Feel the miles melt away, one question at a time

150 expert crafted questions proven to improve your communication and connection with your long disance love.

A super easy way to bring a bit of adventure and excitement into the quality time we spend together online.

David 🇺🇸 & Emily 🇨🇦
Feel the miles melt away, one question at a time

150 expert crafted questions proven to improve your communication and connection with your long disance love.

A super easy way to bring a bit of adventure and excitement into the quality time we spend together online.

David 🇺🇸 & Emily 🇨🇦

37 Fast & Fun Long Distance Relationship Games: Best of 2K24

Lolo & Nate | Updated: December 31, 2023

When couples play long distance relationship games together, something special happens.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, as you’re immersed in that moment battling with or against your partner, a feeling that comes over you, it feels as if you’re sitting right next to each other.

It’s as if the distance melted away.

For long distance couples, that’s pretty powerful!

Don’t consider yourself gamers? Well, neither did we! However, playing long distance relationship games became a great way to connect and share experiences from afar.

long distance relationship games pinterest image

Long Distance Gaming Can Be Good For Your Relationship

A study published in the Journal of Leisure Research conducted by Brigham Young University surveyed 349 couples. In couples where both the partners liked gaming, there were higher levels of intimacy and bonding reported and they were more satisfied with their relationship.

While playing games and spending time with each other, couples can also learn new nuances about each other, spend quality time together in a consistent way and nurture intimacy in the relationship.

If this sounds like fun, it’s time to get stuck in!


The Best Games For Long Distance Relationships In 2024

Hilarious Speak Out Game

speak out game by hasbro

One of 2024’s goofiest games, Speak Out is the perfect video-call date night game for couples. Each player wears a mouthpiece that prevents them from closing their mouths and also shows off their pearly whites. 

Players take turns pulling a card and reading phrases such as:

Pelicans love pollywog falafels.

With the mouthpiece, these phrases sound like absolute nonsense! As you and your partner play, you will soon find yourself doubled over in laughter. This video of Chris Pratt is an amazing example:

To note: You can either buy two sets of the game or send one of the mouthpieces to your partner!

Speak Out is a great gift. If you’re present hunting for your partner, check out our article on the best long distance relationship gifts to help melt away the miles.

Words With Friends 2

words with friends 2 app

As one of the world’s most popular social and mobile games, Words With Friends 2 allows you to play your partner in a modified Scrabble game.

For couples that don’t have the time to sit down together over Facetime, Words With Friends 2 is the perfect game to play. 

It’s a turn by turn based game that you can play anytime and anywhere, meaning you and your partner can fit it into even the busy schedules across multiple time zones!

Download on:

Settlers of Catan

settlers of catan game for long distance couples

Settlers of Catan is now online! This cult-classic board game just got a virtual twist meaning you and your partner can battle it out in the new virtual landscape of the Catan universe. 

Like the traditional game, players can settle, trade, and build within their world and with a variety of play options and expansion packs, Catan can change with every game. 

The online version is supported on multiple devices and platforms including Google Play, Apple, Steam and most online browsers. Meaning you can play from your smartphone, tablet, or PC!

Don’t have time to sit down and play in real time? There’s also an ‘offline version’ where each person can make moves in their own time. 

Human: Fall Flat

This puzzle-based exploration game is similar to a virtual escape room. Together, couples can explore the dreamscape of Human: Fall Flat to solve the physics based scenarios in each landscape.

But there’s a catch: your avatar doesn’t have any superpowers – physics is the only way to win!

We think this makes it a great date night activity as the game features both adventure, challenges, and puzzles to keep both you and your partner interested and engaged. 

Heads Up!

heads up app

Another great Facetime date, Heads Up! allows couples to play against each other with only their phones.

Here’s how it works: One person holds the phone to their forehead. A phrase shows up and the other person must give hints about the phrase on the phone. The person holding the phone needs to guess the phrase before time runs out.

This game provides both laughs and fast-paced game play for couples who want to test their communication abilities.

Who knows, this game might just prove that the two of you truly are on the same wavelength.

Download on:

Virtual Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are super popular “irl”, however, they just got the virtual upgrade!

With Virtual Escape Rooms, long distance couples can work together to beat the clock and work out all of the puzzles within their virtual roomscape. Here’s a teaser for their ‘Detention’ escape room:

Virtual Escaping provides everything a couple needs to communicate within the virtual room. Video calling and in-window chat make it easy to work together and solve each problem.

Want to really enhance the experience? Try playing with Oculus Rift 2 VR headsets and feel the miles fade away.

Online Games For Long Distance Couples

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an online role playing game that allows players to enter the world of Azeroth and work within communities to run raids and socialize.

