing from Kiiroo.

Nova 2 by We-Vibe

nova 2 by We-Vibe is an app controlled rabbit vibrator using vibrators in the head and flexible arm for g-spot and clitoral stimulation

The second generation of We-Vibe’s award-winning Nova hasn’t forgotten what made it so popular. They’ve even further refined the ergonomic and body sculpting design it’s famous for. 

Similar to the original, Nova 2’s external arm flexes with each movement to keep just the right amount of pressure on your clitoris.

What’s really cool is that both arms can be controlled independently. So you can find your ‘goldilocks zone’ when it comes to the right amount of vibration and intensity you want focused on the G-spot and clitoris. 

Performance & Functionality 

With the We-Vibe app you can hand over full control to your long distance partner, wherever they are. They can adjust the vibration and intensity via the app, and you can even save customized patterns.

If you want to control the Nova 2 manually, you can use the buttons on the device and cycle through ten exciting vibration patterns. 

Tip: Like to take the fun with you? The travel lock button will prevent it from accidentally turning on in your bag. Saving you from any red-faced moments!


Unlike Nora and Fuse, Nova 2 is fully waterproof, which means you can use it in the bath, rejoice!

There’s also no issue with submerging it during cleaning, simply use soap and water before rinsing and drying thoroughly.

Around 90 minutes is needed for charging, which gives you a run time of up to two hours. 

Where to buy Nova 2

You can purchase Nova 2 from the online retailers below but we recommend dealing directly with We-Vibe.

They also have free shipping on all toys AND you can score a 5% to 10% discount (depending on where you live) by signing up to their newsletter.

Remote Control G-spot Vibrators

Pearl 3 by Kiiroo

Kiiroo's Pearl 3 is a g-spot vibrator with remote control capabilities. This purple model has three bumps on the inside meant for making contact with your g-spot

We are big fans of the elegant Pearl 2, now, the Pearl 3 opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Just like its predecessor, the Pearl 3 provides intense G-spot stimulation, but now you get up to THREE times more usage (from one hour to three).

The result?

You’ll likely get tired before the Pearl 3 does!

Just like Fuse, touch-sensitive technology is a stand out feature and gets to work as soon as it touches your body or is inserted.

While designed specifically for G-spot stimulation, we found the Pearl 3 to be very versatile and suitable for clitoral stimulation.

Performance & Functionality 

With touch-sensitive technology, the Pearl 3 understands what you are doing and reacts accordingly.

  • Insert, vibrations intensify.
  • Remove, vibrations soften.
  • Increase pressure, vibrations become rumbly.

You can enjoy the same curved design of the Pearl 2, allowing for intense G-spot targeting.

However, Kiiroo has incorporated three bumps on the Pearl 3, which create an even better contact with the G-spot. 

To note: Connecting to and controlling other Kiiroo devices is easy to do via the FeelConnect app. We recommend pairing Pearl 3 with Kiiroo’s stroker, Onyx+.

Touch sensitive mode is also used in these devices. When paired , the speed and length of strokes produced by Onyx+ will be driven by how the Pearl 3 is inserted and removed.

onyx+ and pearl 3 connected sex toys couple set by kiiroo


Pearl 3 is made from bodysafe ABS plastic and silicone. It’s also fully waterproof meaning you can submerge it while playing in the bath or hot tub, and the sink when cleaning.

As mentioned earlier, Kiiroo deserves a shout out for the battery life. Having up to three hours of run time is a welcomed and vast improvement on the Pearl 2 (one hour).

But, this comes at a slight cost, because the charge time is around three and a half hours.

Where to buy Pearl 3

Has the new and improved Pearl 3 caught your eye? To find out more and to secure the best price, we recommend purchasing directly from Kiiroo’s official website.

If you purchase through Kiiroo, Pearl 3 qualifies for free shipping. You can also secure a 10% discount by signing up to their newsletter.

Rave 2 by We-Vibe

Purple Rave by we-vibe is a remote control vibrator focusing on g-spot stimulation

The Rave looks like a regular remote control G-spot vibrator. But it has been specifically designed to be used in a twisting motion. We-Vibe describe its effect as:

Toe-curling intense satisfaction

We think this makes Rave ideal for those who prefer greater intensity and deep, rumbly vibrations.

NOW, the second generation Rave 2 adds dual stimulation to target the G-spot AND clitoris. That’s not all… We-Vibe have also designed the Rave 2 to be adjustable, making sure you can get the best contact, and pleasure, possible!

