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It’s time to crush the fears, doubts and anxiety that a long distance relationship creates.

Let us show you the secret to creating a strong, loving and fulfilling relationship from afar. Step-by-step.

The result?

Reaching the ultimate goal of closing the distance, faster and easier than you ever thought possible!

“Long distance relationships are set up to fail.”

We have not only thought this a number of times during our long distance relationship.

We were even told this by some of our closest friends and family members.

You have probably felt the same way or have been told the same thing at some point too.

Maybe more recently than you want to admit…

Hi, we’re Lolo 🇨🇦 and Nate 🇦🇺 . That’s us in one of our most treasured photos.

While most people will just see a happy family, to us, it symbolizes so much more than anyone will ever realize.

It symbolizes that…

EVERYTHING we sacrificed to build a life together from afar was worth it

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Like every couple trying to make long distance work, there were times of real struggle.

We know what it’s like to question everything because we’ve lived it.

But we also know the euphoric feeling of reaching the goal all long distance couples strive for.

To finally close the distance and…

Start writing the next chapter of our lives together

Getting to this point is easier said than done.

There are so many barriers actively working against you. Whether it’s the distance, time zones, language, culture, those closest to you and even your own mind!

It feels as if the whole world isn’t just rooting for you to fail, they’ve already made up their mind and know you’re going to.

But deep down you know they’re wrong.

You’re going to prove that nothing will stop you from booking that final one way plane ticket.


Just believing it’s all going to work out in the end isn’t enough

We fell into this trap.

We thought the small problems that started to appear would fix themselves and of course they didn’t, they grew bigger.

It felt as if we were left with egg on our faces.

Not paying enough attention to the signs nearly caused the death of our relationship.

It took almost reaching breaking point for us to realize that…

Even though our love is undeniable, something needs to change

We went deep into every area of our relationship to figure out what issues we were facing and why they came to be that way in the first place.

Understanding this meant we could develop solutions that wouldn’t just be a “bandaid”.

They would have a truly significant impact on the overall health of our relationship now and well into the future.

Throughout our long distance journey, continually working at it paved the way to an amazingly loving relationship and even helped us to reconnect with ourselves on an individual level.

All those barriers we mentioned earlier weren’t standing in our way any longer!

Want to know a happy accident?

Everything we have learned and worked on has…

Continued to strengthen our relationship, even well after we closed the distance

We’ve now been together for over a decade and have started a family, bringing two amazing children into the world.

But none of this would be possible if we didn’t swallow our pride and work on what was pulling us apart.

It was a painstaking process to figure out everything as we went.

You go into a long distance relationship not fully understanding what you’re in for. This means you’re having to put fires out rather than knowing what to do so they don’t start in the first place.

Looking back we would have killed to have something help us cut through the noise and get our relationship back on track faster.

To help other long distance couples…

We decided to create what we wished was available when we needed it the most

But we didn’t stop there!

Over the years we’ve surveyed thousands of our readers to better understand what they struggle with on a daily basis in their long distance relationships.

We spent what felt like hundreds of hours analyzing each and every response.

What surprised us the most was that a staggering number of them aligned with many of the same problems we had.

Thankfully we found the best ways for couples to solve them and strengthen their connection in the process.



Discover how to navigate the biggest obstacles long distance couples face and find effective solutions that will positively impact your relationship now and into the future.

self help book for long distance relationships by lolo and nate

It doesn’t matter what stage or type of long distance relationship you’re in.

  • Whether you’re about to become one, just starting or have been apart for some time.
  • Whether you’re in an international or domestic long distance relationship.

You’ll learn…

  • How to strike the perfect balance between a fulfilling LDR and busy personal life.
  • The formula to building a deep and meaningful connection when you have limited time.
  • How to get through painful periods when missing each other becomes too much.
  • How to create an intimate connection that even ‘regular’ couples will be jealous of.
  • The secrets to managing anxiety, caused by uncertainty, from spiralling out of control.
  • How to stop fights and arguments in their tracks through effective communication.
  • Money hacks that lead to more (or longer) visits and closing the distance sooner.
  • The best way to manage negative people around you and prove them all wrong.

Plus much, much more!

Secure 128-bit encryption.  30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Here’s What You Get

Step-by-Step Lessons

Learn how and why certain problems impact your relationship and the simple steps you can take to solve them together.

Actionable Worksheets

Easy to work through and implement to create actual change that will positively impact your relationship for years to come.

Part 1: Setting The Foundation

Going All In

Are you wondering whether this is what you both want?

Cut through the bullshit, get off the fence and understand what you truly mean to each other and what you’re willing to do to make it work!


  • Showing Your Commitment
  • Actioning Your Commitment

Trust Is Everything

Without trust your relationship is dead in the water. You won’t be able to grow as a couple or as an individual.

Understand how jealousy and guilt play a pivotal role in the success of your relationship.


  • Navigating Jealousy in Your Relationship
  • Exploring Guilt in Your Relationship
  • Successfully Creating Healthy Boundaries

Meaningful Communication

Struggling to truly get to know one another is a common breaking point.

We have the tools to help you connect on a deep spiritual and emotional level no matter where you are.


