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12 Cute Long Distance Mugs to Share a Drink From Anywhere

Lolo & Nate | Updated: January 19, 2023

Picture this:

Your partner wakes up in the morning away from their love (you of course!).

Feeling a little tired, grumpy and alone, they go to the kitchen to perk themselves up with a morning coffee.

They open the cupboard and in front of their eyes is the long distance mug you gave them. 

Immediately bringing a smile to their face.

If something as simple as a coffee mug could brighten your partner’s day, would you buy it?

We definitely would (and did!).

long distance mugs pinterest image

LDR themed gifts are great because they serve as a lovely gesture and one that can be used time and time again. It’s especially true when they are personalized or are unique to your relationship.

Here’s our list of the cutest long distance relationship themed mugs that are sure to put a cheesy smile on you and your partner’s faces!


State To State Long Distance Mugs

Classic State/Country Mugs by Shop KPP

long distance state to state mugs

If you’re in an LDR across US states, there are many perfect gifts out there. 

Mugs are a great way to symbolize your LDR because each one explains half the story.

We love this simple yet elegant design from Shop KPP that shows two states being connected by a dotted line that joins up when the two mugs are put together.

In an international LDR? No worries, you can customize these mugs to include countries rather than states!

Size: 15oz
Material: White ceramic
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes

Find out more about their customization options through Shop KPP on Etsy.

Hand Painted State/Country Mugs by C.Lam Originals

hand painted state to state mugs

C.Lam Originals has created a very similar set of custom long distance mugs, but with a couple of important differences.

One, the states or countries are hand painted. Two, they take up a much larger area!

You can also have hearts placed where you live in your state or country tied together with a solid line which spells ‘love’ in the middle. 

As well as having the regular 16oz size, you can also get it in an 8oz espresso size. 

Size: 8 or 16oz
Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes

Check these cute mugs out from C.Lam Originals on

Minimalist State to State Mugs by Mug Shop Studio

state to state mugs

If you’re looking for an option that displays both states on a single mug, you’re in luck. 

The Mug Shop Studio has created their own stylish state mugs that include a burst of color that makes it truly stand out.

You have four colors to choose from for your states and there is also an option to include a personal message or quote on the other side.

We think the end result is an incredibly beautiful mug which will melt the heart of anyone who receives it.

Size: 11 or 15oz
Material: Ceramic
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes

For more details on the available colors and custom text visit the Mug Shop Studio’s official store on Etsy.

Long Distance Couples Mugs

Mr & Mrs Couples Mugs by Beholden Life

mr and mrs couples mugs

Mr & Mrs styled gifts have long been desirable not only for LDR couples, but couples in general and it’s easy to see why!

While you may or may not be married, it symbolizes how you feel about each other and where the relationship is headed. 

Simply put, these Mr & Mrs mugs by Beholden Life are beautiful. 

We really like the opposite designs and the white and black specks give them a unique touch.

While they are dishwasher safe, they have mentioned hand washing is a better option to prolong the life of the designs.

Size: 14oz
Material: Ceramic
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes

Visit their official Etsy listing for more details and to see the full range of products.

You Are My Pam/Jim Couples Mugs by NDM

the office pam and jim mugs

If you love The Office then you’re not going to have to look any further for the perfect couples mugs set.

The “you’re the Jim to my Pam” and vice versa on these mugs by NDM is a funny gift idea for anyone who loves the show.

Jim & Pam’s relationship is what many of us strive for. One filled with love and laughter that just gets better with age.

Who wouldn’t want a reminder of this and their partner every time they had a drink?!

Size: 11 or 15oz
Material: Ceramic
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes

It’s easy to see why these mugs are a bestseller on Etsy.

Caricature Couples Mugs by Studio Seventeen

long distance couples mugs

Caricatures can either look really cute, or really creepy. There’s no in between! 

We think these caricature couples mugs from Studio Seventeen definitely belong in the cute column. Just look at how their hearts are connected, which is a great symbol for love over distance.

Studio Seventeen has different caricatures, so you can choose one similar to your look and there is also the option to select a black or white handle.

Size: 11oz
Material: Ceramic
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes

Check out the different caricatures available via their official Etsy listing.

Long Distance Coffee Mugs

Long Distance Quote Coffee Mugs by Ellie Ellie Ltd

long distance quote mugs

Heartfelt quotes have the amazing ability to free our minds of any thoughts other than understanding how the quote makes us feel and the charged emotions that comes with it.

Coupling this with a mug that gets used continuously makes an amazing gift that will keep you in your partners thoughts whenever they pick it up.