Performance & Functionality 

With ten diverse vibration modes, you’ve got a setting for any and every preference. The buttons on the device itself can be used to control Rave 2 manually, or you can use the We-Vibe app (our preference).  

When using the app, you and your partner can customize the vibration patterns and save the best for later use.


Rave has a similar run time, to other devices, of up to two hours depending on the settings used. You’ll need around 90 minutes for a full charge if the battery is completely drained. 

We think one of the best features is the low power alert. You’ll know exactly when Rave 2 is low on power, so there’s no chance you’ll run out of juice mid-session!

Unlike the original Rave, Rave 2 is now waterproof! So there’s no issue with a little water right through to being completely submerged.

Where to buy Rave

We recommend purchasing Rave 2 directly from We-Vibe, where you qualify for free shipping and can get a further 5% to 10% off by signing up to the We-Vibe newsletter.

Alternatively, you can purchase through the other online retailers below.

blueMotion NEX|2 by OhMiBod

Bluemotion NEX|2 by ohmibod is a g-spot vibrator with a vibrating head that has a similar shape to the head of a penis

Known as ‘the Swiss army knife of sex toys’ the blueMotion NEX|2 is multi-functional, versatile, and suitable for both solo and couple play. 

We think the blueMotion NEX|2 is a great choice for beginners, thanks to its:

Performance & Functionality 

Perfect for long distance play, the blueMotion NEX|2 connects seamlessly to the OhMiBod remote app. Through the app you or your partner can take control of features like:

If your smartphone runs out of battery, manual mode is still an option. You can cycle through the seven patterns using the buttons on the device. 


While splashproof, care needs to be taken when cleaning (warm water, mild soap and a damp cloth is all you’ll need) and make sure to dry thoroughly before storing or charging. 

Speaking of charging, the battery should last for up to two hours (depending on the settings you use), and can be fully recharged in two and a half hours.

Where to buy blueMotion NEX|2

To purchase the blueMotion NEX|2, visit OhMiBod’s official website. This device qualifies for free shipping and you can also secure 10% off by signing up to their newsletter.

Remote Control Wearable Vibrators

Flexer by Lovense

Flexer is a wearable remote controlled vibrator. The head makesa finger curling motion for g-spot stimulation while the base vibrates for clitoral stimulation

For those who prefer ‘finger play’ over vibrations for G-spot stimulation. Lovense’s Flexer just might be what you’ve been searching for.

Designed as a wearable vibrator to be used hands-free under any clothes. The base has a vibrating motor for clitoral stimulation, while the insertable arm has a vibrating motor and another that produces a finger curling ‘come here’ movement.

Measuring just 4 inches from top to bottom and with an insertable arm of 3 inches. Flexer is perfect for beginners and great for long distance couples looking for a small and discreet device for public play. 

Performance & Functionality 

Being equipped with three motors means you’ve got multiple ways to play.

You can choose to activate the clitoris and G-spot vibrators either together or independently, as well as the ‘come here’ action which accurately mimics the fingering sensation (see video for demonstration).

You can control it manually by using the buttons on the device or by connecting to the Lovense Remote app.

Long distance couples can choose from features like:


We think every wearable vibrator needs to be both waterproof and easy to clean, and the Flexer delivers here. It has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means you can use it in the bath for long periods of time. 

Those with good stamina will be delighted to know that this remote control vibrator has a two hour battery life and a charge time of just 70 minutes.

To note: When fully charged, the solid red light will turn off, or you can view the battery life indicator in the app.

Where to buy Flexer

Has the futuristic Flexer caught your eye? To find out more you can visit any of the online retailers below.


We recommend dealing with Lovense directly to secure the best price. Now, while Flexer doesn’t qualify for free shipping if you pair it with another Lovense device, you will if the total exceeds $160.

Lush 3 by Lovense

lush 3 is a wearable vibrator that can be controlled manually on the device or remotely via the Lovense App. It is to be worn under panties and inserted to focus vibrations on your g-spot.

Designed for those looking for a more discreet wearable vibrator, the Lush 3 operates at a sound level of just 43 dB (equivalent to someone whispering).

Now, you might think that low sound comes at a cost to power, but you’d be wrong!