Not only is it a great way to connect with your long distance partner, it could be the reason you met! That is true for one Reddit User who recommended WoW to other long distance couples: 

Me and my partner met in World of Warcraft! just hung out loads in discord whilst running dungeons and raids and the flirting just grew!

Whether you are longtime World of Warcraft gamers or just starting out, this virtual fantasy land is the perfect place to connect and go on challenging adventures.

With discord capabilities and ways to voice chat within the game, it’s a great way to spend time with your partner as well as new friends.

Runescape (Old School Edition)

Runescape is another online role-playing game that you and your partner can explore.

With skill mastery levels, individual challenges, as well as group challenges, Runescape allows you and your partner to play together, but grow as characters individually (much like your long distance relationship). 

Though the graphics aren’t as high quality as World of Warcraft, this game is similar and allows you to play for free online. Plus, the browser option is easiest to play and doesn’t require a large machine to run well!


For partners who love to travel, Geoguessr is an exciting date night adventure that tests your knowledge of geography.

This is actually how we got into gaming.

We began playing at work, sending personalized maps back and forth. Sometimes when we FaceTime, the maps are all we can talk about! These epic guesses show why we think it’s one of the best long distance relationship games:

On the desktop version, you’re dropped onto a map via Google Street View or Google Spheres and have to pinpoint the location on a world map. Points are awarded for how close to the dropped location players’ guesses are.

This is a fun game for long distance couples because it allows you to make up your own rules:

Pro tip: You can create maps with your bucket list items, hometown attractions, or favorite restaurants as a challenge for your partner.

Don’t Starve Together

For long distance couples who just want to go camping together, this might be the perfect compromise while apart.

Don’t Starve Together tests players’ abilities to survive in a harsh virtual wilderness through their survival skills, craft abilities, and more.

The latest version allows players to work together to move through the wilderness as survival experts. You will create a survival style, gather resources, and work through challenges as a team. Plus, you won’t be cold or have to sleep on the ground to survive in this world!


Did you and your partner’s dates ever include a Marvel movie marathon? Well, then Overwatch might be the perfect game for you. In Overwatch, couples can play together in a futuristic world as superheroes. 

Each player picks a superhero character and joins a six on six battle. Couples who like to keep a competitive edge in their relationship can play on seperate teams and compete for the highest scores. Couples who prefer to work together can join the same team and watch each others’ backs when the battle gets heated!

Either way, Overwatch lets you escape into a futuristic fantasy and bond over the shared battle experience and character building.

App Games For Long Distance Couples

Trivia Crack

trivia crack app

Want to find out who’s the best at general knowledge in your relationship? Trivia Crack could help crack the code!

With six different categories in art, geography, science, sports, history, and entertainment, Trivia Crack lets players challenge each other to a battle of the brains. 

For long distance couples, this game is both addicting and fun! You can play within the app whenever you’re available, making it easy to answer a question or two during lunch or between classes.

Download on:

Gottman Card Decks

gottman card decks for long distance couples

The Gottman Card Deck app helps couples strengthen their relationship and communication skills even when they can’t be together in person.

Based on the Gottman Institute’s The Art and Science of Love workshops, this app brings those questions, statements, and love maps right to your phone.

We think it’s the perfect way to learn to set boundaries, share fantasies, and be intimate in an emotional and vulnerable setting.

Download on:

Mario Kart Tour

mariokart app

Throw it back to your childhoods with a Mario Kart date night. Now an app, Mario Kart Tour allows players to compete against each other as their favorite characters and on their favorite race maps. 

Whether you and your partner are more Mario and Peach or Koopa Troopa and Waligui this app version of a Nintendo classic is sure to add some lighthearted competition to your date night.

Also voted as the game with the most positive influence on relationships, throwing bananas at each other is not only a fun date night, but is also statistically fantastic!

Download on:

Draw Something

draw something app

Draw Something is a fun game for couples on the go. Simply send your partner a drawing and they will have to guess the meaning!

Draw Something allows you to draw and guess on your own time. This is perfect if you and your partner live in different time zones or have conflicting schedules! 

Want to spice things up?! Drop a sexy drawing for your partner to guess. It’ll add some romance to the day and mix up your regular drawing competitions.

Download on:

Exploding Kittens

exploding kittens app

The highly popular and widely loved Exploding Kittens is now on iOS and Android!

Like a kitty-fied version of Russian Roulette, Exploding Kittens allows players to draw a card. If they draw an exploding kitten, BOOM!, they are dead. There are ways to defuse bombs, but mostly this game is purely luck.

With matches lasting only 5-10 minutes, it’s the perfect way to connect with your partner during a lunch or dinner break.

Love apps? Check out our article on the best long distance relationship apps to download.