  • Understanding How We Communicate
  • Creating Epic Communication Rituals
  • Emotional & Spiritual Connection Questions

Making Time

Having quality time together is easier said than done.

Our simple process will show you how to build a schedule that strengthens your relationship with little impact on your day to day life, step by step.


  • Super Simple Schedule Comparison
  • Ultimate Planning & Availability Exercise

Part 2: Gaining Control & Clarity

Embracing The Pain

Whether you’ve just left after an amazing visit or have been apart for far too long, it can be hard to shake the pain and heartache you feel.

We’ll show you how to support one another and come out of it stronger than ever!


  • Turning the Pain Into a Positive
  • Making Positive Changes as an Individual
  • Making Positive Changes as a Couple

Managing Uncertainty

Uncertainty is a common issue when it comes to LDRs.

If left unchecked it can lead to debilitating levels of anxiety and self-sabotage. Let’s make the unknowns known and focus your energy on what you can control.


  • Letting Go of What You Can’t Control
  • Taking Control of What We Can

Supportive Friends & Family

It can be heartbreaking to not get the support you need from those you want it from the most.

Learn how to deal with the doubters and connect with those that truly want to help and see you succeed!


  • Dealing with the Doubters
  • Finding Your Support System

Money Management

Money issues can play a major role in long distance relationships breaking down.

Our spending and saving hacks will put you on the path to more visits and looking to close the distance sooner.


  • Getting Comfortable Talking About Money
  • Super Saving & Selling Exercise!
  • Ultimate Visit Budgeting Template

Part 3: Going The Extra Mile

Physical Connection

Longing for physical intimacy and general touch is one of the hardest parts of loving someone from afar.

It’s time to take advantage of what you do have and connect in ways you never thought were possible.


  • Intimacy Growth Questions
  • Creating an Intimate Connection from Afar
  • Feeling Physically Present from Afar

Keeping The Spark

Spending time together from afar can become stale, predictable and lead to questioning the relationship.

We’ll give you the keys to increasing levels of passion and excitement that will make other couples jealous!


  • Exciting Date Night Experiments
  • Acts of Love & Connection
  • Celebrate All The Things!

Closing The Distance

Working towards the ultimate goal is something that we all want to achieve but it can be a daunting task.

It’s time to work together and answer the right questions and get on the road to making consistent progress.


  • Future Focused Discussions
  • Travel Planning as Preparation
  • Working Towards a Date

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What Couples Are Saying

We can’t thank Lolo and Nate enough. Their actionable and easy to follow worksheets helped us realize that the only way we were going to make meaningful progress was by working together. After completing LDRs THAT WORK there was a noticeable change in how we approach and deal with issues that arise. We’re much more open and connected than ever before!

Lindsay (NY, USA) and Grayson (TX, USA)

Who Are Lolo & Nate?!

We’re Lolo (Canada) and Nate (Australia), “long distance alumni” and the founders of the site you’re on now,

We met as international exchange students at San Diego State University and it wasn’t long before realizing what we had was special. Being on exchange meant our time together would be cut short.

But it wasn’t going to be the end.

For over 500 days and 10,600 miles. We faced all the emotional curve balls a long distance relationship has to offer. Not to mention the time zone, cultural, family, language (French/English) and immigration knuckle balls an international LDR throws at you.

Since closing the distance we’ve lived in each other’s home country, developed professional careers, started a family and created an amazing relationship along the way.

Since founding Lasting The Distance, we’ve interviewed and surveyed thousands of long distance couples about their biggest successes and struggles.

From our own experiences, combined with the expected and surprising results of our research. We found areas that impacted the overall ‘health score’ of long distance relationships both positively and negatively.

This is when LDRs THAT WORK was born!

Have Questions? No Worries, We Have Answers!

Will this work for our unique situation?

Yes. The problems couples face are common but why they occur and how to work through them is unique to each relationship. We’ve designed LDRs THAT WORK to help you find the most appropriate solutions for your situation.

Why workbooks and not a regular book?

We believe that books are very one dimensional and they don’t truly help when you need to take actionable steps to improve a situation. Our workbooks help you tackle each problem and find solutions that work for both of you.

Are there physical copies of the workbooks?

Not at this stage. Couples would need two physical copies, doubling the price, and the workbooks could then only be used once. To make it more affordable, printable and reusable we are offering them as digital downloads.

How do we access the workbooks?

Once your payment is processed, you’ll be instantly logged into your dashboard with the username and password you created. You can log back in at any time (forever) to access the workbooks.

Is my credit/debit card secure?

100% Secure! We’ve partnered with Stripe and PayPal to handle all billing with an integrated 128-bit encryption. This means your transaction and credit card details are completely protected with our SSL.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. We’ve worked extremely hard to make LDRs THAT WORK the best guide for long distance couples. But if you don’t find it helpful, simply email us and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


Take Control Of Your LDR Story

Just imagine: One day you will be able to tell your loved ones that the journey of ups, downs, twists, turns, heartaches and triumphs were all worth it because you did what was necessary to make it work.

And of course, getting to sign off with:

And WE lived happily ever after.

Secure 128-bit encryption.  30 Day Money Back Guarantee!