Lush 3 is widely known as one of the most intense remote control vibrators available today. But not because of its vibrating motor (although it is powerful). It’s because it comfortably makes direct contact with your G-spot, while also staying in place no matter what you’re doing.

Performance & Functionality 

As with all of Lovense’s devices, you can control your Lush 3 manually using the buttons on the tail or remotely with the Lovense Remote app

When mid-session, we found using the buttons to be a little annoying. There is nothing wrong with them, they work! You just lose focus when cycling through the vibration modes. Using the app is much easier and you can get to what you want quickly.

The app provides you with unlimited possibilities when it comes to vibration patterns… Explore different patterns and play styles, then save your favorites.


rinsing lovense lush 3 under warm water after cleaning process

One of the best things about the Lush 3 is that it is fully waterproof.

Having an IPX7 waterproof rating means there’s no limitations when it comes to use around water. This also makes it very easy to clean (with warm water and mild soap or your favorite sex toy cleaner).

While the run time is an incredible four to five hours. What’s really impressive is that the charge time is only 85 minutes. You’ll know it’s fully charged when the red LED light in the tail turns off.

Where to buy Lush 3

You can get your hands on the Lush 3 from any of the retailers below. But as with all Lovense products, we recommend you purchase directly from the manufacturer for best pricing and after-sales service.

For more details visit the Lovense official website.

Want more? We put the Lush 3 through numerous tests. Check out our review and results.

Esca 2 by OhMiBod (powered by Kiiroo)

Esca 2 is a remote control wearable vibrator shaped like an egg to be worn internally for long periods of time. It has a tail to control vibrations and for easy removal.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Esca 2 and Lush 3 are the same remote control vibrator. They look very similar but the main difference is that the Lush 3 has a stiff ‘fixed’ tail, whereas the Esca 2’s tail is flexible. 

As the name suggests, the Esca 2 is a second generation upgrade that provides an even more intense experience. Boasting an improved vibrating motor, a faster charge time, and up to three times more battery life than the original. 

Even with all of these improvements Kiiroo & OhMiBod have still been able to maintain the same lightweight and compact size.

Performance & Functionality 

Whether you’re using it in the bedroom or out and about in public, we found the Esca 2 to be comfortable to wear in any situation. This is thanks to its ergonomic shape, which you can easily adjust to rest perfectly against your G-spot and use comfortably for extended lengths of time.

You can control the Esca 2 using the buttons in the tail but there are only 4 vibrations patterns to cycle through. We recommend using the OhMiBod Remote app, that’s where it really gets fun!

In the app there are six different vibration categories (Music, Rhythm, Tap, Touch, Club Vibe, and Pulse). We think long distance couples will really get a kick out of the Touch feature, which allows your partner to take complete control of what you’re feeling.

Another unique feature you should try (that’s rarely talked about) is the LED light in the tail. It adds a unique visual element that your partner can see what the vibration patterns are doing, and create further excitement around how you respond to them.


showing how to clean the esca 2 running under warm water

Unlike the Lush 3 (which is completely waterproof), the Esca 2 is only splashproof. This makes it easy to clean but you can’t enjoy it in the bath or shower. 

Regardless, you will enjoy an impressive usage time of up to three hours, with a relatively short charge time in comparison of just 90 minutes.

Where to buy Esca 2

We are more than happy to recommend purchasing an Esca 2 either through OhMiBod or Kiiroo. Both have similar free shipping thresholds and 10% discounts if you sign up to their newsletters.

On the fence? Check our our in-depth and long term usage review of the Esca 2.

Jive by We-Vibe

Jive by we-vibe is a bluea wearable vibrator that can be controlled via a smartphone application. It is an egg shape to be worn and focus on the g-spot.

The Jive is another remote control wearable vibrator that is similar in shape and size to the Lush 3 and Esca 2. It’s ergonomic, contoured shape is the result of a collaboration between industrial designers AND doctors and sexual wellness experts.

Available in pink or periwinkle blue, the flexible tail which stays outside of the body is known as the ‘retrieval stem’.

Again, this is a similar design to the Lush 3 and Esca 2. But Jive’s tail is very thin, which allows it to conform to your own unique body shape. 

The result?

No one will ever know you are wearing it!

Performance & Functionality 

In terms of manual control, Jive boasts ten vibration modes that you can cycle through.

Whereas Lush 3 and Esca 2 have seven and four respectively.