Phone Games For Long Distance Couples

Lyrics Game

The lyrics game is the perfect option for musically-inclined couples (especially if one of you can hold a tune!). 

Just hum or sing the lyrics over a phone call or in a voice message and have your partner guess the song and artist.

Not only will this help you get to know each other’s musical tastes and abilities, but you’ll also get to hear each other’s voices as you go about the day. 

Two Truths, One Lie

Yes, two truths, one lie, might remind you of middle school, but the game itself is a great bonding tool for couples.

All you have to do is tell two truths and one lie. Your partner then guesses which are true and which is the lie.

If they get it right they get a point and they don’t, you get a point. But really, points aren’t the real prize. Learning new facts about your partner and their life is what makes this game fun!

The Question Game

Also known as 20 Questions, The Question Game is a fun way to connect with your partner over the phone.

The point of the game is to have your partner guess what you are thinking of through a series of questions. But there’s a catch… You can only answer yes or no.

With each question, your partner can get closer or further from the target. The goal is to guess within 20 questions and then switch roles.

Story Builder

Story builder is the perfect way to be creative and goofy with your partner. Each person takes a turn to say a sentence, together you build a fun story as you add onto what your partner says. 

For example, you start by saying, “Once upon a time there was a grey cat…” then, your partner picks up the story, “the grey cat had an acne problem….” and the story goes on and often dissolves into hilarity. 

We think this is best played over the phone as it puts you on the spot and you are more likely to blurt out something funny! However, if you are on the go, you and your partner can play via voice messages and giggle as the story grows throughout the day. 

Dirty Voice Messages

With an intimate twist on story builder, you and your partner can leave each other dirty voice messages that play out a steamy encounter.

We have no doubt you’ll have your partner blushing in no time.

Whether you start off the scenario at a bar or you just jump straight to the bed, this play on the classic story builder game keeps things spicy all day.

Looking for games to spice things up from afar? Check out our post on hot and intimate games for long distance couples to play!

Long Distance Relationship Games to Play on Skype & Facetime


Another childhood classic, charades will keep you giggling throughout your Skype call. All you have to do is write down a bunch of prompts and then act them out. Then, your partner has to guess what you are acting out.

But remember, you can’t speak!

We think it’s a great test of your communication skills and there’s also lots of opportunities to add in sexy twists. 

TableTopics Couples Edition

table topics couples edition

For couples who want a more serious and thought-provoking date night, TableTopics Couple Edition is the way to go.

This game comes in a tabletop box full of thought provoking questions designed to deepen your relationship. Prompts include:

These questions will deepen your connection and start conversations you may have not thought of having on your own.

Plus, some of these conversations don’t come up naturally since most of your time spent together is planned. We think TableTopics is a great way to open up these communication lines and learn some new things about each other.

Truth or Dare

A middle school sleepover throwback, Truth or Dare is still fun for adults and long distance couples. Over video chat, you and your partner can challenge each other to goofy stunts or ask some old-fashioned truth or dare questions. 

Either way, the game is a win-win. You get to ask some of your burning questions about your partner or you get to watch them complete hilarious dares. This game can also take a sexy turn if that’s where you want the night to lead.

Strip Poker

Just like regular poker, strip poker deals with a deck of cards (an online set of course) and is a game of bets, however the stakes are a bit higher!

Ahead of time, you and your partner can decide the rules: does the winner get to pick what the loser takes off or does the loser have control of choosing? Are you playing until you are in your underwear or in your birthday suit 

Either way, this game is the perfect way to tease each other when you’re apart.

If poker isn’t your thing, you can play the same way with Blackjack, Uno, or your other favorite card games.

Texting Games for Long Distance Relationships

Best Predictive Text

To play this game, both partners will send a text that starts with one of these fun sentence prompts. Then, have the predictive text fill in the rest of the sentence. The funniest sentence wins! 

Here’s some prompts to get you started:

Played over text, this game is a fun, goofy way to communicate with your partner and get some laughs all day.

Kiss, Marry, Kill

Kiss, marry, kill lets you and your partner get to know each other’s celebrity crushes or nemesis’ in the funniest way. 

The objective is to give your partner a list of three people and they have to choose who’d they kiss, marry, and kill.

The catch?

They might love each celebrity, but they still have to give each person a label. For example, if you said Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Emma Watson, your partner would have to decide who to kiss, marry, and kill.

Would You Rather

“Would you rather have a pizza skype date from home or a dinner date eating frogs legs in Paris?”

This game is great for couples as it allows you to ask obvious questions that could turn into fun-fantasy scenarios (like the one above) or just get to know each other better.

Sometimes the objective is to ask questions with neither preference being ideal. For example, “would you rather have toes for fingers or fingers for toes?”. 

