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27 Long Distance Birthday Ideas & Gifts to Help Celebrate!

Lolo & Nate | Updated: January 5, 2024

Struggling to decide how to celebrate from afar? Then these long distance birthday ideas & gifts are for you!

Almost everyone enjoys spending their birthdays with the people they love. But for long distance couples it can be a bittersweet occasion.

We really want one gift more than anything else and that’s our partner beside us! Unfortunately, the distance has other ideas.

Let’s change that!

Celebrating a long distance birthday is the perfect time to go above and beyond to show them they mean the world to you. 

long distance birthday ideas pin image

When we say above and beyond we don’t necessarily mean expensive. It always sounds cliché but it truly is the thought that counts.

For us, thought translates to spending enough time planning and researching ideas and gifts that will give your partner the most amount of happiness possible!

To help kickstart your creative juices, we’ve put together an amazing list of fun and exciting ways to make your partner feel loved on their big day, no matter where you are in the world.

Let’s dive in!


Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Totwoo Smart Bracelets

silver charm with black rope band totwoo smart touch bracelet worn on wrist

Totwoo is the latest smart jewelry company to help long distance couples feel close while apart. Simply tapping one of the smart bracelets will make the charm of the other light up, letting them know that you’re thinking of them in that very moment!

Just imagine the smile on their face when they feel their bracelet vibrate and see it light up.

We’re big fans of the Sun & Moon couples set (Sun option pictured above). The charms look amazing and incorporating adjustable snake chains means you will get the perfect fit.

The Sun & Moon set is available in many finishes, including black, rose gold and silver (for each charm). Totwoo has also created many different charm and bracelet styles, so you are sure to find something that suits her style!

This bracelet is perfect for long distance couples, because she can wear her bracelet at work, school, or out with friends, and still have the ability to know she is not far from your thoughts.

The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition

the adventure challenge couples edition with camera

If there’s one thing that long distance couples can’t get enough of, it’s spending quality time with each other. The couples edition of The Adventure Challenge is the perfect way to take on spontaneous adventures when you’re finally together again.

Inside there are fifty scratch off adventures to complete together. However, the fun part is that you don’t know what the adventure will be until you scratch it off!

Pro tip: This is also a great gift idea to combine with a surprise visit!

Two In One City Map

two in one city maps by mapness

The Two In One City Map lets you customize a piece of home decor to show off two of the most important places in your relationship:

  1. Where you are, and
  2. Where your heart is.

By heart we mean where your long distance partner lives!

While there are multiple color options, we think the maps look beautiful in black and white. These colors will also easily match almost any home decor.

The real bonus?

Your partner will have a daily reminder of your commitment to one another.

Personalized Birthdate Books by Birthdate.co

personalized astrology birthdate book for her

If your partner loves astrology, the birthdate book is a must have.

It’s a fully personalized reading of her birth chart with images, star charts of the exact moment she was born and explanations of how those astrological events are tied to her now. 

What’s really cool is that you can also bundle the book with their birthdate candles!

Want more gift ideas? Check out our post on long distance relationship gifts that will melt away the miles!

Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

Bond Touch Connected Bracelets

man wearing a bond touch bracelet while working on the computer

Want to ‘hold’ your partner’s hand from anywhere in the world? Bond Touch bracelets let you do just that!

Touch bracelets use a unique technology that, when paired together, allow you to let them know they are in your thoughts as their bracelet lights up and vibrates, just by touching yours.

This physical connection goes beyond a text, call, or FaceTime. With transmitted touches, you will both grow closer as you communicate without words.

Want to learn more? Check out our in-depth review of the original Bond Touch bracelets and why they may hold the key to long distance relationship success.

MLB Game Used Baseball Bracelets

MLB Game Used Baseball Friendship Bracelets in yellow, blue and red

If he loves sports, these bracelets made from actual baseballs used in MLB games are both a subtle and cool way to show you listen when he’s talking about his favorite team!. 

The baseball bracelets look like traditional friendship bracelets, but instead of yarn, they are made of the wool from the middle of a baseball used in an MLB game.

Not a baseball fan? No worries!

There are NHL and NFL options available too, which are made from old team jerseys.

Now they’ll have a fun new conversation piece whenever he goes to see friends to watch ‘the big game’. 