But of course we prefer using the We-Vibe app to take full advantage of long distance control features and the awesome option of being able to be on a (encrypted) video call in the app while you play together. 

blue we-vibe jive a wearable remote control vibrator with silk pouch and single satchel of lubricant

Tip: Going to use the Jive in public with your long distance partner taking control? We recommend using the vibrations: low, wave, and tease. Each setting is whisper-quiet and incredibly discreet, while still being quite intense.


If you enjoy having sessions in the bath or shower, we’d recommend Jive (or Lush 3) over the Esca 2, because it is completely waterproof. This of course also makes cleaning a breeze when you’re able to completely submerge the device in water.

Depending on the setting used (manual, bluetooth, vibration intensity etc), a full charge takes 90 minutes which will give you around two hours of usage time. We think this is plenty for the majority of people.

To note: We-Vibe have included a low power alert but the only problem we see is that it’s in the insertable part of the device. So you’re not going to know if you’re running low on power mid-session unless you check the app.

Where to buy Jive

Is the Jive your vibe? Sorry, not sorry!

For more details visit We-Vibe’s official website where we recommend you sign up to their newsletter to get an extra 5% to 10% off your purchase. Jive also qualifies for free shipping!

Remote Vibrating Bullets

Ambi by Lovense

Ambi is a pink bullet vibrator that focuses on clitoral stimlulation. It has a handle for easy use and to focus vibrations on the clitoris or labia.

Simple and discrete, the is for those who prefer a single-functionality device. This model targets the clitoris so it’s ideal for  those new to vibrators, as it can be used at any intensity.

While its small unique design ensures the Ambi is easy to hold comfortably in multiple positions. Lovense claims that it is up to four times more powerful than other bullet vibrators on the market.

Performance & Functionality 

Differing from traditional remote vibrating bullets, Ambi’s shape allows you to target specific areas as well as the area surrounding the clitoris. 

Choose from: 

See a demonstration here.

Control Ambi remotely using the Lovense Remote app while simultaneously messaging or video calling your partner. This function allows your partner to take control, and there’s an unlimited number of vibration patterns. Your partner can set the vibration intensity, while the vibrations can also be synced to music or be (ambient) sound activated. 


There’s no limitations when it comes to use as Ambi is fully waterproof, which also makes it easy to wipe or wash clean.

Battery life is particularly impressive, at up to two hours. But we found the compromise to be a fairly long charge time of 90 minutes.

Where to buy Ambi

We love the Ambi for beginners because it is a very simple to use device and has one simple focus. It’s also super easy to keep tucked away.

For more details, check out our recommended retailers below. But we think it’s best to deal directly with Lovense for the best price and customer service.

Exomoon by Lovense

Exomoon is a bullet vibrator disguised as a tube of lipstick. It is a small remote control vibrator that focuses on clitoral stimulation.

One of the newest releases from Lovense, Exomoon is unbeatable when it comes to discretion. Being incredibly small and lightweight along with its fun lipstick design makes it ultra-discreet.

With its matte black case, bronze highlights and gorgeous red tip, anyone would be forgiven for thinking that this powerful remote control vibrator was anything but lipstick.

To give you a comparison, your average sized lipstick tube has a 3 in (76 mm) length and 0.5 in (13 mm) diameter. Exomoon is only slightly bigger with a 3.46 in (88 mm) length and 0.87 in (22mm) diameter.

Performance & Functionality 

Performance-wise, Exomoon ticks a lot of boxes. The versatile vibration levels allow for stimulation of multiple areas, including:

Due to Exomoon’s size, it wasn’t difficult to cycle through the vibration modes with one hand using the buttons on the device. This is one of the only devices we tested where the Lovense Remote app wasn’t easier to use.

But, it is worth trying music sync and downloading vibration patterns from the community for sessions where you don’t need to think. Just do!

While we found the highest vibrations settings to be quite strong and intense, they are still very quiet, so sessions outside the bedroom are an option. 


Having an IPX7 waterproof rating means Exomoon can be used in around one yard/meter of water for up to 30 minutes. This means you can completely submerge it for sessions in the bath or during the cleaning process.

Although this device needs over two hours for a full charge (from zero), it has a runtime of up to three hours, which is pretty impressive for such a small bullet vibrator.

Where to buy Exomoon

For more details, you can visit any of the online retailers below. But we do recommend dealing directly with Lovense, the manufacturer, for the best pricing and customer support.