However, the objective can also be to get to know eachother better with questions like “Would you rather visit Australia or Africa?”. Either way, the game brings up great discussions and laughs between you and your partner!

Emoji Translation

Emoji Translation is a great on the go texting game. Just shoot over a text written only with emojis and your partner has to guess what it means.

We think it’s best played with movie, song, and book titles. 

Here are some examples:


For more wordy couples, Hangman is a great long distance game to play over text. Start with a word and have your partner guess letters until they can figure it out. If they guess a letter wrong, add a body part to your hangman!

Pro tip: Play this with in-text drawing so your partner can watch the hangman’s progress.

The game is over when either:

  1. Your partner guesses the word correctly or,
  2. You’ve finished drawing the hangman.

The Lamest Quote

Feeling down in the dumps about being far apart? Well grab your phone and computer and play “The Lamest Quote” game.

Each of you look for long distance relationship or love quotes (or images) that just make you groan. Then send these quotes or pictures to each other.

You can also play this with love songs. Bonus points if you find truly awful love songs that also have a LDR theme.


Have you ever made your own “fill-in-the-blanks”? It is as simple as starting a sentence and leaving it hanging.

For example, you write something like, “You love it when I…” and then let your partner fill in the blank.

Unleash your flirty side to turn up the heat in this game (and to find out what your partner is been dreaming of while you are so many miles apart.)

Mystery Photos

Send a mysterious, teasing photo of something (an object, a place, or a body part). Then your partner has to guess what the picture is of.

Again, you can make this game as safe or as spicy as you wish (and as your partner is comfortable with.)

Offer rewards if your partner guesses correctly. What sort of rewards? Well… that’s for you to decide.

Guess where I am

Want to feel closer together or find a fun way to let your partner know where you are right now?

Describe your location by text without giving too much away. Then your partner has to figure out where you are.

Start of general, and then get more specific.

This is a great game to play when you’re out and about somewhere where you’ve been together, or a place that is special to you both. It is a nice way to show that you still remember those lovely moments that you have spent with him or her, and that you think of them when you’re out.

It’s also possible to play this game inside your house. Heat things up by asking your partner to guess where in the house you are, and what you’re doing there.

Long Distance Drinking Games

long distance drinking games

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever allows you and your partner to learn more about each other while raising the stakes.

How it works: one partner says a phrase like, “never have I ever broken a bone.” If the other partner has, they have to drink. 

As you each drink more, the questions get funnier and add in more juicy secrets. For example, “never have I ever kissed two people on the same day.”.

You’ll both get to know eachother better and hopefully find out some spicy bits about your partner’s past or sexual preferences.

Waterfall AKA King’s Cup

Now you can play the classic drinking game Waterfall (or King’s Cup) online with your partner.

The rules are similar to the version you play in-person: pick a card and complete the rule as you take turns. The person to trigger the King’s Cup must drink from it (of course, you will have agreed upon a King’s Cup beverage in your own homes, we always went with whiskey!). 

This is also a great game for playing with other online or long distance friends. Make sure you play over video chat so everyone is following the rules and drinking when told to. 

TV Shows and Movie Drinking Games

For a quiet night in, you and your partner can play drinking games to go with your favorite TV show or movie. Drinking when specific things happen will make whatever show or movie you are watching all the more entertaining. 

For example, if you were watching Ratatouille, you and your partner would drink every time Remy was stepped on, when Remy sniffed something, when someone yells “rat!”, or whenever Linguini flails. You can add rules to this or take them out depending on how much you want to drink over the course of the movie. 

Using an app like Kast or Netflix Party allows you to watch together in real time. Both of these also have camera features so there’s no cheating!

Which Games for Long Distance Couples Caught Your Eye?

Why not pick together!

Send this to your partner and list a game you’d like to play from each section.

Or if you want to expand your date night activities, check out our post on some fun long distance relationship ideas and activities you can try tonight.

It looks like the next few date nights will be sorted!

Lolo & Nate author image for bio
Hi, we are Lolo (Canada) & Nate (Australia) a couple that had to go through all that a long distance relationship has to offer, just like you. With our experience and lessons learned we want to help you keep your long distance relationship as strong as ever and ultimately last the distance!
Feel the miles melt away, one question at a time

150 expert crafted questions proven to improve your communication and connection with your long disance love.

A super easy way to bring a bit of adventure and excitement into the quality time we spend together online.

David 🇺🇸 & Emily 🇨🇦
Feel the miles melt away, one question at a time

150 expert crafted questions proven to improve your communication and connection with your long disance love.

A super easy way to bring a bit of adventure and excitement into the quality time we spend together online.

David 🇺🇸 & Emily 🇨🇦