Long Distance Touch Lamps

long distance touch lamps by friendlamps

These touch lamps by FriendLamps are an amazing birthday gift idea for long distance couples.

Why? You might be wondering…

These lamps connect together via wifi and can change colors each time one is touched. We think it’s a subtle yet powerful way to let each other know that you are thinking of them at that very moment.

Pro tip: The seventeen colors can correspond to different meanings which lets you send coded messages to each other. For example, sending a green light could mean “call me when you can”, while red could mean “thinking of you.”

FriendLamps are the best option. If you want to compare them to alternatives, check out our post on long distance touch lamps.

Custom Map Cufflinks

cuff links with personalised maps for long distance birthday gift

For a stylish partner or one who simply has to wear a suit to work, custom map cufflinks are a great gift. The maps have a vintage look, which will give a classy yet subtle touch to his outfit.

The best part? The maps can be customized to showcase any two cities in the world.

You can request both your city and his; your favorite travel destinations; milestone landmarks (like where you met); or even a city you want to move to together in the future!

Birthday care package

We all love receiving care packages, especially if they’re full of items we want and need. And the good news it doesn’t have to be expensive to convey love. Just fill a small box with a mix of items you made and bought, include a hand-written birthday card, and presto… a birthday present treasure chest.

Stuck for ideas for what to include?

What about cookies you baked in his favorite flavor? Protein bars and an energy drink if they like to work out? Nuts, other snack food, or even a canister of creamy nutella. And half a dozen Open-When Letters never go astray, either.

Your care package is only limited by what you know your boyfriend likes and your imagination.

Long Distance Birthday Ideas For Him

long distance birthday ideas for him

Pizza & Watch ‘The Game’

Whether your partner loves football, baseball, cricket, hockey or something else, a great way to celebrate their birthday is to enjoy a livestream of the game together.

Not only will he be excited to see his team, but he’ll be doing so with his favorite teammate!

Cheesy? Yes. Worth it? Also yes. 🙂

Order him a pizza from his favorite spot – you can have it delivered on apps like GrubHub even if you are out of state. Flip on the game via Kast, a live streaming service that allows you to screen share. Then, sit back and enjoy the game!

Celebrity Cameo

Did you know you can have a celebrity send your partner birthday wishes? Cameo lets you hire someone for a special birthday shot out.

They have athletes, singers, actors, comedians and even famous zoo animals that can pop in and help celebrate their birthday. 

Does your partner have a favorite sports team? Why not see if Cameo has their favorite player and make it a birthday they’ll never forget!

Game Together

Whether you have a game you’ve been playing for years or want to try something new, gaming together strengthens your relationship and allows you to spend time celebrating virtually.

Fun fact: A study conducted by CenturyLink found that gaming had a positive influence on the relationships of more than half of 18-24 year olds surveyed.

If you play games like World of Warcraft or SecondLife and have built up an online community of friends, you could also hold a virtual birthday party in the alternate space.

This lets you celebrate almost as if you were there “irl” and allows you to invite people from your online and offline friend groups.

Surprise Takeout Order

Using GrubHub or a similar delivery service, order a surprise takeout meal for your partner. Pick out something you know he’ll love or a restaurant he’s been wanting to try!

Pro tip: Try and order something similar from a restaurant in your area and enjoy your meals together on video chat. 

Not only will eating similar foods make you feel connected, but it will be a fun way to try new things and possibly find a new favorite restaurant.

Bonus points if you also have the restaurant include a birthday dessert!

Long Distance Birthday Ideas For Her

long distance birthday ideas for her

Happy Birthday Morning Texts

A simple yet sweet way to celebrate is by sending a good morning birthday text. Especially if you can send it before she wakes up, this text will set her birthday on the right path. Just imagine her smile when she opens her eyes and sees your message notification! 

Knowing that you are thinking of her, even miles apart, will make her birthday that much more special. If you have plans for her later in the day, give a hint about them to let her know that her birthday is going to be extra special because of you.

Quotes are perfect for texts! Check out our post on long distance relationship quotes to warm your partner’s heart on their special day.

Dinner & Movie Date Night

If you want to create a special night spending quality time together over Facetime or Zoom, pick an easy and delicious recipe that you can both make at home.

We think it’s a fun way to do something you would normally do if you were together in person. The only downside is that there’s double the amount of dishes and no one to help with your share!