Remote Control Vibrating Panties

Ferri by Lovense

Ferri by Lovense is a panty vibrator designed to be controlled remotely via the Lovense App. It has a magnet to be placed on the outside of your panties to secure the vibrator in place.

Designed primarily for public play, Ferri might look subtle in design but it packs an impressive amount of features that long distance couples will enjoy.

Lovense has incorporated a magnetic cap into the design which ensures it stays in place, making it one of the most secure panty vibrators available today.


  1. Remove the magnet.
  2. Place Ferri inside your underwear, and
  3. Connect the magnet from outside your underwear for a secure fit.

This gives your long distance partner full control to stimulate your clitoris while you walk, sit, dance or lie down and all without fear of it falling out! 

See a visual demonstration here.

Performance & Functionality 

We’re big fans of Ferri’s ergonomic bump and curved body because its length allows for stimulation of the clitoris and labia at the same time.

If you want to use Ferri manually you can thanks to the tapered tongue, which is perfect for applying direct stimulation during handheld use.

But, if you want a hands free experience, which is why you’d buy Ferri in the first place! The Lovense Remote app is going to be your (and your long distance partner’s) best friend.

With Ferri you have access to the same app features as all other Lovense devices. Where it stands out however, is in two areas:

  1. Long distance, giving your partner complete control, and
  2. The ‘Good Morning’ alarm, which wakes you up through vibrations!


Ferri is easy to wash clean, and can be used in either the bath or a hot tub due to its IPX7 waterproof rating (you can submerge it up to one yard/meter for 30 minutes). 

When it comes to the battery, both charge time and battery life is impressive. From a mere 60 minute charge, you’ll get over three hours of play time.

Where to buy Ferri

We recommend purchasing directly from Lovense. But we are more than happy to vouch for the other online retailers below if you prefer to use them.

If you want to qualify for free shipping you will need to purchase Ferri AND another device ($160).

Moxie+ by We-Vibe

Moxie is a remote control panty vibrator with a magnet for securing the vibrator in your underwear against your clitoris so it doesn't move when in public

Moxie+ is another fully hands-free remote control vibrator, equipped with a powerful magnet to help secure it in the right spot. This means that it should stay in place no matter what you’re doing, just like the Ferri by Lovense.

The overall design looks similar to the Ferri and has been made to conform to your body and comfortably be worn by any body type.

But how does it stack up in terms of performance?

black we-vibe moxie+ remote control panty vibrator showing the magnet that secures the device to your underwear next to the fabric storage pouch

Performance & Functionality

When using manually, you have ten whisper-quiet vibration modes to choose from. Compared to Ferri, which has seven. But we found Moxie’s design to not be as ergonomic when it came to using it as a handheld device.

Controlling Moxie+ using the We-Vibe app gives you access to many similar features like unlimited vibration patterns and music sync. 

However, Moxie+ will go into sleep mode if not used for 30 minutes. This means you can give control to your long distance partner, but if they don’t use it frequently it will turn off. You also don’t have the ‘Good Morning’ alarm option.


Just like Ferri, Moxie+ has an IPX7 waterproof rating, so you can use it in the bath or hot tub. Cleaning is also easy, simply wash with soap and water (which you can fully submerge it in), then dry thoroughly.

Having a two hour battery life, and 90 minute charge time is substantial. But it’s worth noting that this is a lot shorter than the three hour battery life of Ferri. For those who prefer longer, more intense sessions, Ferri may be a better choice.

Where to buy Moxie+

The Moxie+ is available for puchase from multiple online retailers, includig those below.

However, we recommend purchasing via We-Vibe’s official website. You can also secure a 5% to 10% discount (depending on your location) by signing up to their email newsletter. Moxie+ also qualifies for free shipping.

Edeny by Svakom

Edeny by Svakom is a panty vibrator that is curved to follow the shape of your body, it comes with a thong where the vibrator is placed in a pocket at the front

Even though the company was founded in 2012, Svakom’s app and remote control vibrators are fairly new to the market. They aim to cater to any experience level and desire, and their wearable vibrator Edeny does just that.

Designed to intensely target the clitoris, Edeny has a ribbed finish and a gently curving shape that’s similar to the Ferri. Unfortunately there is no magnet to help secure the device in your underwear.


It does come with a black lace thong which has been designed to hold the toy in place.

Performance & Functionality 

You can control Edeny manually using the button on the device to choose from 11 different vibration modes. But we found this to be rather difficult when using Edeny with the included thong. 