If “Distance can’t stop what is meant to be.” perfectly symbolizes the bond you have for each other, then this is a great gift idea.

Size: 11 or 15oz
Material: Ceramic
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes

For more details check out Ellie Ellie Ltd on

Envious LDR Coffee Mugs by Lovable Gift Co

long distance coffee mugs

Gifts with an added kick of fun or humor can stick with you for years to come. They can act as a pick me up whenever you’ve encountered a setback or are bothered by something in the moment.

This simple yet beautiful mug from the Loveable Gift Co includes the message “I envy the cup of coffee that gets to kiss your sleepy lips awake every cold and bitter morning.” 

It’s a great representation of a long distance relationship, and how we hold the little things close to our hearts, where other couples may take them for granted.

Size: 11 or 15oz
Material: Ceramic
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes

If your partner loves subtle or dry humor, this mug is for you!

I F$%#ing Miss You Coffee Mugs by Hilda Lea

i fucking miss you coffee mug

It’s no secret that long distance is frustrating and leaves you wanting to curse nearly every minute of the day. Been there, done that!

That’s definitely why we like these long distance mugs from Hilda Lea, that help to capture the distance between us and combine it with a raw emotional message.

Hilda Lea also gives you the option to completely customize these mugs. You can select your states or countries and even change the message. Hopefully for another expletive filled option!

Size: 11 or 15oz
Material: Ceramic
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes

For more details on the customization process, visit Hilda Lea on

Personalized Long Distance Mugs

Personalized Moscow Mule Mugs by Customized Gift Store

personalized long distance mugs

Not a coffee fan? No problem. If you’re looking for something a little different then these personalized Moscow Mule mugs are a great option.

They are plated in copper to giving them the distinct Moscow Mule look.

To personalize them, they can be engraved with your initials and a date that is special for you and your partner.

It is worth noting that these mugs require more care than some of the others we mentioned, but that will be worth it for many who will adore the striking design. 

Size: 16oz
Material: Steel with copper plating
Dishwasher Safe: No
Microwave Safe: No

Visit Etsy for more details on the engraving, including available fonts.

Engraved Mr & Mrs Beer Mugs by Lifetime Creations

engraved couples beer mugs

Staying with alcoholic beverages, another great option are these custom couples beer mugs.

These mugs are the biggest we’ve featured, holding 25 ounces of your favorite amber.

To make these mugs unique to you and your partner, Lifetime Creations engraves Mr & Mrs, your names and a date.

While the image above is a great example for a married couple. You can select different last names and a date that coincides with a special time in your relationship.

Size: 25oz
Material: Glass
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Not specified

If your partner loves a cold beer, these mugs are the answer!

Future Mr & Mrs Personalized Mugs by Tea & Joe

mr and mrs coffee mugs

Not married yet but have an amazing LDR relationship? Then these are the mugs you want. 

Available in 11 or 15 ounces, these mugs from Tea & Joe include the last name “Lucky Mr [last name]” on one mug and “Future Mrs [last name]” on the other.

We really like these mugs as sign of where your relationship is heading.

Size: 11 or 15oz
Material: Ceramic
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes

For more details, visit Tea & Joe’s official store on

Before Buying Long Distance Mugs As Gifts

What To Look Out For

Buying a mug is a fairly simple process but there are still a few considerations to think about. Can they take it to work? Do you want others to see it? What will they be using it for?

One of the mugs that we have looked at here has a curse word on it which might not be suitable for work, for example.

These are great gifts but it’s good to think about what will be on the mug and how it will be used.

Properties To Consider

The material of the mug will impact how it performs in key areas. Here we take a quick look at them.

Insulation – Ceramic mugs have been used for a long time as they help to keep the drink hotter for longer. Metal can be effective but plastic and glass mugs can lose heat quickly.

Durability – If your partner works in a challenging environment then durability can be key. In these situations, using a metal or plastic mug is going to be preferable.

Ease of handling – You also need to look at how the mug will be handled and how easy it will be. Some hugs don’t have handles and that can make like difficult.

Microwave and dishwasher safe – Metal is a huge no-no for microwaves and some glass might not be suitable. Some of these mugs can be placed in a dishwasher but always do it on the top rack, furthest away from the heating element. It’s always important to double-check the guidance or markings before use.

Now It’s Your Turn!

We know everyone has different tastes, which one has caught your eye?

Hopefully, you’ve seen the next perfect gift for your partner. If you have any questions or just want to chat with like minded LDR couples, why not join us in our supportive and inclusive LDR Support Group!

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