That can all wait until later!

Then while you eat or once you’ve finished, settle in for an epic movie using Kast or Teleparty for Netflix to watch in sync. Remember it’s your partner’s night, so let them pick absolutely anything they want to watch.

This is a great option for long distance couples because it’s a meaningful date night that doesn’t have to be on her birthday. Her friends may be taking her out for drinks on the actual day, but you can celebrate with her whenever with a night in.

Surprise Birthday Visit

What’s one of the best long distance birthday ideas of all time?


Make sure to plan ahead to get the best flight deals and to help ensure that she doesn’t have any major plans. You can work with her family and friends to work out the details of your visit and the exact timing of your surprise. 

For long distance couples, surprising your partner will not only be exciting in the moment, but also a great memory they will surely revisit over and over.

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

virtual birthday party ideas

Virtual Escape Room

With Virtual Escaping you can either gather a group of friends or just play with your partner and explore a variety of puzzles, rooms, and scenes for their birthday.

This is a great option for long distance couples because it allows you to hang out with each other, each other’s friends, or other long distance couples and celebrate virtually.

We also think it’s a much less awkward way to be introduced to each other’s friends if you haven’t met yet!

Uncommon Goods Online Experience

Uncommon Goods offers some great online experiences that we think work well as fun birthday celebrations. Simply browse their list of experiences for activities that your partner would enjoy and Uncommon Goods will do the rest! 

Along with the online class, you’ll also receive a special kit including everything you’ll need to complete the experience with your long distance partner.

There are some amazing experiences that include painting and cartography courses to learning new cooking and baking skills.

We think the Mixology class makes an amazing long distance birthday idea celebration!

Zoom Birthday Party

Invite both of your friend groups and come together to celebrate your partner’s birthday over Zoom!

We love this option because you’re not only celebrating their birthday, but you are also getting to know the important people in their day to day life. 

Pro tip: Why not put together a birthday-person based trivia game to break the ice and make your partner the center of attention!

Long Distance Birthday Video Ideas

long distance birthday video ideas

Happy Birthday Video Messages

Video messages are a simple yet effective way to show how much you care. Yes, a birthday text is great, but a video message is going the extra mile. 

A video message can be as simple as wishing your partner happy birthday from your couch or as complex as coordinating greetings from their friends and family to wake up to.

Either way, your partner will appreciate seeing your face and hearing your voice on their birthday morning.

Not sure what to say? Check out our post on the most heartwarming long distance relationship messages to get your creative juices flowing!

JibJab Birthday Ecards & Videos

JibJab helps you make unique and hilarious birthday video messages by pasting your face on an animated character.

Simply upload your photo and pick the ecard that is sure to make your partner laugh out loud! There’s lots of choices but we enjoyed: 

Photo Collage Videos

Send your partner a nostalgic gift from the heart using a flood of your favorite memories in a birthday photo collage. Use photos from the time you’ve spent together and goofy screenshots of your video chats and messages.

Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, you can automatically generate these videos, making this a sentimental yet easy birthday message. Here’s a couple of ways to create them using iPhone or Android devices.

We love this option for long distance couples because it reminds your partner of all the good times you’ve had together and will have them looking forward to all the amazing moments in the future.

Sexy & Intimate Videos

One of the more intimate long distance birthday ideas is to create a steamy video for your partner to enjoy.

This could be teasing in whatever way you feel appropriate. But no matter what you do, the goal is to make sure your partner is blushing when they watch it. 

Remember: Only do what you are comfortable with doing and remember a sexy video doesn’t necessarily need nudity. This gift should fit the vibes of your relationship and should always come with consent from both parties.

What Long Distance Birthday Ideas Will You Choose?

Hopefully, your mind is now racing with birthday ideas to help celebrate your long distance partner’s big day.

Remember to start planning as early as possible! If you wait until the last minute, gifts and flights may be sold out or more expensive.

We have no doubt they will absolutely appreciate the effort, and when your birthday rolls around will reciprocate!

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Hi, we are Lolo (Canada) & Nate (Australia) a couple that had to go through all that a long distance relationship has to offer, just like you. With our experience and lessons learned we want to help you keep your long distance relationship as strong as ever and ultimately last the distance!
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Loved by over 50,000 long distance couples!

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