Instead we recommend the Svakom app to give you and your long distance partner, full control.

The app has many of the same features we see across the Lovense Remote and We-Vibe apps, but their app reviews reveal that it can be very glitchy.


As with the Ferri and Moxie alternatives, Edeny is fully waterproof so can be used in the hot tub or bath and submerged during cleaning without fear of it breaking. 

Charging time is only an hour, which is 30% to 50% less than other similar devices. But there is a tradeoff, Edeny only has an hour of run time, which is 50% less than Moxie and 65% less than Ferri.

Where to buy Edeny

Edeny doesn’t directly qualify for free shipping but if you purchase another device and reach $150 in total spend you will qualify. We recommend signing up to their newsletter to secure an extra 10% off. But this is only possible if you deal with Svakom directly.

Remote Control Anal Vibrators

Hush 2 by Lovense

lovense hush 2 small size 1.25 inches in diameter

For those experimenting with anal play for the first time right through to seasoned experts. Our top choice for the best remote control anal vibrators is the Hush 2.


While the original Hush was a game changer in the world of app controlled butt plugs, the Hush 2 goes one step further.

Their second generation model is available in four different sizes:

hush 2 is a remote control anal vibrator by Lovense that comes in 4 sizes depending on your level of experience

Other upgrades include a quieter motor, longer battery life, faster charging and a flared base for safety. We think these design changes were vital to make the Hush 2 a more appealing option for beginners.

Performance & Functionality 

Performance-wise, you’ve got the same vibration modes as all other Lovense devices (with a single vibrating motor). Namely:

You can control these modes manually on the device itself but we found this to be difficult to do. You need to continually reach down and change positions, which takes your mind off what you should be focusing on!

Just use the Lovense Remote app and you or your partner can take control and easily adjust vibration modes and use other features (music sync, voice control etc).


When it comes to battery life no other device comes close to what the Hush 2 is packing. Of course it does vary based on device size but every option is class leading:

Anything to do with anal play needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Thankfully, Hush 2 is completely waterproof so you can submerge it in water and clean it properly without hesitation.

Where to buy Hush 2

Which Hush size suits you? If you need more details, we recommend Lovense’s official website because it has the most information on each size to help you make the best choice.

Ditto+ by We-Vibe

Ditto is a vibrating butt plug with remote control capabilities. Either through the included remote or using the We-Vibe app.

We-Vibe’s remote control anal vibrator, Ditto+, is in what we like to call…

The Goldilocks Zone

Because its max insertable width diameter is not too small and not too big. For many users it’s..

Just right 🙂

Having an insertable diameter of 1.28 in / 3.25 cm, Ditto+ falls between the extra small and small Hush 2 models. This means beginners have another option if they feel 1 inch may be too small and 1.5 inches to be too intimidating.

Ditto+ also has a flexible neck, which is another win for beginner and experienced users as it helps to easily and accurately position the device for maximum impact.

Performance & Functionality 

With ten preprogrammed vibration speeds and patterns, you’ve got a more diverse range of sensations to explore when compared to the Hush 2. They include:

Cycling through these speeds and patterns using the buttons on the device is quite annoying. We-Vibe knows this and thankfully they added a close range remote at no additional cost! This makes Ditto+ best in class when it comes to manual control.

For close and long distance use, the We-Vibe app gives you much more control than the standard ten vibration modes. You can:


On the lowest setting, you’ll get around two hours of battery life. So for the size this on par with the smallest Hush 2 option. It’s worth noting that using the app to cycle through settings or intensities however, will impact the usage time.

Ditto+ also has an IPX7 waterproof rating (just like Hush 2) which means you can enjoy using it anywhere, and completely submerge it during your thorough cleaning process.

Where to buy Ditto+

Visit We-Vibe’s official online store to secure free shipping and don’t forget to sign up to their newsletter to gain access to 5% to 10% off your purchase (percentage depends on your location).

Lumen by OhMiBod (Powered by Kiiroo)

Lumen is a remote control butt plug designed by ohmibod and powered by Kiiroo. You can control it via the ohmibod or feelconnect app.

Considering this is OhMiBod’s first venture into the world of remote control butt plugs, the Lumen is an impressive device. Developed with beginners in mind, the Lumen sits in the ‘goldilocks range’ just like We-Vibe’s Ditto.

It’s not too big or too small with a 1.3 in / 3.3cm max diameter.

OhMiBod also incorporated their ‘velvet wave technology’, which is a fancy way to say cushioned ribbed silicone. This makes Lumen softer and easier to insert, while the additional ribs on the plug help it to stay in place.

Performance & Functionality 

Having just four standard vibration patterns to cycle through, Lumen falls a little short when it comes to manual use. But if you’re a beginner this may just be the entry level vibration patterns you’re looking for.

As you’ve gathered though, we’re all about app and remote control!

Using the app you or your partner have a range of options (unique vibrations, music sync and voice control). You can even adjust the settings using the sound buttons on your smartphone, which is a great option to keep your focus on what you’re doing.

Lumen is also powered by Kiiroo, which means you can use their FeelConnect app and pair with their devices like KEON, Pearl 3 and the Onyx+.


Just like the other remote control anal vibrators we’ve mentioned (Ditto and Hush). Lumen is waterproof and can be submerged in water during play and when cleaning.

Unfortunately, like a lot of Kiiroo products, the Lumen does require a long charge. Over two hours is needed, and this will provide you with only an hour of battery life.

Where to buy Lumen

Along with third party retailers, being powered by Kiiroo means you have the choice to purchase Lumen from OhMiBod and Kiiroo.

It’s also worth signing up to their online newsletter to secure another 10% off the purchase price.

Want more options? Check out our breakdown of the best remote control butt plugs with long distance control features.

Remote Control Dual Vibrators

Sync 2 by We-Vibe

Sync 2 is a dual stimulation vibrator that can be controlled via an app and be worn during sex

Upping the stakes when it comes to shared pleasure, Sync 2 is what’s known as a remote control dual vibrator.


Well… for two reasons:

  1. Sync 2 focuses on both G-spot and clitoral stimulation, and
  2. It has also been designed to be worn during sex.

For your long distance partner, this means they can take control of your pleasure while apart and be a part of your pleasure when together!

See a visual demonstration here.

Other devices in this space are bigger but they don’t focus on being worn during sex. As the Sync 2 does, the team at We-Vibe paid a lot of attention when making it as small and ergonomic as possible, without reducing power. 

Performance & Functionality 

For manual control, don’t use the buttons on the Sync 2. Instead use the included remote! It’s easier to cycle through the ten vibration modes and adjust the intensity this way.

There is still one problem with the remote, you can’t select a specific vibration mode without moving through each one first.

With the We-Vibe app you can select the pattern you’re after straight away.

As with other We-Vibe remote control vibrators, you and your partner also have the ability to control your pleasure with features like:

  • Swipe to switch between unlimited vibration modes
  • Create an infinite amount of unique vibration patterns 
  • Build a playlist of vibration patterns (standard and custom) to ‘play’ in sequence
we-vibe sync 2 app controlled vibrator in box showing how to connect to the app and control the device with your phone


Being completely waterproof means Sync 2 is ideal for anyone that likes to take their sessions outside of the bedroom, like the bath or hot-tub. This also makes it very easy to clean and gives you peace of mind knowing you can completely submerge it to clean it thoroughly.

The battery life and charge time are fairly standard for We-Vibe vibrators, at two hours and 90 minutes respectively.

Where to buy Sync 2

If we’re in sync, then the Sync 2 is definitely on your radar (the puns are finished, promise).

For the best possible deal visit We-Vibe’s official online store to secure free shipping and an extra 10% off when you sign up to their email newsletter.

Dolce by Lovense

Dolve is Lovense's dual stimulation vibrator that can be worn under panties and focuses vibrations on the g-spot and clitoris.

Dolce is another dual vibrator, which Lovense claims… 

You can enjoy twice the power and twice the orgasms!

This device does target both the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously with two powerful motors at each end. But due to the size of the insertable arm it doesn’t perform as well (if not at all) when it comes to wearing it during sex.

If you want to go down that route, stick with the Sync 2!

Performance & Functionality 

One of the best things about Dolce is that it has Lovense’s new antenna and Bluetooth chip for long distance control. 

Why does this matter?

Well, the previous hardware of some of their devices would suddenly (and frustratingly!) drop off. Now, the connection is steady, and with a run time of up to two hours, you’ve got plenty of time to explore the settings. 

Speaking of vibration settings, the Lovense Remote app is the best way to try them out. You and your long distance partner can control:


Just like We-Vibe’s Sync 2, Dolce has an IPX7 waterproof rating which allows you to fully submerge it in the bath. 

Lovense claims it gives up to two hours of use, but this will depend on the settings used, and it charges a little quicker than the We-Vibe Sync (70 minutes as opposed to 90).

Where to buy Dolce

You can purchase Dolce from the online retailers below. But like all Lovense products we recommend dealing directly with Lovense, the manufacturer, for the best pricing, warranties and after-sales service.

Our Favorite Remote Control Vibrator

When there are so many app controlled vibrator options available it can be hard to narrow down to one device that’s worth recommending.

This is especially the case when different devices focus on different and sometimes multiple areas.

In saying this, there was always one vibrator we kept coming back to when figuring out what the best option was in multiple categories.

The Nora by Lovense.

Here’s why…

our top choice for the best remote control vibrator for long distance couples is the Nora by Lovense


The ‘rabbit style’ focuses on both vaginal (G-spot) and clitoral stimulation. Giving user’s choice where others are mostly one-dimensional.

To get this same versatility you’d have to purchase two different devices (which you likely won’t be able to control remotely at the same time).


Nora is now in it’s 6th generation. No other remote control vibrator can come close to this level and length of research and development.

Best-in-class app

The Lovense Remote app not only makes the setup process quick and easy, it also makes controlling Nora simple and easy.

This is also the case when handing over control to your partner. Their long distance control functionality is second to none.

Partner Devices

What we think is really cool is that Nora has the ability to control and be controlled by other devices from Lovense. This takes your long distance relationship to new heights when it comes to intimacy.

You can pair Nora with another Nora or with their male focused products, Max 2 and Calor.


While Lovense doesn’t have the best free shipping limits. Their regular pricing is very affordable when compared to other options. They also run promotions from time to time where you can save as much as 50%.

What to think about before buying a remote control vibrator

It’s important to stop and take a little time to understand what options will suit your needs. Before making the big purchase, we’ve put together a few points to think about:

A Quick Note On Consent

If you are looking to use your new device with a long distance partner, or are purchasing one for them. It’s important to make sure you’re both comfortable going down this path.

Intimacy over the internet is not for everyone. So please take the time to talk about it together so you’re both on the same page.

Sizing Help

Sizing can be difficult. You want something that’s going to be pleasurable but also comfortable, so picking the right size is important. That’s why we have included sizing information for all of the options we’ve included.

The two measurements that you should take note of are the width and length.

A simple rule to follow is that if you see a device that you think is too big, it is likely to be the case. 


Answering this question will give you the exact type of remote control vibrator that’s perfect for your needs.

What gets you off?

  1. Clitoral stimulation: Remote controlled bullet vibrators and wands.
  2. Vaginal stimulation: Wearable & G-spot vibrators.
  3. Combination: Rabbit vibrators.
  4. Anal stimulation: Vibrating butt plugs.

Usage Scenarios

There is usually two scenarios to consider:

  1. Using your device inside the home.
  2. Using your device outside the home.

If you’re going to be using your device at home, other than stimulation, think about where you might use it. Is it the bath or shower? Then make sure it’s waterproof.

If you are wanting to use it in public and be discreet, then wearable vibrators, with long battery life, are your best option.

Connecting To Other Toys

All of the wireless and bluetooth vibrators we’ve mentioned work perfectly on their own for solo and manual play. But some also have the ability connect, control and be controlled by other toys.

This is perfect for opposite and same-sex couples that are separated by distance and want to be intimate together.

For more details on how certain devices work together, check out our article on connected sex toys for long distance coupels.


Some cheap adult products have been found to use materials that might have adverse affects on the body when used.

It’s important to make sure the devices you’re considering buying include information that states they are body-safe.

This means they use materials that are non-porous (won’t store bacteria) and non-toxic (won’t leech into the body), which is typically 100% silicone and ABS plastic.

As a guide, stay away from products that contain latex, jelly, PVC, and vinyl, plus any scented or dyed sex toys.

To note: The products we have mentioned above use Body Safe materials ONLY, like medical grade silicone. They DO NOT include latex, jelly, PVC or vinyl.

Cleaning Tips

It’s definitely not the sexiest part of owning an adult toy but for your safety, you need to make sure it’s cleaned properly.

Products from the companies above will include cleaning instruction with the device and they should also be available online.

Here are a few key tips to follow:

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